Customers Need a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure For a Resilient, Adaptive Cybersecurity Strategy – Partners Can Help

first_imgIn 2017, there were more than 5,000 publicly disclosed data breaches, according to Risk-Based Security. The implementation of sweeping regulations, as well as the damaging effects of financial penalties and brand reputation, have elevated the need to protect and secure data.Unfortunately, outdated legacy infrastructure can make it difficult to defend against risks and vulnerabilities. Organizations need modern infrastructure that is built, deployed and supported to handle even the most-demanding workloads.Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) does just that while also creating new, margin-rich opportunities for channel partners.The Partner Opportunity: Protecting Your Customer’s Sensitive DataAs security breaches make headline news, customers are looking to channel partners to solve this pervasive— and potentially costly—challenge. With the ability to start small and scale out, HCI not only gives partners an ideal entry point to quickly demonstrate value, it also accelerates the sales cycle and creates on-going opportunities for growth as customer needs evolveThe Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, developed jointly with VMware, is a secure, resilient hyper-converged infrastructure system that protects vSphere®-based virtual environments. VxRail is built on the latest generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge™ servers and Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors with embedded hardware and system-level security features that include:Cryptographically signed and verified firmware to ensure the server executes only the intended version of firmware, BIOS and hypervisor while preventing the undetected introduction of malware.Encryption that protects the confidentiality of data in use, in motion and at rest.Flexibility to encrypt on a per-VM basis, allowing a single cluster to have both encrypted and non-encrypted VMs.Key management services compatible with the KMIP 1.1 standard.Why Partners Are Ideally Positioned to Secure VMware-Based Environments with HCIIT organizations want solutions that can be quickly implemented to minimize risk exposure. However, they also need solutions from proven, trusted partners who can bring the right solution. Fortunately, this means that partners can realize faster time to revenue, while also enabling the addition of value-added services that will contribute to long-term profitability. The flexible scale-out design of HCI can also help reduce the cost of delivering support, creating yet another opportunity for partners to impact the bottom line.Why is VxRail the HCI solution of choice for channel partners who want to maximize the opportunity to secure VMware-based environments?VMware vSphere has a “secure by default” intent whereby system configurations are set for secure bias by default and, depending on the risk profile of the business, the system configuration can also be further hardened. Using the Dell EMC VxRail STIG compliance scripts with automation tools, VxRail can be quickly and easily configured to a hardened state as well. The STIG can also be used to monitor the secure state of the system and, if necessary, revert the configuration back to a known secure state.In order to support efficient lifecycle management and reduce complexity, the VxRail team engineers, tests, and releases updates to all system software components as a bundle. A software bundle can include updates to BIOS, firmware, hypervisor, vSphere, or any of the included management components.VxRail Manager reduces lifecycle management complexity while making infrastructure more secure by reducing the time and risk normally associated with patching. Fixes are quickly developed to mitigate the threat when vulnerabilities are detected, and then extensively tested on the VxRail platform before being released to customers. Automated notification proactively lets administrators know when to apply system updates, which can be applied while the system remains online to avoid business disruption.The Opportunity for Partners Is Real: Start Securing Customer Infrastructure Today with HCIAs a fully integrated, pre-configured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance family, VxRail gives channel partners a unique opportunity to impact a customer’s bottom line—and their own—by dramatically simplifying IT operations, accelerating time to market, and delivering incredible return on investment.Read the complete paper and prepare to talk to customers about the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure for a resilient, adaptive cybersecurity strategy. Then share the five steps to protecting your virtualization environment with customers and start a conversation about VxRail.last_img read more

