Morocco Had Been Tracking Terrorist for “Months” Before His Arrest on Tuesday

By Zainab CalcuttawalaRabat – Morocco’s intelligence services had been tracking Hamid Abderrahman for months before they arrested him in the northern city of Nador on Tuesday, according to Akhbar Al Yaoum.According to a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, Spanish forces arrested the remaining three terrorists in the four-member cell that same day in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in northern Morocco. The four suspects are believed to have played a major role in the recruitment of young North African Muslims for Al Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State.The cell was originally recruiting for the Al-Nusra Front, a subsidiary of Al Qaeda in Syria. Abderrahman, the group’s 42-year old leader, changed his alliances and swore allegiance to ISIS as the terrorist organization gained prominence in the past couple of years.Spanish forces were also following Abderrahman for a long period, but he managed to stay out of their radar, a security official told Akhbar Al Yaoum.Abderrahman has had encounters with law enforcement in the past. U.S. forces incarcerated him IN Guantanamo Bay from 2002 to 2004 following a terrorism conviction. In 2006, he was arrested in Ceuta for the same reason, but was later released for lack of evidence.News of the cell’s dissolution came less than a week after Morocco announced the capture of another 10-member ISIS cell and the confiscation of its “safe house” in El Jadida filled with weapons and explosive substances.A source close to the investigation later told reporters last week that the group was planning attacks against, Morocco Mall in Rabat, the Moroccan Chérifien Office of Phosphates (OCP), as well as high-ranking civil and military personalities. read more

UN refugee agencys Morocco office reopens after sitin

A sit-in by Congolese refugees demanding financial assistance from the Rabat office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has ended peacefully, allowing the facility to re-open, a spokesperson for the agency said today.Late Thursday night, demonstrators were peacefully dispersed by Moroccan police, who were called in by UNHCR after negotiations failed to end the sit-in, Jennifer Pagonis told reporters today in Geneva, where the agency is headquartered.“The demonstration – preceded by a violent incident at our office – had led UNHCR to temporarily close its office, bringing to a halt all UNHCR’s protection and assistance activities for refugees in Morocco,” she said.The refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) had violently entered UNHCR’s office in Rabat on 18 May, injuring two security guards. “They then staged a sit-in in front of our office, claiming a right to regular monthly financial assistance from us for all refugees in Morocco, saying their insecure status as refugees did not allow them to live in dignified conditions,” said Ms. Pagonis.The agency maintained that it was ready to further develop its dialogue with the refugee community about their various concerns and help find better solutions to their plight as soon as the situation in front of the office returned to normal. “We also highlighted that the use of violence is unacceptable and that refugees – like other citizens – have to respect national law and order,” said Ms. Pagonis.Refugees in Morocco are living in precarious conditions as they are not formally recognized by the authorities and have no temporary residence permit, according to the agency. As a result, they have no formal access to the labour market or to basic services.UNHCR is helping refugees to get a better secured legal status and improve their socio-economic well being, emphasizing self-reliance. “A number of refugees are benefiting from vocational skills training, micro-projects and other income-generating activities,” Ms Pagonis said. “Refugee children can now be enrolled in public schools and access to medical care for refugees is ensured through organizations in the public health sector.”The agency has no budgetary means to provide individual financial assistance in an open-ended manner, she noted.UNHCR’s Rabat office has registered some 600 refugees and 1,000 asylum seekers, mainly from the DRC, Côte d’Ivoire, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Liberia. 25 May 2007A sit-in by Congolese refugees demanding financial assistance from the Rabat office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has ended peacefully, allowing the facility to re-open, a spokesperson for the agency said today. read more

Students of leading schools clash six hospitalised

The police said that several students were later arrested over the incident. (Colombo Gazette) A group of students of three leading schools in Colombo clashed today resulting in six students being admitted to hospital.The clash occurred in two separate incidents involving students of Ananda and Nalanda and D. S. Senanayake College.

