Ceferin threatens to kick Belgian clubs out of Europe

first_imgUEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin, has expressed his discontent with Belgian football for terminating the Jupiler Pro League, in the absence of a day for the end of the competition, he pointed out that the European entity could sanction him and does not rule out his exclusion next season from continental competitions.In an interview for German television ZDF, Ceferin attacked Belgian football for deciding to end the season, stopped for a time by the coronavirus outbreak, prematurely and without ending the league and leaving the cup competition pending.“I don’t think it’s the right move. Solidarity is not a one-way road. You can’t ask for help and then decide for yourself what is best for you. And I must say; Belgians and whatever they are considering doing the same now risk not participating in European competitions next year, “the UEFA official warned. At the moment, Belgian football has chosen to declare Bruges as the League champion, in the absence of a game, for being the leader with a 15 point advantage over KAA Gent, although later a title playoff is disputed. A decision that, in the absence of being confirmed, has turned against UEFA, the Association of European Clubs (ECA) and the rest of the leagues in Europe, who chose to request that the competitions not be canceled early.Despite the fact that most of the ‘Old Continent’ leagues are suspended for seasons, until the end of April in most cases, the season is still being considered, either by lengthening the calendar or resuming closed-door competitions to combat the spread of COVID-19.As for the Champions League and the Europa League, which are in the round of 16, Ceferin commented that they could be completed behind closed doors and once the national competitions are finished on June 30, but he ruled out playing them in the fall.“Football is not at all the same without fans. But it’s definitely better to play football with no supporters in the stands and have it back on TV than to have nothing at all. That is what people want, that returns positive energy to their homes. It is probably July or August. We cannot develop it in September or October, “he said.last_img read more

GTA Online launches but barely works heres why

first_imgIf Grand Theft Auto Online launches, but no one can play it, did it really launch?Earlier today, Rockstar’s first attempt at a massively multiplayer game, GTA Online, officially launched. The developer said it expected hiccups along the way, as this is the first time it would be launching such an undertaking. Well, it would seem Rockstar underestimated the breadth of the issues it would have launching the game. GTA Online greeted gamers not with a world in which they could form gangs and commit new crimes, but with a world in which they had to go outside because they couldn’t play video games.Rather than the usual smattering of login and lag issues, GTA Online is full-blown preventing people from logging into the game. If, by some miracle, you are able to connect, chances are you’ve either gotten booted, or experienced so much lag that the game is literally unplayable — not unplayable in the sense that a 46ms ping is “terrible.”Reports from all over the internet detail most login and server issues you’d except, from failure to host session messages, or miraculously making it online only to be kicked off or lagged out.As someone who has been online gaming since the days of BBS door games, who then moved to MUDs, first-person shooters, graphical MMOs, and so on: welcome to online gaming, everybody! Amusingly, Rockstar’s support forum was bumped offline for a bit, presumably from the influx of complaints.Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to get into GTA Online is have patience, and try again later. If you’re one of the lucky few who made it on and aren’t experiencing any issues, how long you cling to your functional session should teach you something about yourself. If you’re like the rest of us who can’t make it into or stay in the game, how long you keep trying should teach you something about yourself.For now, have patience, play some single player, and Rockstar will have everything sorted out sooner or later. Probably.last_img read more