Morocco Had Been Tracking Terrorist for “Months” Before His Arrest on Tuesday

By Zainab CalcuttawalaRabat – Morocco’s intelligence services had been tracking Hamid Abderrahman for months before they arrested him in the northern city of Nador on Tuesday, according to Akhbar Al Yaoum.According to a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, Spanish forces arrested the remaining three terrorists in the four-member cell that same day in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in northern Morocco. The four suspects are believed to have played a major role in the recruitment of young North African Muslims for Al Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State.The cell was originally recruiting for the Al-Nusra Front, a subsidiary of Al Qaeda in Syria. Abderrahman, the group’s 42-year old leader, changed his alliances and swore allegiance to ISIS as the terrorist organization gained prominence in the past couple of years.Spanish forces were also following Abderrahman for a long period, but he managed to stay out of their radar, a security official told Akhbar Al Yaoum.Abderrahman has had encounters with law enforcement in the past. U.S. forces incarcerated him IN Guantanamo Bay from 2002 to 2004 following a terrorism conviction. In 2006, he was arrested in Ceuta for the same reason, but was later released for lack of evidence.News of the cell’s dissolution came less than a week after Morocco announced the capture of another 10-member ISIS cell and the confiscation of its “safe house” in El Jadida filled with weapons and explosive substances.A source close to the investigation later told reporters last week that the group was planning attacks against, Morocco Mall in Rabat, the Moroccan Chérifien Office of Phosphates (OCP), as well as high-ranking civil and military personalities.

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