Afghanistan UN envoy expresses concern over deteriorating security

Speaking to reporters in the capital Kabul, Jean Arnault, head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), cited a series of violent and sometimes deadly attacks in the past three weeks as evidence that the situation “has become more volatile.” Last night, three rocket-propelled grenades were fired at an electoral office close to Kabul. On Friday there was a similar attack in Kandahar in the country’s south. On 9 June, near Kunduz in the north, 11 Chinese construction workers and their local guard were killed after an ambush on their living compound.”We are now facing direct attacks with fairly heavy weapons against the office of the electoral process,” he said. “This is clearly an attempt at undermining the process and again it stresses how important it is for the international community to do more in order to assist this process.”National presidential and parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in September. Voter registration is currently taking place across the country.As the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization prepare to gather in the coming days in Istanbul, where they are slated to take a decision on further troop deployment in Afghanistan, Mr. Arnault urged the alliance to consider the country’s pressing security concerns during the electoral process.He also reminded NATO of the need to continue helping former fighters in Afghanistan to rejoin society.On the positive side, Mr. Arnault said that the quickening pace of voter registration in recent weeks indicates that Afghans strongly desire political participation, despite the threats from extremists.Over 4.1 million Afghans – about a third of them women – have now registered, with daily figures topping 101,000 twice last week. Afghan authorities estimate there are 9.5 million potential eligible voters.Mr. Arnault said the fast pace “confirms that an electoral process is something that is meaningful to the overwhelming majority of the people.” read more

21YO charged for robbing shooting Kristian Jeffery

A 21-year-old resident of Alberttown, Georgetown was today charged for the shooting and robbing of motor racer, Kristian Jeffery who was attacked by a group of armed men after the Buju Banton concert in May.Shamar Charles appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court where he was slapped with three armed robbery charges.Among those was the incident involving the motor racer.The first charge stated that on July 10, 2019 at Lombard Street, Georgetown, while being in company of another and armed with a gun, he robbed Tessa Griffith of a phone valued $135,000, a gold band valued $100,000 and a gold chain valued $300,000.It was further alleged that on May 26, 2019 at Agricola, Public Road, East Bank Demerara, while being armed with a gun, he robbed Jermaine Inniss of a gold chain valued $440,000.The last charge stated that on May 26, 2019 at Agricola Public Road, East Bank Demerara, while being in the company of another and armed with a gun, he robbed Kristian Jeffrey of chain valued $400,000, one wallet valued $10,000 and $15,000 cash.Charles pleaded not guilty to all the charges. He was remanded to prison until July 31.In the matter involving the motor racing champion, Jeffery lost part of his ear after he was shot by the suspect.It was reported that the racer was in company of his friend Jermaine Inniss after leaving the Buju Banton show at the National Stadium in Providence, EBD, when they were held at gunpoint by the perpetrator and relieved of their valuables. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedWanted man remanded on armed robbery chargesJanuary 11, 2019In “Court”East La Penitence man remanded on attempted murder, armed robbery chargesDecember 19, 2014In “Crime”Handyman remanded for several armed robberiesJune 26, 2019In “Court” read more

CJ rules that persons cannot be deregistered

The scene outside the courtroom before the ruling was handed down.Chief Justice (ag) Roxanne George has dismissed all the declarations and conservatory orders sought by Christopher Ram in his application challenging the constitutionality of the house-to-house registration and compelling GECOM and others to hold elections by September 18, 2019.In her ruling, she concluded that the house-to-house exercise being conducted is not unlawful or unconstitutional.However, she did note that it is unconstitutional for qualified persons to be removed from the National Register of Registrants if they are not in the jurisdiction or is otherwise not at their residence during the registration exercise.Further, the Chief Justice also threw out the two applications filed within the consolidated cases on house to house registration. These are the application of the court’s biasness in the matter and the application for challenging retaining SC Stanley Marcus to represent GECOM in these matters. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedNo decision yet on elections – GECOMAugust 15, 2019In “latest news””We are vindicated” – Jagdeo says on H2H registration rulingAugust 14, 2019In “latest news”Jagdeo says Coalition Govt illegal since March 21stAugust 16, 2019In “latest news” read more

