Six years old station building wind and rain Road

has been doing websites for nearly 6 years, and there are also small ups and downs. Ha ha, when you start, it’s a kind of technique to display yourself. Later on, I developed the desire to make money through the internet. And then began to think how to do the site can access the amount of access, this time to learn the new technology, data acquisition technology. With the support of this technology, my website has visited 20 thousand IP per day, but it was soon dropped by Baidu K. The website address is read more

The four trick is to give your website a new lease of life

we all want to have great sites that want other people to see our website. If they like, they’ll click, browse, or share with their friends again. That’s the beauty of a good website,

it’s necessary to design a "bright spot" website, which is not equivalent to bright, aimless, visual rendering and special effects coding just for dazzle. The user is always difficult to serve, now God is angry, they will even take various terminals to test your site, so the response type design is also talked about in the industry in recent years, everyone in the fall over each other using the new technology. read more

Wei Yongrong about commodity display what skills

many shopkeepers in the daily operation of the process, because the experience of how to operate with their own views. For such experienced operators, they can teach the experience will naturally be more entrepreneurs to learn. So, how to do the work of commodity display? Let Xiaobian to introduce the views of Wei Yongrong.

my name is Wei Yongrong, my "Xinrong business department" opened in Yizhou Erqiao Road West Development Zone, an area of more than and 60 square meters, is a convenience store, the main business department, daily necessities and tobacco. Before the bridge road around just one store, it’s good business. Last year in front of shops built into a new train station road, convenient transportation, the flow of people is much, but around a new two convenience stores, in the fierce competition in the same industry, my business is getting more and more difficult. read more

Soft text is the best way to improve the reverse link

;       how to write the soft text? I summed up my experience:

1, keep writing. You would call me nonsense, it’s not, if you can do the following: first, you can look to see, even if you write something dorks, but as long as you write, nature has other stood reproduced (because we all know that many stations are a collection station. The acquisition is the thing, without thinking, it can’t distinguish the contents of your good and bad, directly accept), however, since write, it seriously, also is to write, why would you fool yourself? Are you right? read more

What should be taboo on the K website

I am ashamed to say that SEO technology does not drop, can only rely on some basic optimization techniques to obtain flow to earn advertising fees. Combined with some simple black hat techniques, but it is also in constant battle with this search engine, the need to pay attention to some black hat techniques.

some time ago in order to test, made three simple stations, one of which was Baidu K dropped, we will first analyze the station, my personal analysis by K reasons are as follows:

1, including erotic keywords read more

Talking about my little skill in doing a station

wrote down this article in a hurry, hoping to have some help and inspiration for some people or new webmaster. There are still many places that are not clear enough and not perfect enough. Readers are willing to correct and point out. We progress together! This thanked


owners are like your website in the overnight rate can reach tens of thousands, the first thing in the morning do, is to open the website traffic statistics system, to see whether the traffic up, search engine revenue is increased. Joy, joy is own station a bit better, income ranked up. Sad, sad, is to make efforts, did not receive due reward. (to Baidu search or original collection of those data, not into)?. Persistent webmaster in order to achieve this goal, still pay a lot of energy, effort and time on their web site. Come on. read more

How do senior developers accomplish themselves in the nternet age

‘s own network related little experiences:


1999 was done a static page, when just beginning to learn HTML, the fresh Oh, do a website, I was mainly interested in a content on the psychological aspect, remember called "growing up, the pain of beauty" when the traffic is always very high, I don’t want to do to get money from advertising, and search are ranked first, because the content is original in its own input, now in retrospect, it is too simple.

