Four years after being paralyzed, Binghamton man walks a mile for a good cause

first_imgVESTAL (WBNG) — A Binghamton man who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident four years ago reached a significant milestone Saturday. Liam Wagner walked a mile on the Vestal Rail Trail with his family and friends cheering him on. 12 News caught up with Wagner after he crossed the finish line, breaking his own personal time record. “All of the nerves in the spinal cord were not severed which made it so i could start regaining strength in my legs after years and years,” he said. Now after four years of pushing himself every day, he gathered with dozens of supporters at the vestal rail trail, not just to walk, but to walk a mile. The walk was a milestone for Wagner, but it was also meant to benefit the foundation he says gave him the motivation to do it. The Kelly Brush Foundation gave Wagner a grant to help him get an adaptive mono-ski. “It’s a necessity for people in my situation to have these foundations out there and the Kelly Brush Foundation is one of the only foundations out there that’s specifically for spinal cord injuries,” he said. Wagner said taking up skiing brought back the competitive edge in him that he felt he had lost after the accident. To date Wagner has raised over $10,000 for the foundation. If you’d like to contribute you can do so by clicking here. “36 Minutes. It took me 28 minutes to do a half mile when I first started so that just goes to show that all of the effort I put in payed off and it really feels amazing,” he said. “The fact that I’m able to do any of this blows me away still, every day. I never thought four years ago I would even be able to stand up to get a plate out of the kitchen cabinet,” he said. Now he’s paying it forward one step at a time. Wagner says the accident took away mobility in his legs, but doctors told him at the time that there was hope. “You’ve lost half of your body, half of that function, so having something that makes you feel normal again like mono-skiing,” he said “When I’m on that mountain I’m exactly like every other skier out there, and actually I’m even faster than a lot of them.” last_img

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