Missing women inquiry hears of Pickton records destroyed

first_imgAPTN National NewsA woman identified only as “Ms. Anderson” survived an attack from Robert Pickton in 1997, but the Crown Prosecutor’s records of the incident were destroyed in 2000 after the charges were stayed, the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry has heard.Anderson was expected to testify at the inquiry this week, but still suffers from social and psychological issues surrounding the attack.The inquiry heard from Randi Connor, the Crown Prosecutor who stayed the charges against Pickton. She said that records of a previous sexual assault by Pickton were not in a report delivered to Crown Counsel at the time.APTN National News reporter Tina House has the details.last_img read more

86% of Moroccans Against Abortion: Study

By Rania TaziRabat – A new study shows that 86 percent of Moroccans are against abortion.A study published by the University of Mundiapolis research center in Casablanca has uncovered the reality of opinion on abortion. This comes after the penal code, was amended on June 8, by the government council, which gives the right to abortion under certain conditions. Abortion will now be legal in these cases: fetal malformations, maternal mental illness, rape or incest.This study was performed through an online survey, which according to Chafik Chraibi, the President of The Fight Against Illicit Abortions,” targets a certain socio-professional category within a certain intellectual level” and does not necessarily represent the Moroccan population as a whole.However, the shocking results show that 86 percent were against abortion. In the case of incest, 59. percent are for abortion, only 37.4 percent support it if an adult woman is raped.  About 51.1 percent are for abortion if a minor is raped, 56.8 percent if the mother suffers from mental illness.  Lastly, 40 percent support abortion if the fetus is malformed.Chraibi noted that those against abortion “have never experienced such a thing to be able to understand a women’s pain.” He added that there is a clear need to raise awareness on this issue, and people need to be educated in order to remove the stigma. read more