Marthinusen Coutts speeds up generator overhaul for South32 manganese plant

first_imgMarthinusen & Coutts, a division of ACTOM, says it has successfully completed a major overhaul on a 70 MVA generator set at South32’s Metalloys manganese plant, in South Africa, within six weeks.The company, which worked in collaboration with business unit ACTOM Turbo Machines, was contracted by South32 to take full responsibility for the entire drive train refurbishment, it said.According to Mike Chamberlain, Marthinusen & Coutts’ Marketing Executive, this achievement showcased the capacity of the divisions to take full control of large mechanical and electrical refurbishments. Chamberlain highlighted that the customer did not want to split the responsibility for the complete generator and turbine drive train between separate contractors.“Marthinusen & Coutts and ACTOM Turbo Machines’ capabilities enable us to control the entire process, offering peace of mind to customers, coupled with optimised cost efficiencies,” Chamberlain said. “This also reduces customers’ risk and managerial effort in dealing with multiple suppliers.”The scope included a complete inspection of the turbine rotor and internal components, as well as runout and dimensional inspection on the rotor. Inspections incorporated glass bead blasting and non-destructive testing of many components.High-speed balancing of the 13 t rotor was conducted, and turbine rotor journals were repaired, according to the company. White metal bearings were relined, and the thrust bearing was modified to improve fitment in the bearing casing. Additionally, positive material identification tests were conducted on all the studs, nuts and shaft seals. A complete 3D scan was done of the centreline to allow reverse engineering drawings.At is repair facility in Cleveland, Johannesburg, Marthinusen & Coutts also performed a number of inspections, tests and repairs on the rotor. Dimensional inspections and electrical tests were conducted, as well as non-destructive testing such as the phase array test. Slip rings were ground, the diode wheel was inspected, and the diodes were tested.ACTOM Turbo Machines inspected and refurbished the auxiliary mechanical equipment. This included lubrication and control oil systems, pumps, coolers, and white metal bearings on ID and FD fans. ACTOM Turbo Machines Project Manager, Hannes de Jager, noted that an overhaul of this magnitude and scope would usually take over two months.“The excellent working relationship we had with Metalloys’ technical staff, and the cooperation we got from them, certainly contributed to completing the work as quickly as we did,” de Jager said.Starting the inspections, tests and repairs in July 2018, the team completed the overhaul by mid-August.last_img read more

Cologne to stay home of EHF CL Final4 until 2024

Colognelanxess arena Cologne has once again confirmed its status as the home of top-class international club handball.In a new deal signed by the European Handball Federation and EHF Marketing GmbH, organiser of the VELUX EHF FINAL4, with the City of Cologne, LANXESS arena and federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia it has been confirmed that the event will return for a further four events, starting in the 2020/21 season.Established in 2010, the VELUX EHF FINAL4 has developed to become the biggest and most successful indoor sports event on the indoor sports market. The current contract with Cologne runs through to the 2020 event.Its unique blend of top-class sports action and spectacular entertainment has made the two-day mega event a must-see meeting place for everybody connected to the sport.This season the event will also celebrate a major milestone with the tenth edition to be played on 1/2 June 2019.From the start of the 2020/21 season, the EHF and EHF Marketing will begin a new partnership with Infront and DAZN, which is set to transform the sport.And, as the federation’s flagship club event, the FINAL4 will continue to serve as the sport’s showcase event and culmination of the European club season.Source: EHF ← Previous Story VIDEO: Don’t mess with Trefilov Next Story → Dutch girls smashed by Norway – It will be exciting in Nancy read more

