86% of Moroccans Against Abortion: Study

By Rania TaziRabat – A new study shows that 86 percent of Moroccans are against abortion.A study published by the University of Mundiapolis research center in Casablanca has uncovered the reality of opinion on abortion. This comes after the penal code, was amended on June 8, by the government council, which gives the right to abortion under certain conditions. Abortion will now be legal in these cases: fetal malformations, maternal mental illness, rape or incest.This study was performed through an online survey, which according to Chafik Chraibi, the President of The Fight Against Illicit Abortions,” targets a certain socio-professional category within a certain intellectual level” and does not necessarily represent the Moroccan population as a whole.However, the shocking results show that 86 percent were against abortion. In the case of incest, 59. percent are for abortion, only 37.4 percent support it if an adult woman is raped.  About 51.1 percent are for abortion if a minor is raped, 56.8 percent if the mother suffers from mental illness.  Lastly, 40 percent support abortion if the fetus is malformed.Chraibi noted that those against abortion “have never experienced such a thing to be able to understand a women’s pain.” He added that there is a clear need to raise awareness on this issue, and people need to be educated in order to remove the stigma.

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