You Cant Opt Out Of Sharing Your Data Even If You Didnt

The Golden State Killer, who terrorized Californians from Sacramento to Orange County over the course of a decade, committed his last known murder in 1986, the same year that DNA profiling was used in a criminal investigation for the first time. In that early case, officers convinced thousands of men to voluntarily turn over blood samples, building a genetic dragnet to search for a killer in their midst. The murderer was eventually identified by his attempts to avoid giving up his DNA. In contrast, suspected Golden State Killer Joseph James DeAngelo, who was apprehended just last week, was found through other people’s DNA — samples taken from the crime scenes were matched to the profiles his distant relatives had uploaded to a publicly accessible genealogy website.You can see the rise of a modern privacy conundrum in the 32 years between the first DNA case and DeAngelo’s arrest. Digital privacy experts say that the way DeAngelo was found has implications reaching far beyond genetics, and the risks of exposure apply to everyone — not just alleged serial killers. We’re used to thinking about privacy breaches as what happens when we give data about ourselves to a third party, and that data is then stolen from or abused by that third party. It’s bad, sure. But we could have prevented it if we’d only made better choices.Increasingly, though, individuals need to worry about another kind of privacy violation. I think of it as a modern tweak on the tragedy of the commons — call it “privacy of the commons.” It’s what happens when one person’s voluntary disclosure of personal information exposes the personal information of others who had no say in the matter. Your choices didn’t cause the breach. Your choices can’t prevent it, either. Welcome to a world where you can’t opt out of sharing, even if you didn’t opt in.Yonatan Zunger, a former Google privacy engineer, noted we’ve known for a long time that one person’s personal information is never just their own to share. It’s the idea behind the old proverb, “Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.” And as far back as the 1960s, said Jennifer Lynch, senior staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, phone companies could help law enforcement collect a list of all the numbers one phone line called and how long the calls lasted. The phone records may help convict a guilty party, but they also likely call police attention to the phone numbers, identities and habits of people who may not have anything to do with the crime being investigated.But the digital economy has changed things, making the privacy of the commons easier to exploit and creating stronger incentives to do so.“One of the fascinating things we’ve now walked ourselves into is that companies are valued by the market on the basis of how much user data they have,” said Daniel Kahn Gillmor, senior staff technologist with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project. A company can run along, not making a cent, but if it has a large user base and reams of private information about those users, then it’s valuable — and can be sold for millions. Companies that collect more data, keep that data, and use it to make connections between users are worth more. Sears, Roebuck and Co. may have been able to infer when you bought a gift from their catalog for a friend who lived in another town, but Amazon has more reason (and more ability) to use that information to build a profile of your friend’s interests.We all saw this in action in the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. The privacy of the commons is how the 270,000 Facebook users who actually downloaded the “thisisyourdigitallife” app turned into as many as 87 million users whose data ended up in the hands of a political marketing firm. Much of the narrative surrounding that scandal has focused on what individuals should be doing to protect themselves. But that idea that privacy is all about your individual decisions is part of the problem, said Julie Cohen, a technology and law professor at Georgetown University. “There’s a lot of burden being put on individuals to have an understanding and mastery of something that’s so complex that it would be impossible for them to do what they need to do,” she said.Even if you do your searches from a specialized browser, tape over all your webcams and monitor your privacy settings without fail, your personal data has probably still been collected, stored and used in ways you didn’t intend — and don’t even know about.Companies can even build a profile of a person from birth based entirely on data-sharing choices made by others, said Salome Viljoen, a lawyer and fellow with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. Imagine new parents signing up for a loyalty card at their local pharmacy and then filling all of their child’s prescriptions there. The information collected every time they scan that loyalty card adds up to something like a medical history, which could later be sold to data brokers or combined with data bought from brokers to paint a fuller picture of a person who never consented to any of this.So does that mean that, in addition to locking down our own privacy choices, we need to police the choices of our friends and family? No, said Cohen, Gillmor and Viljoen. In fact, the privacy of the commons means that, in some cases, your data is collected in ways you cannot reasonably prevent, no matter how carefully you or anyone you know behaves.Take, for instance, Equifax, the credit-rating company that lost control of the data of 143 million people last year. Those people weren’t necessarily members of Equifax. Instead, the company collected data from other companies the people chose to do business with, and much of that business was stuff people can’t get by without, like renting or owning a home. Or, alternately, consider Facebook, again. That company has admitted it tracks the online behavior of people who never intentionally engage with it at all, thanks to partnerships with other websites. (Like many sites, FiveThirtyEight has this kind of partnership with Facebook. Our pages talk to the social network in several ways, including through ads and comments, and because of the embedded “Like” button.) If hounding every person you’ve ever cared about into adopting encryption tools like PGP sounded like fun, you’ll love living in a van down by the river with no internet access.1And I hope you’re prepared to buy the van with cash, because if you need credit, the credit check the dealer runs could hand your information to Equifax again.Instead, experts say these examples show that we need to think about online privacy less as a personal issue and more as a systemic one. Our digital commons is set up to encourage companies and governments to violate your privacy. If you live in a swamp and an alligator attacks you, do you blame yourself for being a slow swimmer? Or do you blame the swamp for forcing you to hang out with alligators?There isn’t yet a clear answer for what the U.S. should do. Almost all of our privacy law and policy is framed around the idea of privacy as a personal choice, Cohen said. The result: very little regulation addressing what data can be collected, how it should be protected, or what can be done with it. In some ways, Gillmor said, online privacy is where the environmental movement was back in the 1950s, when lots of big, centralized choices were hurting individuals’ health, and individuals had little power to change that. “I don’t even know if we have had our ‘Silent Spring’ yet,” he said. “Maybe Cambridge Analytica will be our ‘Silent Spring.’” read more

