Beam setting over I-74 in Decatur County starts Thursday

first_imgSt. Omer, IN— Indiana Department of Transportation contractor Beaty Construction plans to conduct intermittent stoppages on I-74 on Thursday and Friday this week (June 4-5) near St. Omer in Decatur County. Beam setting will take place as part of a $1.2 million superstructure replacement project on C.R. 700 N. over the interstate that began earlier this year.Starting as early as 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, all lanes of I-74 EB will close west of Greensburg near the C.R. 700 N. overpass for up to 20 minutes. Traffic will be held and then released until normal flow is reached. Stoppages will take place throughout the day for up to 12 hours. Beam setting will continue over I-74 WB on Friday, with stoppages also beginning around 6:30 a.m. Motorists are encouraged to seek an alternate route to avoid delays or allow extra time when traveling through the area.Work will continue on the project through late September and C.R. 700 N. will remain closed. The official detour route follows C.R. 580 W. to C.R. 1050 S. to C.R. 1000 W.Drivers should slow down, use extra caution, and drive distraction-free through all work zones. All work is weather dependent and schedules are subject to change.last_img read more

Wisconsin looks to alleviate defensive line pains

first_imgDEREK MONTGOMERY/Herald photoOpening the year, head coach Barry Alvarez’s goal was to make Saturday’s match-up with No. 14 Michigan a big game.”That was one of the goals we set at the beginning of the season, was to make this a big game,” Alvarez said.And with a 3-0 record heading into the contest, Wisconsin has certainly met those expectations. However, Wisconsin wasn’t planning on getting to that record at the expense of three defensive linemen. Yet such is the case for the Badgers this season.Wisconsin was already down two players heading into last Saturday’s contest with North Carolina, but things got worse when sophomore Jamal Cooper suffered what appears to be a torn anterior cruciate ligament.”That was the area hit most by graduation … you lose one in the summer with a broken leg [defensive tackle Mark Gorman], you lose another one, for how long I don’t know, in [sophomore Justin] Ostrowski and now you lose Coop. Your best two going into fall camp are gone and three total after going in with not much experience, so I am concerned,” Alvarez said.Wisconsin was also without defensive end Kurt Ware for Saturday’s game after the sophomore contracted chicken pox. But Ware has been cleared to participate in meetings and practice this week and will certainly be a key player on the field this weekend as University of Wisconsin strives to replace the disruptive Cooper.Along with Ware, Wisconsin will look to its most veteran member, junior defensive end Joe Monty, to fill the void left by Cooper. Monty saw his most action of the season against the Tar Heels and his workload will only increase as UW tinkers with its defensive line rotation. Monty is not the pass rusher Cooper was, but coaches like the pass-rush ability of freshman Matt Shaughnessy, and feel Monty is a reliable fill-in for Cooper.”He’s not the fastest guy, he’s not the biggest, he’s not the strongest guy, he’s just a football player,” Alvarez said. “He’s very smart and he’s where he’s supposed to be. So you know exactly what you’re going to get from him.”Working in Wisconsin’s favor was the deep rotation employed by defensive line coach John Palermo in the Badgers’ first two games this season. UW habitually rotated eight players along the defensive line throughout those games, and with the high offensive output against Temple, UW had the luxury of playing several players further down the depth chart. Some of those players, including Shaughnessy and fellow defensive end Brandon Kelly, will see their time significantly increased due to the injuries. Yet the team doesn’t seem worried about the players they are forced to rotate into the lineup. “Everyone’s just got to step up and know their roles,” defensive tackle Nick Hayden said. “We’re not going to make any changes; we just have to keep working harder.”Another possibility to shore up the defensive line could be the use of left tackle Joe Thomas. Two years ago, as a true freshman, Thomas played defensive end for Wisconsin in the Music City Bowl and his presence on the line this weekend is not something the coaching staff has ruled out.”There’s a possibility,” Alvarez admitted. “Last week, we had him ready if need be for [a] goal-line situation. It might be for a play here or there, if need be — in an emergency, but that would be the only way.”Hampton focuses on special teams: Junior Zach Hampton’s time in the defensive backfield has been limited the past two weeks, mostly due to his gutsy play on special teams. Hampton proved his value on special teams again over the weekend, where, as a gunner, he helped Wisconsin down four punts inside the 20-yard line. Leading some to compare the Lancaster, Wis., native to last year’s special teams star gunner, Scott Starks. “Sparky I think was special,” Alvarez said. “He had done it for four years, and, let’s face it, he’s one of the faster guys on our team. Guys could not hold him up on the line of scrimmage. They could double him, they could do whatever, but no one could hold him up; he had a knack for getting off the ball.”While Alvarez is not yet comfortable comparing Hampton to Starks, Wisconsin’s head coach feels confident Hampton will give every bit the effort Starks did last year. Alvarez is also hoping a greater focus on special teams will make Hampton an even greater playmaker for the squad this season. “Effort-wise we’re going to get that from Zach. Zach is a tenacious competitor,” Alvarez said. “He did [play as a gunner] the first week, but he was playing every snap, and I think that took away from some of his effectiveness as a sprinter, just because, he was worn down … now, he’s more on special teams in certain situations, so he’s fresh, and I think that helps.”last_img read more