FC Barcelona avoid defeat in Logrono – Who will be No2 in

7.Huesca231148596:58826 16.Alcobendas243021575:7466 9.Benidorm239311589:62721 15.Teucro234118604:7259 1.Barcelona242310919:58047 4.La Rioja241365709:64932 11.Atl. Valladolid239212645:67720 FC Barcelona Lassa celebrated the new title in ASOBAL, so the first question of Spanish handball becoming who will be the No.2 which will play at VELUX EHF Champions League.La Rioja had a chance to beat Barcelona 28:28, but team from Logrono missed the last shot for a victory.28- Logroño La RiojaSergey Hernández; Sánchez Migallón, Ilic (7), Kusan, Kukic (3), Del Arco, Garciandia (4), Balenciaga (4), Muñoz (7,3p), Fekete, Moreira (1).28 – Barcelona LassaMöller (Pérez de Vargas); R. Enterríos (2), Aleix Gómez (1p), Thiagus Petrus (1), Menn (5), Nemanja Ilic (3), Fabregas (4); Sorhaindo (1), Andersson, Ariño (1), N’Guessan (4), Dolenec (1), Palmarsson (3), Diocou (1) , Syprzak (1)Four teams are in the race for No.2 -Bidasoa, Ademar Leon, La Rioja and Granollers.STANDING: 5.Granollers241527648:59232 ← Previous Story Paula Ungureanu to leave CSM Bucharest Next Story → Dragana Cvijic will play even injured: I will try to help against Metz, but surgery is must 10.Anaitasuna239212607:61620 ASOBAL 12.Quabit Guadalajara238213640:65218 13.Puente Genil236314580:63515 14.Morrazo Cangas235315541:62513 8.BM Sinfin239410590:64322 3.Ademar241527651:59132 6.Cuenca241257654:64829 2.CD Bidasoa Irun231526590:54432 read more

VIDEO Norge junior buzzer beater for quarterfinal against Egypt

← Previous Story Sodal Per Morten invented “eye threat” in handball – Rojevic sent off…. Next Story → HOST TEAM IS OUT: France beat Spain for quarter-final against Denmark Norwegian junior national team came to the 1/4 final of the World Championship 2019 in Spain.The Scandinavian young guns born 1998 and younger came into the position to fight for the final weekend after buzzer-beater in clash with Brazil 29:28.Take a look on it. Juniori World Handball Championship 2019 The next Norwegian rivals will be Egyptians, who beat Serbian in the same way with Khadah goal five seconds before the final whistle.PHOTO: Stephane Pillaud, IHF read more

Frank Loke – The Special One

frank loke Do you remember FrAnk Loke? It is not enough to say just older brother of legendary Heidi Loke, Norwegian is much more than that. The 38-years old ex-handball player is famous for his inconvenient life and hobbies.He likes running, hiking, swimming, playing poker. The best line player of Men’s EHF EURO 2008 also has Mont Everest expedition experience.He made a lot of joy to his followers on Instagram, when he announced attendance at Bergen Marathon in Borat costume. He got enough likes to wear it and he ran 42km almost naked.Now, it looks that this costume is just an ordinary part of his collection as he was also in TV project “Dancing with the stars”…Take a look how preparing for triathlon looks like… Loke ended handball career in 2016. He played in Bundesliga for TUS Lubbecke, had a short episode with Zagreb, was in Amicitia Zurich… ← Previous Story Barca Lassa easily win ASOBAL Super Cup 2019 Next Story → Marko Vujin to Sporting CP read more

Construction might be slow but a flood of new orders means it

first_imgOverall activity increased sharply in July, with the rate of growth quickening to its fastest in three months. The July results marked the eleventh consecutive month of expansion among Irish construction firms – an important indication that a sustained recovery is taking hold.In particular, the rate of expansion in activity on residential projects was the sharpest in the history of the survey which began in June 2000.The growth in construction activity growth has led to better employment prospects in the the sector and an increase in the charges for sub-contractors according to Ulster Bank..Barry also argues that we will soon start to see the effect these increases in demand have on the construction sector.“The rate of growth of new orders picked up markedly to the strongest since November 2004, thus providing a solid basis for expecting that overall activity levels should continue to expand solidly in the months ahead.”Read: Dublin is facing a ‘significant housing shortage’ – ESRI >Read: Lack of affordable housing pushing up demand for emergency accommodation in Galway > THE LEVEL OF house construction remains at a very low level but new evidence suggests that the sectors is expected to grow in the near future.The Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index for July shows that the number of new orders is now at the highest level since November 2004.The index measures growth as any reading above 50 and recorded the level of construction activity at 62.6 in July, up from 59.9 in June. This is the biggest monthly rise since April.The July bump also now means that activity has risen in 11 consecutive months according to Ulster Bank’s chief economist Simon Barry:last_img read more

