Invasive plant: The Japanese Knotweed thrives in Broome County

first_imgThe Japanese Knotweed is a plant that takes over wherever it is found and outgrows its competition. Dr. Blossey told 12 News it is extremely harmful to the environment. “The insects had been released in the United Kingdom, England and Canada and there is failed to affect the Japanese Knotweed.” he reports. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – In Broome County, Cornell’s Dr. Bernd Blossey, has a testing site where he is looking to trim the growth of the invasive Japanese Knotweed. The project is centered right in Broome County. “If you own a house and if you have japanesse knotweed invading your backyard you would not be able to get rid of it,” said Dr. Blossey. center_img Dr. Blossey’s project has revolved around releasing a species of insects onto the plant. The insects job is to remove juices from the knotweed that would stop its growth. However, Blossey says insects are not doing their job and the experiment continues. Blossey tells 12 News he will travel to Japan once restrictions end to bring a new species back to test with the plant.last_img

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