5 Quick Tips for SEO Superiority

first_img2. Keep up with the trends.Another useful tool when creating headlines is Google Trends. Experiment with different keywords and phrasing to find out which searches are popular, and which are less saturated in search engines.3. Google reads like we do.Like humans, Google’s algorithms read left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Using stronger keywords earlier can help boost your ranking.4. URL’s matter.Abandoned that first-draft title before clicking “publish?” Remember to update your URL/slug to match your SEO-superior headline.5. Optimize for mobile.Google takes into account user experience in its search ranking, including for mobile pages. When creating mobile pages, avoid device-unfriendly features like Flash, small text, or intrusive pop-up ads. The role played by tech giants like Google and Facebook in how web content is delivered to consumers has never been more front-and-center than in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election. As concerns over fake news are likely to further upend an already delicate ecosystem, publishers in all sectors of the industry should be thinking about how compatible their web content is with the ever-changing algorithms from our friends in Silicon Valley.Luckily for all of us, as part of the marketing track at the Folio: Show, held earlier this month in New York, two experts from the b2b and consumer magazine sectors of the publishing industry shared their best practices on the always-prescient issue of search engine optimization (SEO).Below, enjoy five quick tips from Eugenia Timasheva, user insights analyst at UBM, and Erica Murphy, SEO editor at New York magazine, that will help improve your placement on Google and drive further traffic to your site.1. Monitor external linking.Did you know that your search engine ranking can be both positively and negatively affected by pages beyond your control that link back to your site? Using tools like Google Disavow, monitor which pages link to your domain and inform Google that you don’t wish for certain “bad” sites to hurt your ranking.last_img

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