An evening with Lis Johnson sculptor of the George Treloar memorial

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram More than seventy supporters of Ballarat’s new memorial statue to post-WW1 refugee helper Major George Treloar Devine gathered at Yarraville’s Eleni’s Kitchen & Bar last week to celebrate another milestone.The highlight of the night was the presence of Lis Johnson, the renowned local Melbourne sculptor who is currently in the process of creating the memorial. Lis has created many sculptures and will be the first female sculptor to have her work erected in Ballarat’s Sturt Street.Amongst those present were members of the George Treloar Memorial Committee that has been working for the past four years to have this memorial erected in Treloar’s birthplace of Ballarat. Others came from across Melbourne’s Hellenic community, including representatives of Melbourne’s Pontian, Thracian and, Messinian and Cretan communities, as well as the Merimna of Pontian Ladies of Oceania. Ms Kate Garrison also attended, representing the City of Ballarat. The gathering was particularly honoured by the presence of Harry Hudson, Treloar’s great nephew.Lis said she was honoured to be chosen for this important project. She said that she was attracted to the project because of the nature of the memorial’s significance and George’s story. It was more than just another military memorial. This memorial combined the story of George’s exemplary military career but most importantly his incredible refugee work in northern Greece. The latter is symbolised in the figure of the little girl, with her belongings, being assisted by the figure of George.It was my pleasure to recount some of the key aspects of the George Treloar story – from his early days in Ballarat, to his travelling to England before the war, joining the British Army and being promoted and decorated for his service on the Western Front, his service in Russia and at Constantinople, where he was not only married but importantly was given responsibility for caring for the thousands of Russian refugees that had made their way there after the end of the Russian Civil War.READ MORE: Meet Lis Johnson, the artist of the George Devine Treloar memorial statueIt was here that George demonstrated his skills as an organiser and aid worker and it was no doubt due to this experience that he was given the post of League of Nations representative with responsibility for refugees in northern Greece. It was here that George assisted in the re-settlement of over 100,000 Christian refugees and earned himself the devotion of all he helped. He was awarded one of the highest civilian honours by the Hellenic government and the village of Trylorion was named after him. It was my pleasure – along with Lee Tarlamis OAM – to have visited this village a number of years ago and experienced the love of this community for George Trleoar and his work.Also in attendance were representatives of George Treloar’s old school in Ballarat, St Patrick’s College. Mr Allan McKinnon of St Patrick’s College said that George’s refugee story is an inspiring one and one that should be held up as an inspiration for others. We need more George Treloar’s today, he said. This year, to coincide with the erection of the Memorial, George Treloar will be inducted into the School’s Legends. A special lunch will be held at St Patrick’s College to celebrate the life of George Treloar on Saturday, 31 August. All are welcome. Tickets are available at President Litsa Athanasiadis spoke on behalf of the George Treloar Memorial Committee, stating how proud she was to have taken part in the project. She stressed how many of those present at the dinner were the descendent of those Christian refugees who were saved by George Treloar all those years ago. The memorial is our community’s way of returning, in a small but significant way, the great help that George extended to our ancestors in the years following the terrible Asia Minor catastrophe.READ MORE: Sculptor announced for George Treloar memorialShe informed the assembly that the new memorial will be erected in Ballarat’s Sturt Street on Sunday, 8th September 2019, with a major unveiling ceremony planned. This will include important Hellenic elements, signifying the Hellenic community’s debt to George Treloar. All are welcome and are encouraged to attend this important event.Amongst those present were Pan Thracian Association President Chris Vlasakis, Pontiaki Estia President Con Tseparailidis, Pontian Associations of Australia former president Roma Siachos, Sam Kalaidopoulos and Sakis Athanasiadis of the Marble Centre Exclusive, Madeleine Athanasiadis and Yiana Kalaidopoulos who are the directors of Lithostone Quarts Sevices, Lemnos-Gallipoli Commemorative Committee President Lee Tarlamis OAM, Paul Sougleris of the Pan Messinian Brotherhood Papaflessas and Tony Tsourdalakis of the Pan Cretan Association.The George Treloar Memorial Committee would like to thank Eleni’s kitchen for their generous donation and support of this important evening. All proceeds for the evening will go towards funding the George Treloar Memorial.Jim Claven is a historian, freelance writer and a member of the George Treloar Memorial Committee. He can be contacted at read more

