Big punchers in big showdown

first_imgTwo hard-hitting Jamaican boxers, Ramel ‘Sub Zero’ Lewis and Michael Gardener, will clash tonight in the first quarter-final bout of the Wray and Nephew 2016 Contender series at the Chinese Benevolent Association auditorium. The tournament that started on March 10 with 16 boxers, has now been whittled down to eight and the winners in this segment will all be guaranteed one of the top financial prizes. These are $2 million to the champion, $500,000 to the runner-up, $250,000 for third place and $200,000 for fourth. Lewis is a veteran of the Contender series and reached the finals as a welterweight in 2012, where he lost to Donovan ‘Police’ Campbell. In his first appearance this year against Fard Muhammad, he showed touches of brilliance, but also the ill effects of a nearly two-year absence from the ring. He won that fight by technical knockout, when Muhammad, a veteran in Mixed Martial Arts, made his debut as a professional boxer. He caught Muhammad with some good punches, but took some himself and was wild at times. He has to improve a lot tonight if he is to win. He acknowledged his weaknesses after that fight and vowed to do better next time around. That next time is tonight and he will be going up against a formidable opponent. In his first fight in the competition, Gardener, who was making his professional debut, was composed going up against American Jose Guzman and his punishing body attacks allowed him to win by knockout in the second round. He is very confident for tonight’s fight and has promised more of what he produced against Guzman. Punching power and stamina will undoubtedly be the two main ingredients tonight and it is obvious that both men are coming into the fight in an attacking mode. It will only be over five rounds, but that will be plenty of time for both men to put their boxing skills and punching power on display. Spectators should therefore have a lot to cheer about, for as long as the fight lasts. The programme starts at 8:30 p.m. and the main bout, which will be broadcast live on TVJ, is scheduled for 9:30.last_img read more

Bacterial Flagellum Visualized

first_imgTom Magnuson at Access Research Network found this link that came out last year but is too good to pass up: another visualization of the bacterial flagellum, the “poster child of the ID movement,” by Japanese researchers on NanoNet, the Nanotechnology Researchers Network Center of Japan.  The 02/05/2004 NanoNet Bulletin features the bacterial flagellum with still images from a stunning movie they made, A Rotary Nanomachine, downloadable from the site.  The movie contains crisp animations of the flagellar motor at work and features amazing facts about how the propeller is assembled, molecule by molecule, at the growing tip.  The film (34 minutes, 36mb) also tells the story of how challenging it was for the team to image the nanometer-scale parts of the system.    Another issue, 09/16/2004 NanoNet Bulletin tells how professor Masasuke Yoshido first visualized the rotation of another biomolecular rotary motor, ATP synthase.  The entire website is concerned with nanotechnology, and many of the articles blur the distinction between biological and artificial machines.This film makes a terrific follow-up to Unlocking the Mystery of Life for those interested in additional technical details of how the flagellum works.  The animations are superb.  Nobody would be able to look at this system and say it wasn’t designed – it looks for all the world like finely-crafted machinery.  The researchers are in awe of the precision of the parts and the efficiency of the motor.  Is it any wonder that there is no mention of evolution?  On the contrary, the word design is key: “Looking at the shape of the flagellar basal body,” said Keiici Namba, the interviewee, “it is obviously designed to rotate.”    Dr. Namba also said something that shows how biological design can stimulate a Darwin-free research program: “Looking at a picture of the flagellar motor on the wall every day,” he said in Asianized English, “I feel up towards revealing the mystery by any means.”  How it works – and what we can learn from the design – those ideas borrow nothing from Darwinian theory, and sound remarkably similar to the motivations of Robert Boyle, James Joule and many other creation scientists throughout history.  None of the People of Froth (the Anti-ID crowd) could claim that these Japanese researchers had a religious motivation for making this film or for doing their cutting-edge research.  School boards can show this film as proof that design-based science is powerful and productive.  The end of science?  Bringing science to a halt?  Taking us back to the Dark Ages?  Bosh—this is the future of active, fruitful, motivating research that will inspire young scientists and bring the best technology to bear on understanding biological realities (see 10/29/2005 story).    Intelligent design is not so much about making additions to science, but rather some blessed subtractions: removing the useless fluff of Darwinian speculation and storytelling (12/22/2003) that produces nothing but vaporware on back order.  Throughout history (see online book), the design perspective has mastered the machinery of science that produces the goods.(Visited 32 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