When a

2001 to write a PHP message in this, what is called "the greatest challenge of the message of the" now go to Google search is expected to search out of a pile, reproduced more, although no time to improve. In 2000, I saw ASP more fun, bought a book, spent a few days to write a simple BBS system, at that time in the Sinian, the company also has a lot of people use this to play, once back to the capital in the past many years. read more

How can use Baidu’s products to direct traffic to the site

as the saying goes: the more dangerous place is safe, in fact whether in real life or in the webmaster is a more dangerous place, the greater the profit, of course we do the webmaster can do some illegal things, but now more and more strict legal Chinese, filing system now estimates that many webmaster what to do in a headache. No way, can have documents, can withstand pictures, tossing, go to the record bar.


recent action, first in the Baidu Conference on the launch of open platform, so many developers can do interface to Baidu products, it has so many rely on Baidu optimization ranking webmaster much discussion, the recent launch of Baidu said it began closed beta, and is said to be the threshold is too high to make friends and anyway, everyone on the Baidu products is very concerned, because Baidu and Tencent, the user base is billions to calculate, to any other sites out of the 2 oligarchs, I think fate will not be good to go, will live very tired. read more

n addition to struggle personal webmaster have no choice

as a personal webmaster, I am very clear about their hard growth process. So when I saw a book named "I have no choice but to struggle," I was deeply moved by the story. The hero in the book seems to have become me, become thousands of individual webmaster, he experienced, is what we webmaster friends experienced. I have made up my mind "I have no choice but to struggle.". So, miraculously, I changed myself, and then, I believe in fate, but more believe that my life is only continuous struggle, there will be the meaning of existence! read more

Businesses should deepen their understanding of Taobao’s characteristics before opening a shop

there is no doubt that enter into the Internet era, the electricity supplier in the minds of people more and more attention, many people also joined Taobao led by business groups, but in the shop before, we must deepen the cognition to Taobao for the characteristics of good development. The author will elaborate from the following four points:

1, Taobao’s purpose is to make money.

the purpose is no doubt, Taobao shop in order to make money, we work for the boss is also to make money. Taobao popular such a sentence: "any profit free electricity supplier is a rogue!" therefore, in the legitimate and reasonable premise, through the Taobao platform to make money, must be the ultimate core goal. In the last meeting, there have been many sellers will sell some data store and we were sharing, annual sales of over ten million yuan and so on. As the meeting presided over by the second Taobao questioned on these data, need to change the way of thinking of the merchants, when doing the year-end review, should take the profit as much as the core of data sharing, light sales, but profit is not much value. read more

Grassroots entrepreneurship three years of grinding sword fragrant from bitter cold

is also a winter night. The wind is tight.

when I was in the dim light, write down these words when recalling the past, is still filled with a thousand regrets. Three years ago, the same is such a night, in a bed on the floor of Zhang Jiang, I came up with such a idea. online books over the past three years, has grown into a money online tree root luxuriant trees full of vigour!

winter again recalled origin

very frankly, I began to do when money online, and did not really want to have such a day, will make money online as a lifelong career to do. Despite 04 years, Google introduced the concept of online application, but it was not until 06 years, this concept in Chinese real concern. read more

5 free PPC bidding advertising tools

uses some tools to save your time while studying and researching PPC ad campaigns. Now I’ll explain the 5 free PPC ad tools in detail.

1. Google Adwords editor

what is the Google Adwords editor? The Google AdWords editor is a free Google application for managing ad campaigns. Use this application to download your account, use your powerful editing tools to update your ad series, and then upload changes to AdWords.

Why does

use the Google Adwords editor? You can work offline and manage many accounts at the same time. You can check carefully before issuing PPC ads to see if there are any problems and save the page load time after opening the Google Adwords account. The Adwords editor automatically checks for errors in published ads until you correct them. read more

How did change from an entity store to an online shop

in this information, the digital age, people need is how to faster, more convenient to buy their own love and need items, so there we are most familiar with the Alibaba, and is now the most popular, pat network. As living in the twenty-first Century we have a proud character, daring spirit, therefore, entrepreneurship has become a new topic. The idea of starting a business is good, but what kind of industry is it? That’s the problem,

I am not just graduated from the University for 2 years, just graduated that, because of the reason of the personality, love is not working for others, think of their own business, began thinking, because young people are very beauty now, often buy clothes, jewelry, so I started my business, a a clothing store, but after all, is the lack of social experience, in addition to the garment industry market did not understand clearly, started basically did not make money. Then I summarize the experience, mainly because the purchase price is too high, plus lots of choice is not good, know my own shortcomings, I own a person, run in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Fujian, the largest clothing wholesale market, with the manufacturers direct orders, because it is the factory direct supply, less a post, after coming back, I finally earned my first pot of gold. read more