Cage starts filming Jiu Jitsu – a test case for Cyprus

first_imgNicolas Cage is in Cyprus for the filming of Jiu Jitsu. He met with the press at Hilton Park in Nicosia for a press conference over the weekend.While guests shared their love of Cypriot culture and cuisine, Cage highlighted what drew him to the movie.“I’m eclectic,” he said. “And I like to do all kinds of movies and express myself in all sorts of ways and this was interesting for me.”There are hopes that the movie could just be the start of more to come.READ MORE: Nicolas Cage heads to Cyprus for filming of ‘Jiu Jitsu’ on 24 June“This motion picture is a test case,” said producer Martin Barab, speaking to journalists, adding that there are six more movies behind this one that will star actors of the calibre of Gerard Butler, Bruce Willis and Keanu Reeves.“These are $50 million movies,” he said, adding that it was the cash-rebate programme and other tax incentives that drew the production of Jiu Jitsu to Cyprus.Chris Economides warned that Hollywood producers are taking note. “People are watching us to see how this is going to fly,” he said.The production of Jiu Jitsu is expected to come to $US24.6 million and involves 160 crew members.READ MORE: Famous celebrities enjoying their Greek vaycay this summer Shots from the making of Jiu Jitsu: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Wellknown Greek Australian man arrested in Bali for drug possession

first_imgA well-known Greek Australian man rescued from his broken down boat in Indonesia has been charged with drug offences.Tony Haritos from Darwin was sailing around West Timor when his catamaran broke down twice near the Sabu Islands. The 63-year-old began to suffer severe back pain from a long-standing injury and collapsed. It wasn’t until several days later that a local fisherman spotted the boat and informed police.When Indonesian police came to Mr Haritos’ rescue, they took him to hospital on the island of Sumba. Three days later they requested a urine drug test be performed – the results came back positive for methamphetamines. Police then searched Mr Haritos’ boat where they allegedly found 0.06 grams of methamphetamines.Mr Haritos admitted to having bought the drugs in Bali over 12 months ago, said his lawyer Sienny Karmana, and had stored them in his cabin, which he later used to “self-medicate” for his back injury.“When he fell down in the boat he wanted to reduce the pain and then he used [the drugs] again,” Ms Karmana said.According to Indonesian law, methamphetamines are considered class 1 narcotics, and is a crime to own, keep and possess the drug. As a result, Mr Haritos faces a possible 12-year prison term.In the meantime police have granted Mr Haritos permission to move to a hospital in Bali, where he is awaiting MRI test results for a possible spinal injury.“The injury is quite bad,” Ms Karmana said.Mr Haritos reportedly signed a document acknowledging his arrest, and that he would face prosecution when his health improves.According to a report by The Age, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it is providing consular assistance. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Watch Family Finds Baby Alligator Cooling Off in Their Backyard Pool