Mens hockey Mason Jobst named firstteam four other Buckeyes receive B1G honors

OSU sophomore forward Mason Jobst (26) tries to get past Michigan State redshirt freshman defender Jerad Rosburg (57) in a game on March 3 at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. Credit: Kevin Stankiewicz | Lantern photographerFive members of the 13th-ranked Ohio State men’s hockey team received Big Ten honors on Monday.Sophomore forward Mason Jobst was named to the All-Big Ten first team and recognized as the conference’s scoring co-champion with Minnesota sophomore forward Tyler Sheehy, racking up 34 points in conference play. Sheehy won Big Ten Player of the Year.Jobst had 13 goals and 21 assists in league play, and collected 51 points on 18 goals and 33 assists in the regular season.A trio of seniors were named to the All-Big Ten second team — goaltender Christian Frey, defenseman Josh Healey and forward captain Nick Schilkey.Sophomore forward Dakota Joshua was an honorable mention selection, scoring a career-high 11 goals and 22 assists, including nine goals and 11 assists coming in Big Ten play.On Saturday at Wisconsin, Jobst scored a goal and had an assist to surpass the 50-point barrier for the first time since R.J. Umberger had 53 points in 2003.Jobst ranks ninth in the NCAA in points per game (1.42), but leads the nation in the category since the start of the second half of the year (1.67).Following first-team honors in 2016, Healey earned his way onto the second-team all-conference with 24 points on four goals and 20 assists. His plus-18 rating is third among blue-liners in the conference and ranks eighth nationally at his position.Schilkey was the do-it-all player for the Buckeyes in the regular season. The senior from Marysville, Michigan, led the Big Ten with 26 goals and ranks second in the NCAA with .81 goals per game. The 26 goals are the highest single-season total for one player in the program since 1997. He had 39 points in the regular season, 18 of which came against Big Ten opponents.Frey ended the season with a .916 save percentage in conference games and a .910 save percentage in the regular season. Frey was injured for part of the season, and shared playing time with fellow senior goaltender Matt Tomkins. Frey was 9-7-3 with one shutout this season.Senior goaltender Logan Davis received one of six Big Ten sportsmanship awards.OSU plays in the Big Ten quarterfinals against Michigan State in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. read more

Golden Jags clash with Haiti today in intl friendly

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGolden Jaguars go down to Haiti in final warm-up match; off to Minnesota for Gold Cup debutJune 12, 2019In “latest news”Golden Jaguars to clash with Bermuda in int’l friendly on Thursday …focused on making an impression ahead of Gold Cup debutJune 5, 2019In “latest news”Lady Jags encamped in Canada – ahead of CONCACAF Olympic Qualifiers in FebruaryJanuary 4, 2016In “latest news” The Golden Jaguars’ Goal Keepers’ Session being conducted at the first practice in Costa RicaA week ahead of their CONCACAF Gold Cup debut, Guyana’s senior football team, the ‘Golden Jaguars’, have arrived in Costa Rica to play their second and final friendly international match – which is intended to fine-tune their preparations ahead of their historic appearance at the CONCACAF Gold Cup in the USA next Tuesday.Led by Head Coach Michael Johnson and his Technical staff, the Golden Jaguars commenced an important period of encampment, designed to ensure the team is properly prepared and peaking in time for its ‘Group D’ matches against the USA, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago.Team bonding has been getting better by the minute, and following their first match against Bermuda, on Thursday last in Bermuda, Team Guyana made a long journey to Costa Rica, arriving in the wee hours of Sunday.The first training session was held on Sunday afternoon at the CAR Turrucares Playfield in San Jose.Johnson informed that despite just getting a few hours’ rest, everyone is fit and well, and the session was satisfactory. “We had to do something today. We knew the lads were tired, but we knew we had to do something, bearing in mind that we have a game in 48 hours. So yes, it was a long journey; but we got some good work in, a bit on how we want to play defensively without the ball. So it was a good session, all in all. Players have enjoyed it, and now we are looking forward to the other training sessions,” Johnson detailed.Touching a bit on team bonding, Johnson said it is getting better as the days go by.“I think the most important thing we see in camp is the unity. I’m not with all this local-based and international-based; what I’ve seen over the last week coming together is a unified group, a group that interacts well no matter where they’re from. We all pull on the same shirt to play for one common cause, and that’s for Guyana,” he declared.The friendly is expected to kickoff at 12:00hrs or 10:00hrs, Costa Rica time. read more