World’s top surfers line up for Mr Price Pro

first_img12 May 2014Entries are pouring in from around the globe for South Africa’s Mr Price Pro Ballito, which takes place on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast from 30 June to 6 July. By the weekend, 68 of the top 96 surfers in the world had confirmed their entries for the ASP Qualifying Series (QS) event.The Mr Price Pro carries a prize purse of R2.7-million and 11 of the world’s top 34 surfers have already signed up for it.Highest rankedWorld number nine Miguel Pupo of Brazil is the highest ranked competitor entered so far. Renowned for his lightning-fast, above-the-lip prowess, Pupo is a proven performer with three major QS victories under his belt.South Africa’s Jordy Smith weighs in as the second highest ranked surfer, one place below Pupo in the standings. A former Mr Price Pro Ballito champion (2010), Smith has three World Championship Tour (WCT) and six QS victories to his name and is a firm favourite in Ballito.Joining them are 2001 world champion and tour veteran CJ Hobgood (USA), as well as WCT stalwarts world number 18 Adam Melling (Aus), world number 33 Alejo Muniz (Bra) and two of the tour’s best back-handers, world number 21 Adrian Buchan (Aus) and world number 26 Matt Wilkinson (Aus).Triple Crown of Surfing champOn-again off-again WCT campaigners, world number 21 Jadson Andre (Bra) and world number 26 Aritz Aranburu (Esp) will have extensive experience surfing the QS four- man heat format on their side, while 2012 Triple Crown of Surfing champion Sebastian Zietz (Haw) will surf with the confidence of being a proven performer in everything from three to 10 foot (one – three metre) surf.Current world number two on the WQS ratings, Australian Matt Banting, leads the field as the highest ranked QS surfer. Banting has won one six-star event on the QS this season, taking down veteran Nathan Hedge (Aus) with a pair of near perfect scores in Australia earlier this year.Hedge comes in as the second highest rated surfer with a win at a one-star event and a second place at the six-star in Australia this season.Thomas Hermes (Bra) and former Mr Price Pro champion Patrick Gudauskas (USA) are other top-10 ranked QS competitors expected to excel in the powerful waves of Ballito.Entries will remain open until 3 June when the organisers expect all 90 places to be filled.WildcardsThe Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) will award three wildcards to the highest ranked non-qualifying surfers in the region, while Mr Price will select two surfers of their choice. The sixth wildcard will go to the winner of the trials held prior to commencement of competition on 30 June, thus completing the 96-man field.Beach festivalRenowned as one of the biggest beach festivals on the African continent, the Mr Price Pro Ballito is expecting approximately 100 000 fans to soak up the non-stop entertainment over the seven days.While the surfers ride the ocean waves by day, spectators will once again be rocked by sound waves at night when Mr Price and the KwaDukuza Municipality present free music concerts at Salt Rock on 3 and 4 July.Thursday, 3 July 3, sees a night of Kwaito, Afro-pop, hip-hop and house, while Friday, 4 July, caters to more of a pop, rock and dance themed audience.On 1 and 2, the event will also incorporate a Food and Wine festival, bringing mouth- watering flavours to the beach and building on the lifestyle event that proved to be so successful last year.CSI programmeThe RedCap Foundation has been selected as the event’s Corporate Social Investment program as RedCap has been actively involved in the region since 2010 with their health and education programmes impacting low-income communities in KwaDukuza.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – August 2, 2019

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Dry weather continues Friday through most of Tuesday. Temps climbing gradually through the period, leading to above normal temps this weekend and Monday.  Tuesday late afternoon and evening, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms can’t be ruled out over far NW parts of Ohio. However, this action likely is not a big part of our Tuesday outlook. The best chances come near the Michigan line. Nothing happens south of I-70.  Wednesday features scattered showers and those will continue through most of Thursday, although for that day the focal point comes farther south. 48 hour rain totals will range from a few hundredths to nearly an inch, over 80% of the state. The upper half of the range will be kept mostly to central and southern Ohio. Northern areas could be a few tenths or less, and see the moisture done by Wednesday night.  Dry Friday through Sunday (Thursday through Sunday from US 30 northward). Mixed clouds and sun to Thursday and Friday, mostly sunny skies for next weekend.  The extended period has scattered showers from Sunday night through Monday. However, rain totals are limited to a few hundredths to .3” and coverage only at 40%. More of the state misses this action than gets it.  The remainder of the extended period is drier. We are dry from Tuesday the 13th through the end of the week, Saturday the 17th. During that period, though, warm air and rising humidity will prompt chances for a few pop up showers off an on, particularly Tuesday-Thursday. Coverage will be limited to 20%. We are removing threats of heavier action late in the extended period.  10 day rain totals are below. Notice that for the entire 10 day period we have combined moisture of 0” to 1” and a large part of Ohio sees just a few tenths. Those totals are well below normal, except the totals closer to an inch. Keep in mind those higher totals are dependent on better thunderstorm coverage, which could go away.last_img read more