Students share immigration stories

first_imgLa Fuerza, the Saint Mary’s club that represents Latina culture, hosted Immigration Monologues Thursday as a part of Action Week. Club president Cristina Posadas began the lecture by addressing six myths commonly associated with immigrants.She said the myths are that immigrants do not want to learn English, do not pay taxes, increase crime rates, take jobs away from Americans, drain the economy and are a burden on the health care system.Posadas said she hopes by promoting the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, people will become more aware of the potential of undocumented immigrants.“This would provide a pass to legal status so they can go to college, get careers and contribute to society,” Posadas said.A group of students from Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, Holy Cross and Indiana University South Bend (IUSB) helped make up the panel that addressed the issues of immigrations they personally faced.Panel member Felix Marquez, an IUSB student, shared his own story of how he was forced to leave El Salvador after he was recruited by the military at age 16.“[The military] said they were going to make me into a man and I’d go represent my country,” Marquez said.Marquez said his mother had other ideas and sent him to the United States where he would not be forced into a war she did not support. Upon his arrival in the United States in 1990, Marquez said he has learned English and was the first of his family members to attain a high school degree.Notre Dame freshman Luis Huerta was born a citizen of the United States to illegal immigrant parents. As result, Huerta’s family was forced to move multiple times and suffer in poverty.At age 5, Huerta said he remembers his teacher saying he would amount to nothing because of his parents’ social standing in life. He said that moment would inspire him to denying his cultural heritage for many years.“It wasn’t until high school that I was finally able to be proud of my heritage,” Huerta said.Huerta is currently pursuing a degree from Notre Dame alongside his mother, who is hoping to earn a degree in management.“I just want people to know that anything is possible here in the United States, it just takes time,” Huerta said.last_img read more

Fiber fix.

first_imgBy Brad HaireUniversity of GeorgiaGeorgia’s cotton industry has a problem, and it’s costing farmers and the state money. But scientists and industry leaders say a new University of Georgia facility will help them solve this problem before it gets worse.A cotton microgin is being built on the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ Tifton, Ga., campus. It will be used primarily by the UGA CAES cotton team to help Georgia farmers improve their cotton fiber quality.Poor fiber quality has been a costly problem for Georgia farmers for many years. Last year alone, it stripped $43 million in potential income from Georgia farmers, said CAES cotton economist Don Shurley. The production value of Georgia’s 2002 crop was around $356 million.Georgia farmers are penalized about 5 cents per pound of cotton due to fiber quality deductions, Shurley said.”What we’ve got to do is find a way to keep this lost money in Georgia farmers’ pockets,” Shurley said. “That money can help keep those communities that depend on cotton income in jobs and afloat.”The same, just smallerFarmers deliver their cotton to gins, usually in large modules that can weigh around 10,000 pounds. The primary purpose of a standard, high-capacity gin is to separate the cotton seed from the cotton lint. The lint is used to make shirts, jeans and other products. The seed is used to make oil and feed for livestock.The UGA microgin has been designed to handle cotton just like a large gin, just on a smaller scale. It will allow scientists to more efficiently collect data from smaller, experimental cotton samples.The samples will vary from a few pounds to 50 pounds, said Craig Bednarz, a CAES cotton physiologist. Bednarz chairs the microgin project committee.The building will be about the size of a tall barn. The gin is designed to have plexiglass sides so visitors can see what actually happens to the fiber during the ginning process.Georgia’s problems”This microgin will give researchers and producers the data and tools needed to develop better management practices and ways to handle cotton and address cotton problems specific to this area of the country,” Bednarz said.The mission of this facility won’t duplicate microgins in other parts of the United States, said Georgia Cotton Commission Executive Director Richey Seaton.”This facility will support the entire spectrum of cotton research here in Georgia and in the Southeastern region,” Seaton said.Cotton farmers are struggling through a period of low prices. The industry will have to find ways to reduce costs and save money to remain competitive in the world market. “But not at the expense of yields or fiber quality,” Seaton said.The microgin will provide a facility for UGA geneticists, economists, molecular biologists, plant breeders, physiologists, animal scientists and agronomists to not only help farmers, but also work closely with the textile industry and address its concerns.The microgin will cost around $1.5 million. Funds have come from the Georgia General Assembly and federal sources, said David Bridges, assistant dean for the UGA Tifton campus.Cotton fiber quality is graded in six categories: color, staple (length), micronaire (a measure of the fiber surface area), strength, uniformity and extraneous matter.When Georgia farmers deliver their cotton to a gin, a sample is sent to a federal facility in Macon, Ga., to be graded. Cotton from the microgin will go through the same process.last_img read more

