Tool 5 function optimization on Shanghai dragon love Shanghai statistics

fourth optimization tool search word ranking, believe that used should love Shanghai statistics are very clear, it is most of the owners are most concerned about the user, through which word search into the site, which can optimize the rationalization of the keywords and long tail keywords, keywords and long tail keywords in the aspects of the next article in here is not to write it, say.

the first optimization tool of Shanghai Longfeng suggestions. Love Shanghai crown of the Shanghai dragon is certainly very friendly advice for the love of spiders in Shanghai, this is no doubt. Shanghai Longfeng proposal contains the length of the URL, the static page parameters, meta information, the degree of perfection of the picture ALT information img, frame information, flash label text information of these, used the statistical function of love Shanghai should understand that the check will be able to detect the site where need to be optimized, at a glance, very convenient. read more

The new Google performance optimization tool PageSpeed nsights

then we click the "click solution", will analyze your website at present performance issues, we according to the corresponding optimization problem.

compression JavaScript


next to PageSpeed Insights, "in front of the web www.***贵族宝贝 house" as examples to explain, mainly divided into the following:

– remove the first screen content in the JavaScript and CSS

– enabled

– for the first time rendering should minimize

said the performance optimization tool, now many kinds of tools, Google recently out of a performance optimization tool: PageSpeed Insights, with a good. The purpose is to help the webmaster optimization page, which can bring the best rendering performance, especially for the mobile page. read more

How should the enterprise do website optimization Shanghai dragon

three: the 3 elements of the

many companies favorite website to design the website dressed, the use of a large number of flash, JS script program and so on, these technologies, has now become the edge of the web technology, seems to improve the appearance of website, but the website become Shanghai Longfeng optimization block elements, in fact the main site appearance is simple, clean and tidy. A beautiful picture is not much effect, in order to improve the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, distribution should do website keywords, website content layout should be reasonable norms, in addition the website should use more text, it is easier to search engines! The only way to form a basic qualified enterprise website. read more

According to the personal station of Shanghai eleven love


first, it seems to me that love Shanghai 11 refers to the intervention of natural ranked eleventh is not accurate. The rankings in the 12, 13, 14 is also a common phenomenon. Secondly, manual intervention is also to be research, every day out of the station do well beyond count, optimize the station also meet the eye everywhere. Most of the webmaster is unknown to the public, the station Baidu regardless of, can not be all day watching your station, pull you to page second. So, in my opinion, love Shanghai is certainly has its own set of all aspects of the user experience of the check standard, love Shanghai 11 is a manifestation of love Shanghai algorithm, rather than artificial intervention. read more

Method of increasing love Shanghai optimization ranking diversity chain

five, analysis links to the source of competitors, this method is the most direct, find a few of your competitors use webmaster tools found links to their love Shanghai, why here is love Shanghai link, the link is not to say that YAHOO is the best direction? Yes, but YAHOO search the direction of the links are some Links, but we can’t do that, your competitors may also buy links, so we can look up his love in the direction of Shanghai link, then how do I do not say.

, in a Q & a platform to find your own website and relevant theme section to do the questions and answers, you leave the chain in the answer will be many websites, mostly selectively reproduced, they are selected and their related content reproduced. Many examples such as in Shanghai know, Soso Ask the question and answer, do the chain, can quickly get the chain of correlation. read more

to prevent and deal with the way to talk about the site right down


‘s original words.

site right down to prevent and improve website weight is the same topic, and coping methods website down right prevention and right down is the same, no matter now novice webmaster in what kind of situation, must be positive to face. I also have a website for some time, some feelings and opinions I talk about in these areas.

chain of short-term fluctuations in the number is too large, may be judged as cheating and punished; a large number of low quality of the chain may be updated in time instant evaporation, this result led directly to the site weight and ranking drop. The site outside the chain, the quality of novice webmaster must not ignore the chain, a high quality of the chain can be equivalent to dozens or even hundreds of low quality chain. High quality here refers to the combination of weight and stability. read more

A new station on the line three common problems with easy to deal with

has continued through the sandbox, each site is not encountered the same problem, but probably summed up is three. Maybe a lot of friends met, Shanghai dragon veteran encounter these problems is certainly not what big problem, but the novice encountered such a situation, inevitably confused confused. Today is to share some of his own experiences.

in addition, this situation also can foresee the keyword optimization difficulty. I believe the more competitive keywords, whether old or new site will not appear fluctuating phenomenon. Only those keywords competition relatively small so. read more