Excop nabbed with 202 lbs ganja during raid

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedDuo busted with ganja in separate operationsDecember 12, 2018In “Crime”Logger remanded for ganja possessionMarch 12, 2019In “Court”3 nabbed with large quantity of ganja on West SideFebruary 1, 2019In “Crime” An ex-Police Detective was on Tuesday nabbed with a large quantity of cannabis during an operation by the Custom Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) in Berbice.Khushyal Grant, 28, of No. 2 Village, East Canje Berbice was arrested after he was found with 94.3 kilograms (207 lbs) of ganja in his possession.  In addition, Kerry Charles Grimmond, 34, of Nickalay Street New Amsterdam, Berbice was found to be in possession of 140 grams.Both men were arrested and are expected to be charged with the possession of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.Following the successful operation in the ancient county, CANU says it will continue to tighten its grip on Narcotic distributors throughout the Country. read more

Resign now – Irfaan Ali tells Govt

Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Irfaan Ali is demanding that the coalition government resign now and announce a date for elections, in keeping with the Guyana Constitution.“The PPP and our supporters have been patient,” Ali told reporters during a massive protest outside of the Ministry of the Presidency.Scores of persons braved the heavy showers to picket the government, in an effort to get the APNU/AFC officials to respect the Guyana Constitution and the Caribbean Court of Justice ruling.“Guyanese are willing to come out in their numbers to fight for the (respect) Constitution,” Ali stated.“The CCJ has made it clear that the no-confidence motion was validly passed and the provisions of the Constitution must kick in,” he demanded.These provisions stipulate that upon the passage of the motion, the government must resign and announce a date for elections within three months. But instead of doing that, the government mounted a legal challenge which allowed them to stay in office for more than six months.But the court battle is over and the PPP is demanding that the Government respect the court’s decision.“We allowed the court process to conclude and now that has concluded, the government must now respect the ruling of the court,” Ali contended. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedLETTER: President Granger must share responsibility if there is a constitutional crisisFebruary 6, 2019In “latest news”Pres. Granger must name a date for elections now – PPP/C protestsAugust 13, 2019In “latest news””We want elections now” – PPP protestsJuly 5, 2019In “latest news” read more

Argex Titanium and Chinas ECEC sign engineering agreement

first_imgArgex Titanium says it has signed a long term strategic cooperation agreement with East China Engineering Science and Technology Co, located in Hefei, China, to provide access to engineering skills to address the rapidly expanding Chinese demand for titanium dioxide (TiO2).ECEC is, according to Argex, one of the largest engineering procurement and construction (EPC) companies in China and has built over 2,000 plants across a range of chemical products. “It also specialises in bringing new innovation to market with its strong and very large engineering capabilities,” Argex said.ECEC has built more than 30 TiO2 plants in China over the past decades and is an expert in the construction of commercial technology for the manufacture of TiO2, according to the Toronto-listed company. It has also built paint production plants in China for one of the world largest paint manufacturer from Japan, it said.“ECEC has reviewed numerous novel TiO2 production technologies and, after studying Argex, has concluded that it is now at the stage of full commercial deployment at a large scale,” Argex said.Argex, meanwhile, intends to become a low-cost producer of TiO2 and other valuable by-products through an advanced proprietary chemical process. High-grade purity TiO2 will be produced at its facilities, serving major markets in North America and abroad, it says.The agreement terms include a 15-year time commitment, a division of responsibility between Argex and ECEC, and a commitment to use Argex technology in China as well as other countries in which ECEC is active.“The partners will offer EPC services to clients wishing to expand existing facilities or to construct ‘greenfield’ new plants,” Argex said. ECEC will provide marketing services in China and in other Asia countries, in addition to providing the basic engineering design based on the ore selection of a specific client. ECEC will, meanwhile, provide detail engineering and EPC contract bidding.“The partnership with ECEC also brings ECEC’s long standing, project financing relationships with both domestic and international financial institutions,” Argex said. “ECEC sees in Argex the right partner, both, to transform the domestic TiO2 production capacity in China into environmentally-friendly and lower-cost production and also a technology partner to allow it to expand rapidly into various international markets. ECEC has built various plants across different countries in offering a full spectrum solution, bringing EPC services and financing as one full package.”ECEC will immediately start work on three projects in parallel, the design and bidding for Argex technology centre in Quebec (pictured), Canada; a 25,000 t/y plant in China and a project in Vietnam.“This represents an immediate financial benefit to Argex as ECEC will work on detailed engineering for all three projects in parallel, thanks to their strong and vast expertise and workforce,” Argex said.ECEC will introduce Argex to TiO2 manufacturers in China which will become licensees for the Argex technology, according to the company.Mazen Alnaimi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Argex, said: “We are very happy to have formed this long-term partnership for the commercial application of our technology. ECEC is a very qualified and respected contractor with tremendous experience in the construction of TiO2 plants in China.“The growth potential in the country for TiO2 projects is very exciting and we know the Chinese government is regulating legacy technology out of existence, leading to many revamps or replacements of existing facilities.“We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with ECEC for years into the future and combined success in establishing the Argex technology as the preferred method of expansion in the Chinese market and throughout Asia.”last_img read more