YouTube Steps Up to Shine Light on Egypt

first_imgVideo sharing website YouTube has been highlighting video from the protests in Egypt for days, but tonight the official YouTube blog put up a post describing a number of steps it’s taking to make sure the world knows what’s going on in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and elsewhere around that country. The Egyptian government is trying hard to black-out all media coverage of the huge protests challenging the three decade long rule of President Hosni Mubarak, but media is still getting out. YouTube appears to be doing what it can: every page on the site now has a banner pointing to the collection of Egypt protest videos, those videos are highlighted on the site’s front page and YouTube is streaming Al Jazeera’s coverage in English and Arabic. Imagine what would happen if Twitter and Facebook did something like this.The protests in Egypt are a huge story in politics, in media and in technology. Egypt is one of the most geopolitically important countries in the world. Understood in context, these protests could be key in an unfolding history that changes the world forever. Old media is rushing to Egypt to cover it as well as it can: Nicholas Kristof and Anderson Cooper, for example, are Tweeting and Facebooking up a storm from the streets of Cairo.It’s fitting of YouTube’s role in a rapidly transforming media world that the site is aiming the focus of its audiences directly at these important offline events. Twitter’s making it easier for Egyptians to Tweet by phone. Facebook is being used extensively by protesters for their own communication. Do you think it would be a good idea for Facebook to take official steps to draw the eyes of all the rest of its users to the conflict in Egypt? Tags:#international#news#web marshall kirkpatrick A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

My Two Favorite New Productivity Tools

first_imgIt’s very rare that I write about software, apps, or tools. Tools and technologies are Miles Austin‘s domains. But there are two software programs that I am using now that are worth your time and attention because they may help you increase your personal productivity. One productivity tool is for writing, and one is for quantifying.UlyssesUlysses is a writing application for Apple products that allows you to write and organize your text files. The serious tech nerds do all of their writing in text files.The primary reason techies love text files is that they are universal, meaning you can open them in any application. The fact that text files are universal means that they are future proof; you are always going to be able to open your files in the future, no matter what happens to Evernote, Word, Google Docs, or whatever app it is that you like now.But there are other reasons to love text files. Writing in plain text eliminates distractions so you can focus on the writing. Because there is no formatting, text files are tiny and easy to sync, which is excellent since Ulysses stores all of your files in iCloud. The lack of formatting makes it very easy to drop the text into other software programs when you need to make them your beautiful words look beautiful, and Ulysses allows styles that export already formatted based on presets.My Ulysses application and librariesUlysses enables you to organize your files however you like. You can put them in groups, or you can filter on keywords and tags, among other things. You can search for your files from anywhere within Ulysses.I have moved most of my archives from this blog into Ulysses. In the Archive folder, I have 2,326 sheets (what you might call documents) amounting to just over 1,250,000 words. This archive lets me search quickly and pull text from my past writings.I like having all of my writing in one place, as well as the simplicity of the plain text.AirtableAirtable (affiliate link) would be like a spreadsheet if a spreadsheet were also a database.I am using Airtable to quantify myself. I am tracking everything I do, every day. I have main categories set up so that I can generate reports on where and how I spend my time, allowing me to make adjustments. If you have never tracked your time, you are going to learn a lot about yourself. I spend way more time with my family than you might imagine (and I can prove it).I am tracking eight or nine data points around my health, like weight, hours slept, and time in meditation. I set up one spreadsheet-like-database to keep track the books I am reading and listening to using Audible. Because Airtable is a database, I can export my notes from my Kindle page and upload the PDF to the record for each book.I also have a little contact database for my most significant relationships, one for all my travel membership and rewards numbers, and one for a record of all my writing.My Airtable screenBecause Airtable has a nice iPhone app, tracking is quick and painless, which means it’s easy to keep up with in real-time. There is no iPad app yet, but it is in the works.These two tools are always open on my computer. Ulysses has even become my notebook and capture tool. If they interest you, check them out. If you do try them, send me a note and let me know what you think. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more