Discussion on how to optimize some experiences within the site

setting is very important!Optimize the internal

3) not affect the website internal link to die

some webmaster can make the website Links as a part of the chain, but I was used to it as is the interior of the website optimization, after all Links in Web sites, but not in the website. Of course, the Links as the chain belong to external optimization, or that is the site of internal optimization this is not important, important is Links in our webmaster optimization is indeed helpful, but also help or very specific website, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so Links is essential, therefore the webmaster can sometimes be with the same site a lot of exchange is Links. read more

Describes how to write to optimize the website

a website not only one or two pages, there is usually a dozen or even hundreds of thousands of pages, so the question is, if these pages describe the same words, repetition will be very high, the search engine will mercilessly to the site is too high or even repeated punishment filter. Therefore, Langchuang network marketing that avoid duplicate content many is a very important aspect.

source: 贵族宝贝hnxmbt贵族宝贝/wzyh/wz Shanghai dragon yh/125.html

there is a written description in time, some owners always love to keep the description with the content, but the description is simplified, therefore in the description of the content is not too much. The reason is very simple, the first reason is that users do not have enough patience to see long and complicated content, the second reason is in the search results in long content and cannot be revealed. So, Langchuang network marketing believes that the key words can describe the best control in less than eighty words, concise. Of course, the webmaster not because of this and some fetters, you can choose a little less to write a little, just want to express itself to express clearly clearly. read more

A case analysis on P 10000 site revision sad Road

two: adhere to the original content updates are unable to keep the constant loss of flow

: the use of a 404 error page barely keep the flow a bit, but this is just the tip of the iceberg

as the optimization personnel, we always need to be prepared for the site upgrade, but we also clearly understand updated ranking flow to the site’s influence is huge, is the site of our website is injured in the sinews or bones the impact is bigger. When we think of as information, each kind of situation encountered, but often some small details still haven’t been able to stop the search engine for site punishment. Today I will simply ignore a method in one day last year, tens of thousands of IP site revision when the details of the problems caused by the sad road now. First, let’s look at the result of the punishment of the search engine traffic. As shown below: read more

DOGU network station network to make ideasAnalysis of the current situation and development prospect

and I also do, from 7 points to 12 points to start the morning of September 10th, had sold 12 pieces, which is to say that I am pure made 110 dollars I bought is 10 yuan, is selling a 10 yuan, ha ha, the market price, a morning to earn 110 and many people still believe that satisfactory. I have to go to work in the afternoon, they also sent a text message to inform me, but this effect is not obvious, ah, shop on this point is not good. But in the evening, and business, and that day sold 20 pieces, that is, earned 190 yuan. In contrast, I earn 40 yuan commission. read more

Experience of network promotion experience from the throw out the window incident to the Lenovo

2, website topic close to life. With the continuous development of society, economy and market increasingly open, it is not difficult to find, there are a lot of problems began to emerge, such as the food safety problem is related to the important topic of each person’s health, coupled with China in recent years has appeared in a series of food safety events, such as dairy enterprise Sanlu, Mengniu Coca-Cola, beverage enterprises (Shanxi poison Cola what events), industrial gelatin jelly, tainted steamed buns, poison capsule, fake COD and so on, can be said to be hated, let consumers be frightened and change color. So, when suddenly there was a site that, when you can give us reference and warning, we will love, even though it may not have much effect, or that the information provided is not exhaustive, but at least we are willing to look at, to refer to. read more

About love in Shanghai on the website of the adjustment summary

found two phenomenon recently fell in love with the sea, the first phenomenon is that most of the medical station are now doing a lot of promotion promotion, the platform has very good rankings, including some news platform, is an enduring, and medical stations in the promotion at the same time also ranked in various browsers the auction, so there are a lot of customers are transferred from the platform above, although it burn, but still have the effect of.

in 360 after the listing for the Shanghai market and love, if love Shanghai do not want to lose their users, he must make the adjustment and change strategies. Upgrade love Shanghai algorithm, what the chain not, buy links can not change ah, copy and paste the article not ah, and so on, believe you also know that there is not much to say. In fact, both love Shanghai how to adjust, it should have a website ranking. You can not because of the adjustment of Shanghai and give up their love do not always pay close attention to daily love whether Shanghai will return their own station, ranking whether weight will come back. Every day in the attention, had fallen into the pit. read more