CEMI deal with Gupex to commercialise heatexchanger tech in underground mining

first_imgCEMI has entered into a commercialisation services engagement with Norway based Gupex, to commercialise a game-changing heat-exchanger technology in Canada. CEMI believes that Gupex’s solution is a step-change in the area of greening the process whereby mining companies use propane to heat the winter air for underground mines.Ventilation exhaust air from the mines is both warm and humid and therefore full of energy. This energy up until now has been released into the environment as waste. Gupex has a cost-effective patented method of recovering heat from this exhaust air and preheating the fresh ventilation air to the mine shaft. “This results in -45% reduction in CO2 related pollution and the system offers an attractive pay-back on capital investment. With a lifetime of over +50 years, the Gupex solution promises reduced environmental impact, savings in propane and electricity consumption.”last_img read more

Vesconite water flingers seal the deal for mining pump manufacturer

first_imgVesconite Bearings has come to the rescue of a southern Africa pump manufacturer looking to improve the performance of horizontal centrifugal pumps operating in mines across the continent.The company has now received its order for Vesconite low-swell hard-wearing water-flinger polymer bearings for four of its pump sizes.Vesconite Bearings said the manufacturer found its horizontal centrifugal pumps, as a result of high pressure, had a problem of water escaping from the gland packing – the material that should form a watertight seal around the shaft.This resulted in dirty water being sprayed on to the non-drive-end bearing assembly and, in turn, seizure, failure, and a high maintenance and down-time cost to replace the bearing assembly.“The manufacturer designed a water flinger (deflector) solution that would attach to the release collar on the shaft,”  Vesconite Bearings Technical Sales Consultant, Phillip de Villiers, said.“This would mean that excess water from the gland packing would be deflected with the rotation of the shaft.”However, the initial solution employed a phenolic laminated material, which was found to absorb water and delaminate.To eliminate these problems, the company called on de Villiers, who suggested Vesconite as an alternative material that would not swell or delaminate and had the added advantage of being suitable in dirty environments because of its excellent wear-resistant properties.“Samples were produced and tested and, proving successful, the manufacturer ordered water flingers of various designs for its different pump sizes,” de Villiers said. “The whole process from sample production to first order took three months.”The pump manufacturer intends to use Vesconite water flingers in all of its pumps, which are used in a variety of applications, according to Vesconite Bearings.It is active in a multitude of African countries, including South Africa, Zimbabwe and the DRC, in which some of the first Vesconite water flingers will be installed in a dewatering pump in a mine, Vesconite Bearings says.last_img read more