Counterfeit Dollars and Euros Seized in Peru

first_imgBy Dialogo December 24, 2012 Peruvian police seized over $9 million in counterfeit euro and dollar notes, printed by an international forgery network operating in Lima, and believed to enter Europe and the United States, authorities reported on December 20. “This has been the toughest blow on foreign currency counterfeit in 2012; we have seized 4.46 million dollars and 4.43 million euros (about U.S. $10.33 million total), all fake,” Colonel Segundo Portocarrero, chief of the Police Fraud Division, told AFP. Traffickers tend to use a transit route through Argentina, Chile and Ecuador, after which the counterfeit currency is sent to American and European cities, according to the police chief. The counterfeit organization had set its headquarters at a location near the Presidential Palace, in the center of Lima, the official reported. The place was a print shop, where counterfeit banknotes were seized in 100 denomination dollar and euro notes “finely designed,” according to Portocarrero. “This resulted from a three-month investigation, where U.S. Secret Service agents participated,” General Raúl Salazar, National Police Director, told the press. Over $20.8 million and €5.5 million of counterfeit currency has been confiscated in 2012. Peru is one of the main banknote counterfeit locations in Latin America, according to the police.last_img read more

6 steps to develop a data-driven vision

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Nate WentzlaffAs an industry in the middle of a massive shift, credit unions must steer in the best direction to enter a prosperous future.The Financial services industry has traditionally been an industry where change happens gradually at the direction of a few large institutions.  Since the introduction of the internet in the 1990’s, finance has been in a state of exponential change.  The digitalization of money is causing an even more powerful catalyst of change: the proliferation of data at a pace most credit unions cannot fathom.  Consequently, credit unions must form a data-driven vision to act as a strong rudder to navigate through the data storm.Step 1: Establish a Data-Driven CultureBig Data/Analytics experts have been preaching the need for organizations to establish a data-driven culture for years.  Many authors have spoken at length of the necessity and advantages of becoming a data-driven organization.  Credit unions are no different.  With more data than most industries can only dream of, they stand to gain the most (or fall the hardest).  Management must lead by example by developing data-driven metrics for the entire credit union.  Establishing a culture that relies on data is essential to the progression of a data-driven vision. continue reading »last_img read more

Should you be using social media?

first_imgWe’ve been noticing that some financial institutions aren’t even sure if they should be on social media.   They seem to be just plain scared because of compliance or regulations. Here’s the deal… EVERYONE is on Facebook, so regulation should not be an issue. Think of it as an extension to your website! Embrace it.Social media is great for many reasons. One in particular is that is provides instant gratification, instant responses and instant exposure. You get to share events, photos and useful information to your customers.Facebook looks for good, engaging content for your followers to see. If you post something and there is not a lot of engagement (likes, comments, shares) within your followers, Facebook won’t send it out to as many. To create good content, you have to think outside of sales and look into your brand & culture. For example, when we create social media calendars for clients, we look toward their branches/locations and see what fun things are going on or what events they may be involved in. That is essentially the core of it. Fun facts and helpful information are other successful ideas. Or, if you are at an event, post a real time picture of the fun and invite your followers to join you! Clients who agree to post consistent, engaging content typically see better results in their social media marketing plan. You want your followers to go to your page for information and a smile. God gave us 2 abilities right out of the womb: 1.) Cry & 2.) Have Fun/Feel Happy. You definitely don’t want to make your followers cry, so go with the latter and make them FEEL HAPPY! Using a social media platform gives you the perfect opportunity to make people happy. Not just posting an ad, but associating good content to make people smile. Which in turn creates more engagement, allowing more of Facebook to see what you have to offer.Another neat thing, most social media is free! Why not test out a campaign or different marketing ideas to see how they are received on social media before spending a good chunk of money on a full blown print campaign? If what are you are doing on social media works, translate that to your drive up envelopes, lobby posters, ATM receipts, teller receipts, website banners, bus ads, billboards…anything! It helps keep brand consistency and recognition.We do recommend occasionally boosting your content or popular posts on Facebook to gain a larger reach. Now, before you think it’s way too expensive for these kinds of posts, you are incorrect! On average, it’s only $5 per week to gain an additional 3,000 views. This is much more responsive than an $800 newspaper ad or $6,000 radio campaign.As you go into 2016, keep your marketing plan open to trying out Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Periscope. The mobile device is now the #1 screen in home. Flooding the apps on this screen should be your #1 priority! If you are not there, someone else will be!Keep progressing & evaluating when your time & money is spent. 92SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Brett Jackson Brett Jackson has been dedicated to building vibrant, competitive, breakthrough brands in the world of financial institutions for over a decade now. As the CEO of Systemax Corporation, a company … Web: Detailslast_img read more