Give people the convenience of the navigation station how to find their own way

site navigation station is currently facing the following difficulties:

The laws and regulations of the

4 and the lack of profit model, the grassroots webmaster in the flow of liquidity means less, can not effectively use the flow for the future development of the capital, can not guarantee the stability of traffic sources, all this let the grassroots site navigation station developed step step startling.

attended a local webmaster exchange conference yesterday, he was a lot of insight, the friends have earned tens of thousands of God by single page Taobao customers, as a famous veteran forum, look at your performance is really inferior by comparison. But I was holding an attitude to learning, in the process and their discussion, I found that we have a common understanding for web site operators and grasp the essence, as long as the main points, and adequate execution, it can be said that the ten sites to 9. Then the meaning of what is it? Yes, this is the essence of two words is convenient. read more

From the perspective of optimizing the website without snapshot problem analysis

in the chain need to pay attention to is to consolidate, otherwise the spider will not interested.

website is like a rule of the framework, and the most important in the frame of course is inside the content, and the value of readable content that directly affect the user experience. So Beijing website production well after the first is to enrich your site.

In 2, The When a snapshot or

optimization ranking once what the problem is, to optimize the work you have done a good summary. From the analysis of the article, the title is excessive optimization, or modify their own or at the inspection period that led to the website snapshot problems do not arise. read more

Elements of the website construction of high quality should be included in the

space is more stable and better, stable space is conducive to the user experience, but also conducive to the website optimization, website is hardware based, the loss of this foundation others are empty. The selection principle of space, to see your client area, if your service is for the local, then choose the local space, so the site open speed, only in the city, the speed is very fast, if your service is for the whole country, then they should choose Beijing, Shanghai and other big city the best server, now two or four lines, to meet the different users. The choice of the domain name, of course, the shorter the better, so easy to remember, do not use Chinese domain name,.Inf domain name do not. The best choice of the new network domain name, network of big brands to improve business domain, domain name analytic stability, fast. read more

On the influence of frequency on the website of Shanghai Longfeng update the

case analysis of just blog, I think the relationship is the most important point is that the content of the article, and the update is the most frequent site, many bloggers Shanghai Longfeng blogger closely around the Shanghai dragon theme to write, the correlation is very strong, if there is no more relevant website ranking will continue.

Are busy with the company’s new business

for half a month, long time no tube that several old website, did not add new content. Today the search target keywords, uh, well, in front of. Today is to share your experience, in fact, most of the time, they think of the webmaster every day to update the new content, even garbage quality content to the site of Shanghai dragon will also contribute to, this kind of understanding is very correct. read more

A record of my blog search engines situation changes

from Shanghai included the situation of love love Shanghai for change website changes are still very valued, until after 5 days included new sites, and after a week to release snapshot, so the current love Shanghai to the new assessment is very strict, the new station in three months ranking is very unstable, it is it is often said that the sandbox period.

Shanghai on the morning of May 6th was released in April 29th of the snapshot update. Figure

Google included, Google is the first change when the second day included new content, but also collected before not out, but also in the front row, the weight of the new collection is very low, so the new collection will be ranked in the following. Then Google changes in the second change that May 5th is the day of May 7th included the new website, but still ranked first in the old station of the original included, pictures: read more

nvestment tide inventory sh419 company’s past life this life About GG Adsense account security iss

in addition, many violations of the content, for example, in the copyright, children’s inappropriate and violation of the law on the web advertising, GG group will be given the first warning, again found K account.

Cheng Hao worked in sh419, joined the search team, is responsible for product, operation, sales and service level, the former sh419 enterprise software division senior technical manager. Currently serving as president of thunder company. Mr. Cheng Hao received his master’s degree in computer science from Duke University in 1999. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematics from Nankai University in 1997 and Mr. Zou Shenglong as an alumnus of Duke University. read more

On the 360 bidding feasibility 360 promotion VS love Shanghai

is the basic assembly of product promotion information, to promote the 360 search how good, how good, some other search products how poor (some people know this). But Peng Jinjie is responsible for the company’s recent love Shanghai search promotion, or listen to it, but also love Shanghai contrast search promotion contrast, here to share out for reference:

360 for promotion advantage:


a few days ago, Peng Jinjie attended the 360 meeting of new customer marketing marketing conference, said that the high-end atmosphere on the grade, after all, is a 360 search product promotion conference, grab love Shanghai search promotion job. read more