Rostov Don The first qualified for the DELO Womens EHF Final 4

← Previous Story EHF EURO 2020 Qual. Round 4 starts in Germany Next Story → Győri Audi ETO KC are in for title defense in Budapest The Russian champions have secured their second consecutive participation on the Delo Women’s EHF Final 4 after defeating FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria by 33-22 on the second leg of the quarter finals. The first leg had finished with a +3 (26-29) on Hungarian soil.Before the beginning of the match, the side conducted by Ambros Martin had the goal and the home advantage, however, they struggled against a Hungarian side that looked determined to turn things around. A good performance from Anna Sedoykina under the posts and Lois Abbingh on the attack, took them from a very tight 7-7 to a rather comfortable 15-9 by halftime, with the last goal being score by Anna Vyakhireva, who was making her first appearance on the Champions League after her elbow surgery in February.On the second half, the difference was simply stretched. Efforts by youngster Noémi Háfra, who finished as the best player from FTC and scored a total of 7 goals, were not enough to lift her team. The team commanded by Gábor Elek was finding the right chances against the Russian goal, but were not very effective with the shooting.In the end, the difference was a bulky 33-22 in favor of Rostov Don, who finished the series with a global result of 62-48 and will be back in the Delo Women’s EHF Final 4 after last year’s participation. While the Russian team will be making their second appearance, it will be the fourth consecutive for Ambros Martin, and the fifth in a total of 6 editions so far. Ambros MartinAnna VyakhirevaDELO Women’s EHF Final 4FTCNoémi HáfraRostov Don read more

VIDEO THW Kiel players mad at referees after final whistle in Magdeburg

THW Kiel have lost the first derby match of the season in Magdeburg. The domestic team won the fourth match in a row against “Zebras” 32:31 after interesting last two  minutes.THW Kiel players weren’t satisfied with the last decision of referees to whistle foul on Musche four seconds before the end.Take a look and judge… ← Previous Story Message for Nora – You should stop 🙁 Next Story → Telekom Veszprem keep memory on our colleague Jozsef Simon THW Kiel

Woman arrested in connection with Drogheda fire

first_imgTHREE MEN ARRESTED in connection with a fire that left a woman in her 70s with serious injuries have been released without charge.However, gardaí have this evening arrested a fourth person, a woman in her 20s. The 26-year-old was arrested this evening and is being detained at Drogheda Garda station under the provisions of section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984.At around 1am yesterday morning , gardaí and emergency services were called to a house fire at Cord Road, Drogheda.It’s understood the woman was asleep in the house when the fire broke out. A man entered the house and managed to take the woman to safety.The fire was brought under control and both the male and female were taken from the scene by Ambulance to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.Read: Three men arrested in connection with suspected Drogheda arsonlast_img read more

Geek Plays Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

first_img Geek Plays: Call of Duty Black Ops IIIIGeek Plays: Nintendo Switch Online NES Games Stay on target Have you ever thought to yourself, “I sure do love reading Geek.com’s thoughts on the latest video games but is there a way I could watch them play the latest video games?” Well you’re in luck!Every Friday afternoon the charming folks here at Geek.com stream ourselves playing the newest and coolest video games live for your enjoyment, fielding audience questions and making bad jokes. You should tune in live, but if you can’t, you can now enjoy this handy archived version.This week, we’re taking the surprise PC re-release of Star Wars Episode 1: Racer out for a spin (that’s a good trick) and unboxing some hot new Star Wars merchandise.Subscribe and watch Geek.com’s live Let’s Plays every Friday at 3PM EST over on Facebook and Twitch.TV!Purchase Star Wars Episode 1: RacerLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Fatal crash temporarily closes I75 southbound north of Turnpike

first_imgNORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A fatal crash involving two vehicles on Interstate 75, just north of the Florida Turnpike, shutdown the southbound lanes of the highway for some time.At least one person was declared dead on the scene, Thursday, at around noon.An adult male victim had to be airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center.The highway fully reopened just before the the afternoon commute began but the highway was left extra backed up.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Municipal Election Results To Be Certified On Tuesday