Mergers and acquisitions rebirth shows what kind of nternet development attributes

the Internet today is a time of mergers and acquisitions, and it can also be described as an age of oligopoly. Only with a strong capital company in order to get the opportunity to develop in the context of growing competition, so you can see PPS to Baidu’s arms, Sina toward Ali’s direction. Because we already know that only through mergers and acquisitions, will be more advantage to appear in front of the user, in order to launch a more fitting so that we love the product, you may take this business behavior as helpless, but this one just contains the attribute must be Internet product development, brand integration and construction. read more

Grass roots webmaster success secret see more practice often sum up

We often say

, to look at others’ successful experience, so that we can avoid detours, more close to success; look at others’ growth story, can give us some inspiration, let us do better.

July 22nd, Admin5 version of the chat activity every Thursday invited Mou Changqing to share his years of Internet experience and to share his story, network promotion, blog operation experience, this order exceeded some of the information, welcome to discuss.

asked: "has been in the A5 home page to see Mou Changqing’s article, but to Mou Changqing still don’t understand, guests can not briefly introduce yourself? Are you also a personal webmaster? read more

How to break through in the rice and vegetable roll small owners of chaos two

at the beginning of the year wrote a "small and medium-sized webmaster how to break through the chaos", caused a lot of webmaster friend resonance, and therefore know a lot of standing friends. In this article, it mainly expounds the current situation of domestic construction industry:

1. small number of sites.

The quality of the

2. site is uneven.

3. profit model is not clear.

then explained some of my suggestions from the following six aspects:

1. make sure the purpose and attitude of the station. read more

A mountain to beat the competition

long time no A5 to share experience with you, first, relatively hard work recently, come back from work, take a bath and go to bed, and two is not writing their own foundation. The article written a few days ago did not pass on the A5, but also a blow. Today rest, think about there is nothing to do, we share the experience of building stations.

is now the Internet as before the threshold so high, just what people spend as long as one or two hours to learn basic knowledge and then pay the hundred yuan can do a website. Recently, I have encountered a funny thing. The day before yesterday, a long time no communication home friends suddenly send information, and I want to make a friendship link. The URL sent me a scare, and the web site did the wrong thing with my (Langao forum Even more, the website layout section is exactly the same as mine. Most of the posts inside are collected by me. The pictures of the forum are downloaded from my website. At that time in a cold sweat, but also to grab a site. So he refused his request directly. Things like this are not the first time they have met two people. At the beginning of the forum, many competitors have counted at least 5. Finally, I beat him one by one. It was only a matter of time before I beat him. The following summary of experience, I hope to help some of the novice webmaster. read more

Experience and experience of local portal website merchant information collection

released a few days ago here about the development and experience of local stations. These days, my station is also in operation, in the collection of merchant information, also encountered all aspects of the problem:

1: the store is now concerned about the free collection now, will you charge later?.

two: we fill in what good, also told us the benefits of doubt, because we in this area a lot of network, the Internet is not very well, so I don’t think we can get the benefits.

three: and we even use the phone to cheat him even if we think we collect his information and cheat others, or if they give us a call. read more

Analysis of several factors influencing users’ desire to buy

a website wants to make a profit, it is to let the user have the desire that buys to your product. Recently, I have been analyzing the conversion rate, click rate, and the most important user purchase desire. There are many sites have accurate flow but not be able to sell their products well, I also like the more than 2000 precise flow of customer IP has only 1 single transaction, the conversion rate is not visible, which is a lot of people do not want to see the results. Well, what exactly is the user’s desire to buy? Here are some of the factors I recently tested and analyzed for your reference! read more

SMO social media optimization strategy

social media optimization has 16 instructive suggestions:

1. adds web site connectivity: Web site connectivity is determined by the amount of content that a web site can meet from a social web user. Old, monotonous, not updating the positive content of social media optimization is useless, so to do is actively update the website content, website content adjustment strategy, to ensure that the content of your website can let visitors to dare the interest in social network;

Convenience tag

2. websites and bookmark: to do everything possible to reduce the blog or website to add content source of difficulty, so that the user can easily put your blog or website to add an important connection or collecting them. read more