9 Rules Fit People Live By

first_imgPersonal trainer Joel Harper has spent two decades helping his clients (from Olympic medalists to Dr. Oz) reach their fitness goals, and over the course of his career he’s discovered the reason why some people thrive and others fail: It’s all about attitude, he argues in his new book, Mind Your Body: 4 Weeks to a Leaner, Healthier Life.Harper has taken years of experience and distilled it into “10 core concepts for optimal success.” Health spoke with Harper about these rules, and how to put them into practice.Shut out the noiseBy “noise,” Harper means the constant stream of negative thoughts that runs through most people’s minds. That mental static is your biggest obstacle, he says; learning to filter it by focusing on positive thinking is essential to your success.Maximize inner motivationTo do this you need to be absolutely clear about why you want to get fit. “Figure out what’s really important to you,” Harper urges. “Do you want to lower your blood pressure? Fit into a size two? Or do you just want to feel better?” Motivation that lasts can’t come from an outside source—like your doctor or a loved one who wants you to slim down. It has to come from a personal, deep-rooted desire for change.Cultivate gritGrit is the resolve and passion required on a daily basis to pursue a long-term goal. To cultivate grit, you have to commit to consistency no matter what. A fit person wakes up every day knowing she will do whatever it takes to stay on track—whether that means getting up an hour earlier to make it to the gym before work or squeezing in a power walk at lunch. The secret is focusing on the thoughts that drive and inspire you. If it helps to remind yourself how good you’ll feel post workout, for example, do that. If it motivates you to daydream about your future toned tummy, do that. Concentrate on exactly what you want to achieve and make every day count.Set specific intentionsThe more detailed your daily goals and plans, the better. In his book, Harper cites an English study on women enrolled in a weight loss program: The researchers asked about half of their subjects to write down their strategies for managing temptation (for example, When sugar cravings strike, I will make a cup of tea). After two months, those women had lost twice as much weight as women in a control group. Visualize successHarper has all of his new clients close their eyes and imagine their ideal body—both what it looks like from head to toe, and how it makes them feel. Then he tells them to go shopping: “I say to people, ‘Hey if you want that body, then buy clothes that would fit if you had it. And try them on every day until they fit.’”Eliminate excessive choicesChocolate croissant or steel cut oats? Grilled salmon or a quesadilla? When you have to make these types of dietary decisions all day long, you may end up exhausting your willpower. Planning your meals in advance, however—even just one meal per day—can make it easier (and less stressful) to eat healthy.There are a few classics, like “If I don’t exercise at lunchtime, I’ll do it tonight” or “I’ll have ice cream today and get my diet back on track tomorrow.” But any sort of procrastination runs the risk of bumping you off course, Harper says. His advice: Don’t give yourself an out, and stick to the path that leads to your goal.Yield to trafficIt’s inevitable that from time to time your healthy routine will get interrupted by forces outside your control, like when your partner proposes an impromptu date night right after you’ve bought salad ingredients. When that happens, try to go with the flow and enjoy yourself.Believe it and become itThis rule is simple: “If you believe you can be in amazing shape, then you’ll do things on a day-to-day basis to accomplish it,” says Harper. The problem is, many of us carry around defeating beliefs. When you recognize a negative thought (like, “I’m so uncoordinated”), ask yourself why you think that way. You may discover the criticism originally came from your parents, or your sibling, or a childhood buddy. “Don’t give those outdated internal beliefs power,” Harper says. “Just let them float away, like leaves that have fallen into a river.” You have control over your thoughts, he insists; they don’t have control over you. Jump for joyHarper’s most successful clients are the ones that celebrate their milestones. If you don’t appreciate your successes along the way, “you risk becoming emotionally numb, nonreactive,” he explains. But giving yourself regular (healthy!) rewards (like a massage, for example), provides a little “added oomph” to keep going and push yourself even harder in the long run.–last_img read more

Hajrović: Passing from Galatasaray to Werder is a Step Back, but I just Want to Play

first_imgBosnian footballer and a new player for the German Bundesliga club Werder, Izet Hajrović said that the dispute with ex-club Galatasaray is over and that FIFA’s permission to play for the Bundesliga is a big relief to him.In an interview he gave for the German Bild, Hajrović reminded that he left Turkish Galatasaray because he didn’t get the arranged money and that now he has absolutely no problems with playing for Werder.“My transfer from Galatasaray to Werder was like a step backwards. But I don’t even think about it no more. I just want to play and show as much as I can.” – said the young midfielder Hajrović.He also said that Galatasaray sent one part of the money and that the case is closed for him and that he doesn’t want to go to court about it.Within the preparations for the next season, Werder will play today against Chelsea from London where Didier Drogba plays. Drogba used to play with Hajrović in Galatasaray and Hajrović said he is a great player and a great man with who he had a good time in Istanbul.“We were together in Istabul. He is a great man on the field and outside of it too. After the match I am going to ask him to give me his shirt, and if he does not, there will be some serious problems! I have learned from him how to be stable.” – said Hajrović.Last season, Hajrović came to Galatasaray from the Suisse club Grasshoppers, for 3.5 million Euros. After the club did not pay him, he left it and passed to Werder.(Source: Klix)last_img read more