first_imgThe canvass board will count absentee, questioned and mail-in ballots leading up to October 9. Any ballot sent through the mail that’s postmarked on or before October 2 and received prior the certification of the results will be counted. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The official results from the Regular Municipal Election are expected to be finalized next Tuesday, October 9. Unofficial results from the election can be found on the Kenai Peninsula Borough website.center_img According to the Kenai city clerk the city’s three precincts had 125 absentee ballots left for the borough to count. Soldotna city clerk reported 61 absentee ballots, with one questioned ballot.last_img read more

Last chance to get 3 months of Mint Mobile service for 20

first_img Phones Share your voice The Cheapskate Super Bowl 2019 12 awesome cheap phones you can buy right now Mint’s deal is pretty excellent if you’re looking to test-drive a new carrier. Mint Mobile Chunky-style milk, anyone?In case you missed it, that was the cornerstone of Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl ad earlier this month — arguably one of the few entertaining things about that horrifically dull game.Me, I’ll stick with almond milk, thank you very much. But Mint’s latest trial offer — which ends tonight, Feb. 28, at midnight — is pretty darn good: Three months of service for $20. That’s $20 all-in, by the way, not $20 per month. See it at Mint MobileIf that sounds familiar, well, the low-cost-if-you-prepay carrier has been running a similar deal for the last couple months. But the difference here is that you get a bigger chunk of 4G LTE (aka high-speed) data: 8GB per month, a substantial jump from the previous 5GB.After that, you can continue with this 8GB plan for three, six or 12 months, paying a total of $105, $150 or $240, respectively. Mint also has 3GB and 12GB prepaid plans. Assuming you can afford these upfront options, these are some of the lowest prices around. To use Mint, you need an unlocked phone that supports GSM carrier bands. Ostensibly, that’s AT&T and T-Mobile, but many newer phones, such as the 2018 iPhone models, should work even if they were originally sold on Sprint and Verizon plans. Although I haven’t used the service myself, I’ve written about it many times, and I’d say the vast majority of readers have been extremely happy with it. (Your mileage may vary, of course.)Oh, and speaking of which: Mint uses the T-Mobile network. So if that offers good coverage in your area, so will Mint — but if it doesn’t, then you’ll probably want to look at other options.I know that many of you are still with one of the Big Four carriers — and almost certainly paying much higher rates. I’m not saying Mint should be your new provider, merely that for $20, you get a full three months to test the waters.Your thoughts? Comments 14 Photoscenter_img Originally published on Feb. 4, 2019.Update, Feb. 28: Added deal-expiration information.CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter! 11 Tags Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. T-Mobilelast_img read more