5 insights for CUNA’s volunteer events in 2018

first_imgWhen you are considering attending volunteer events, there are several different factors to consider, most of all being “How would going to one of these events help me?” Luckily, we’ve weighed these options and come away with a few different considerations for you. Consider these five insights for Credit Union National Association (CUNA) volunteer events in 2018.CertificationA lot of board training has great speakers and sessions but one takeaway I see attendees valuing is the designation. Becoming a Certified Credit Union Volunteer proves your dedication to advancing your professional career and your credit union, while learning information that will help you be a more informed board member.NetworkingThe connections I’ve seen attendees make with their fellow volunteers at our learning events is something to highlight. When talking to past attendees, they are always talking about the great people they’ve met and connections they’ve formed that through our programs. Credit unions from around the country and even worldwide come together to share their experiences with each other. This opens your mind up to other points of view and situations that you may not have considered. You’ll leave a CUNA event with a network of peers that you can count on for years to come. Hot topic discussionsI always make sure to keep credit union needs top of mind when creating the schedule for the volunteer programs. We strive to incorporate attendee feedback into the sessions that are created. It’s important to us that volunteers are staying up to date on the latest trends in the industry and that attendees get fresh information from year to year. We focus on weaving in fundamental knowledge and new topics for discussion so credit unions can continue to thrive.Industry expert insightsIt is important to us that attendees are getting insights from the best in the business. We strive to bring in some of the top minds in the credit union industry from around the country to guide credit union professionals through their professional journey. Many speakers have decades of valuable experience that they are ready to pass on to attendees and will continue to come back and speak at CUNA events because of their passion for the movement and the connections that they’ve made.Premier pricing If you are a CUNA member, there is another incentive for your participation. You receive significant savings. There’s also added value when a group of volunteers attends an event together. We want our training to be affordable for everyone to get the knowledge they need to be the most successful in their role. There are a lot of training opportunities out there, and I encourage you to take advantage of a CUNA event. We have a full line up of upcoming training opportunities for you to check out on our website. I hope to see you at an upcoming event! You won’t regret it. 54SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Michelle Johnson Michelle Johnson is an Instructional Design Manager for CUNA’s Center for Professional Development (CPD).   Her primary responsibility is to develop the volunteer training programs for CUNA.  In this role, … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Central Islip Woman, 28, Killed in Crash, Cops Say

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 28-year-old Central Islip woman died in a single-car crash on the Southern State Parkway early Sunday morning, New York State police said.The victim, Stephanie Francois, was driving a 2010 Chevrolet westbound at 12:35 a.m. near exit 25N when the crash occurred, police said.Authorities said in a news release that Francois was approaching the Newbridge Road exit at “a high rate of speed” when she lost control of the vehicle, which overturned on the north shoulder.Francois was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.The investigation into the accident is ongoing, police said.last_img read more

