What if American Pop Stars Released Cassettes in Morocco?

Rabat – Memories from the era of Super Mario video games, boy bands, frosted tips, home computer, walkmans and rollerblades are making a comeback – this time in the form of cassette tapes, but with a little twist.A young Moroccan artist designed a set of cassette covers portraying American pop stars, not only if they were in the 90s, but also if they were Moroccan.The results are amusing. From a Snoop Dogg tape produced in Ketama (a region in north-eastern Morocco known for the production of hashish), to “Chaba Adele” who no longer sings “Hello”, but rather “Salam”, to Maroon 5’s ”Sugar”, which becomes “Al Hlawa.” Other famous songs like “Work” by Rihanna and Drake or “Sorry” by Justin Bieber were literally translated into Arabic. Several other humorous impressions were designed.The artist behind this work is Marouane El Ouakil , a 19 year-old designer from Casablanca, who is a student at the Higher Institute of Graphic Arts (ISAG) and an artist in the collective Palette 30, which first shared the photos on its Facebook page. read more