Anchorage elections results favor Berkowitz utility sale Prop 1 failure

first_imgCorrection: an earlier version of this story misstated Berkowitz’s advantage over Logan was 12 percentage points. Ethan Berkowitz entering the Dena’ina center after the 2018 election (Alaska Public Media – Zachariah Hughes)The majority of votes cast in Anchorage’s municipal election have been tallied. And while some races remain too close to call, a clear picture emerged Tuesday night on most of the candidates and measures.Listen nowIncumbent mayor Ethan Berkowitz [BERK-uh-wits] has a sizable lead over his main challenger. A major utility sale drew huge support. And a controversial measure on bathrooms looks likely to be rejected, although by a narrow margin.As the city implements its first vote-by-mail system, only about two-thirds of the total votes cast were tabulated Tuesday night, with more returns expected Wednesday evening.In the mayoral race, Berkowitz leads by about 22 percentage points – a wide margin. Still, he wasn’t yet ready to celebrate.“We’re waiting to see,” Berkowitz said Tuesday night in the Dena’ina Center. “There’s still a lot of votes out there to be counted. We feel good about where we are, but I want all the votes to be counted.”Berkowitz says his probable second term will be a continuation of policies he’s pursued the last three years. His administration has enjoyed an amiable relationship with the city’s 11-member assembly, which has leaned gradually more to the left from when Berkowitz first came into office.At her headquarters on election night, challenger Rebecca Logan was also not ready to declare the race over.“Without seeing precinct data and knowing what’s still out there to come in, it’s hard to really have an opinion,” Logan said after the early results had come in.Logan ran a campaign focused on crime and the economy, taking a more conservative approach than her opponent.While the clerk’s office estimates there are more than 26,000 ballots left to be counted, by Wednesday even conservative allies of Logan said it would be unlikely for those outstanding votes to change the preliminary results.Residents overwhelmingly approved the sale of city run electric utility Municipal Light and Power to Chugach Electric Association by a margin of two to one, green-lighting officials to begin negotiating final terms of the deal. Voters also opted for all seven bonds on the ballot from public school maintenance projects to park and road improvements.In school board races, Deena Mitchell and Elisa Snelling have commanding leads, with the contest between Alisha Hilde and Tasha Hotch still too close to call, separated by just a few hundred votes.Mitchell, a first-time candidate who has been an advocate for public education with the group Great Alaska Schools, plans to use her position to ensure programming is protected in Anchorage schools, even as funds diminish.“We also need to make sure that our students who are under-achieving are lifted,” Mitchell said Tuesday night. “With the flat funding that we’re seeing, it’s going to be challenging to make sure every dollar works as hard as it can.”Proposition 1, an effort led by a conservative faith-based advocacy group to regulate bathrooms by a person’s biological sex at birth rather than self-identified gender appears to be failing. However, with a difference of 3,884 votes, or around eight percent of ballots cast, the early results are too close to be definitive.According to campaign disclosures filed with the state, the campaign against Prop 1 attracted $826,364 worth of contributions, much of it from advocacy groups outside of Alaska who say the measure would discriminate against transgender residents. Locally, a coalition of groups called Fair Anchorage spent more than a year organizing to defeat the proposition.“I was surprised by the results, and continue to be surprised by how Anchorage voters have stepped up and denied discrimination from coming back into Anchorage, and hope that the results will hold,” said Kati Ward, campaign manager for Fair Anchorage.Voter turn-out is on track to break a new record, with the Clerk’s office forecasting more than 76,000 ballots ultimately returned, or around 35 percent of the city’s electorate. Increasing participation was one of the major reasons the city switched to a mail-based system.last_img read more

Another Boeing added to Biman fleet

first_imgboingA Boeing 737-800 aircraft was added to the fleet of Biman Bangladesh Airlines on Thursday.The aircraft, brought on lease from Kuwait’s Alfaco arrived at Dhaka airport around 3:25am, said Biman General Manager (Public Relations) Shakil Meraj.With the latest addition, the number of aircraft in Biman fleet reached 16.Next month, a sixth Boeing 737-800 aircraft is scheduled to be added to Biman fleet while two Boeing Dreamliner 787 will be added in July and September.Currently, Biman operates on 16 international and domestic routes. It carried 26 lakh passengers it the last fiscal year.last_img read more

Delays expected on three main roads as repainting work begins

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailWork has started to repaint road markings on three busy roads. The work on Dividy Road, Werrington Road and Bucknall Road started on yesterday and will take approximately two weeks to complete. Stoke-on-Trent City Council, which is carrying out the work, said there would be a mixture of day and night work with the use of temporary signals. Work carried out in the day will be done between 9.30am and 3pm to minimise disruption to motorists. Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you. If you have a story, get in touch with our Newsdesk on 01782 864 120. Follow us on Twitter @SentinelStaffs – the official Sentinel account – real news in real time. Read MoreRSPCA launches investigation after footage of man hurling sheep into Eccleshall field goes viral We’re also on www.facebook.com/sentinelstaffs – your must-see news, features, videos and pictures throughout Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire & South Cheshire.last_img read more