Shkodran Mustafi’s agent and father speaks out on Arsenal trying to sell him

first_imgAdvertisement Comment Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 30 Jul 2019 3:30 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link417Shares The Gunners are looking to offload the error-prone centre-back this summer (Picture: Getty)Shkodran Mustafi’s agent and father, Kujtim, has played down the prospect of an imminent departure from Arsenal and says a move to Serie A is not on the cards.The Gunners are actively looking to offload a player they spent £35million on just three years ago due to the series of high-profile gaffes and errors that have plagued his time at the Emirates.Ligue 1 side Monaco are reported to have made an approach to Arsenal to sign Mustafi, while Italian giants Roma have also been credited with an interest. Emery is thought to be keen for Arsenal to move Mustafi on and buy a replacement (Picture: Getty)However, Mustafi is believed to want to fight for his place at Arsenal and his dad – who also represents him – has poured cold water on the transfer speculation.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘It’s news to me,’ he told Romanews. ‘There’s nothing in it. There has been no contact with Roma or any other Italian club.’More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityArsenal boss Unai Emery is believed to have finally lost patience with Mustafi after the Europa League final defeat to Chelsea, telling club chiefs to find him a new club.The Gunners are so desperate to offload him they will even let him go out on loan, though the 27-year-old still believes he can win over his doubters and prove himself at Arsenal.center_img Shkodran Mustafi’s agent and father plays down chances of leaving Arsenal for Serie A Advertisement Mustafi was booed by the Arsenal crowd during last weekend’s defeat to Lyon (Picture: Getty)With Mustafi set to leave and skipper Laurent Koscielny having asked for a transfer, Emery could be left with few options at centre-back – though wants a new central defender before the window closes.The back-line was an area he wanted to strengthen significantly over the summer, but William Saliba was sent back out on loan to Saint-Etienne and the club have struggled to reach an agreement with Celtic for left-back Kieran Tierney.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenallast_img read more

Fortune favours the brave when it comes to auctions

first_imgA gutsy approach often pays off when it comes to auctions.Fortune favours the brave. It’s an expression I’ve used a few times over the years. But I have referred to this a bit recently as I’ve found a few buyers of late seem to have a limited understanding of the auction process and subsequently are turning up yet planning on not participating.However, by not bidding and letting the property pass has only led to a far more competitive and uncomfortable situation straight after the auction as they enter a closed door negotiation or what is commonly referred to as a Dutch auction.These negotiations see all buyer’s given one chance to submit their best offer without any idea of their competitor’s price or even the number of other offers.Surely to have transparency would be better.BRISBANE house prices to grow in the next two years.At an auction the transparency allows buyers the vision to see their competition. But it can also offer greater benefits to the buyer.They are dealing with a more motivated seller, think about it, would you be more or less motivated during your auction?There is no paper work, other than registering, until you have bought the property. Finally, there is no one filtering your words, no one saying this is your best offer or just a cheeky offer. You simply stand on the property and call your price out.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home3 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor3 hours agoMany buyers don’t want to bid at auction because they don’t really understand how auctions work.It really amazes me when people turn up to an auction with a pre-approval from the bank, have inspected the property a number of times and have a game to buy the property that falls into line with “I’m not bidding, I’m just gonna watch and see”.Mostly these buyers are just ignorant about auctions. They are nervous about the unknown and don’t want to pay too much. It only takes a minute to remind them of the reasons as to why they should participate, all in line with what I’ve listed above and they usually warm into the bidding.So therefore my criticism is aimed at the agents. Are we as an industry educating people about the process of auction?GET all the latest real estate news from The Courier-Mail direct to your inboxIs your agent familiar enough with auctions that they know what the buyers don’t? Are they telling buyers that a cash contract doesn’t mean you need cash? That no building inspection doesn’t mean you can’t conduct a building inspection prior to bidding? That you can often pay less than a 10 per cent deposit and settle longer than 30 days? Auctions are not set in stone, the terms can be altered if agreed.Anything that is new is likely foreign and when it involves a public event it can bring nerves too. But to not turn up or not bid purely because you are not informed, could be a costly and a very uncomfortable mistake.My recommendation to any buyer is: attend a few auctions, see what happens and start to watch how the successful buyers bid.Then get comfortable with prices. Attend open houses, write down the prices from any auctions and work with your loan broker to establish the price you feel comfortable paying for a property. Then once you know your limits and you know the values it is now just down to your strategy. To hope a property passes in is not a plan, hope is for the hopeless, be brave instead.last_img read more