first_imgStay on target Reptiles like to “beat the heat” in the strangest ways: On Saturday, a family came across a hilarious find when they spotted a baby alligator swimming in their backyard pool in Long Island, New York.Joe Baron, a Bayport resident, was checking on his pool filter around 7:30 a.m. EDT when he discovered the tiny animal relaxing in the water, The New York Post noted. Baron was completely caught off guard when he found the baby alligator, since it’s not native to the area.“I see a stick, and I look at the stick, and I’m like, ‘It’s attached to legs — and a head!’ I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s an alligator,’” Baron told The New York Post on Sunday. “At this point, I’m just stunned. A frog you get once in a blue moon, but an alligator, not in a million years.”Baron and his kids tried to trap the 10-inch reptile with a pool skimmer, however, it was wriggling around and hard to capture at first. Finally, they were able to net the creature and safely secure it inside an old fish tank.“The kids are coming up with all different names: Chomp Chomp, Titan, Rex — they couldn’t decide, that was a big conversation last night,” Baron explained. “Now we gotta call somebody and say, ‘Take him.’”Baron aims to get his brother-in-law, who works at the Center for Science Teaching and Learning in Rockville Centre, New York, to safely transport the alligator to a rehabilitation center or sanctuary.More on, Albino Alligator at SC Aquarium, Dies After Battling Infection ‘Chance the Snapper’ Alligator Is Captured in Chicago Park Lagoon Louisiana Officials Warn of Snakes, Alligators in Flood Waters Georgia Man Catches Gigantic 14-Foot AlligatorHunters Catch ‘Monster’ 13-Foot Alligator in Mississippi River last_img read more

Expect Smoke Pilot Cars Along The Sterling Highway

first_imgDue to the winds, trees continue to fall in and along the road creating hazardous driving conditions. The pilot car escorts will remain in place until the wind event stops even though fire activity is low at the moment. If you travel on the highway, please use caution and observe the direction of the pilot car drivers. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Winds were gusty Sunday along the Sterling Highway and are predicted to continue blowing through Monday. In many areas adjacent to the highway, the fire burned very hot resulting in trees weakened by fire damage.center_img Conditions are still dynamic and can change quickly. Delays can last from 45 minutes up to a several hours at times.last_img read more

Igiugig making slow progress on offsetting diesel consumption with renewable energy

first_imgIgiugig has two vertical axis wind turbines installed. Researchers hope to add more when they refine the design. (Photo by Avery Lill/ KDLG)Igiugig is looking to the forces of nature to tamp down the cost of running diesel generators to power the village of 69 people. Specifically, they are working on harnessing the winds that sweep the region and the swift flowing Kvichak River.Listen nowThe village is piloting two wind energy projects, horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines. Both projects have required design improvements to allow turbines to withstand high winds and harsh winter conditions. Further, the village is working with engineers to identify the source of frequency fluctuations on the village power grid, which disrupt the turbines’ operation. Though progress is slow, they have had some success.“We do have some turbines that are operating fairly well, and we do believe we have a good wind resource here,” village administrator, Karl Hill said. “We’re testing right now.”Horizontal axis wind turbines are the most common type of turbine, propeller-like blades attached to the top of a tall pole, similar to a windmill. Igiugig has installed six. Two are operating correctly, one at the village greenhouse and one at a residential home.Two vertical axis wind turbines sit on a small hill overlooking the Kvichak River. Their vertical blades spin as a fixed cylinder around a center pole like a spinning lampshade. Stanford and the University of Alaska Anchorage are collaborating on that project, utilizing a grant of about $2 million from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.The experimental design allows engineers to install a group of turbines in a small area.“The conventional industry standard was that you think of each of the wind turbines as an isolated unit, and it just tries to generate as much energy as it can without worrying about the consequences for the air around its neighbors,” John Dabiri said. He’s a professor at Stanford University, who is working on the Project.On that model, turbines must be spread far apart to create an efficient wind farm.“In many applications like this village, that’s not really an option,” Dabiri said. “This is pristine land, and you don’t want to dedicate your entire village to energy generation.”This winter, designers hope to test and improve the robustness of their design before installing more vertical axis turbines.Igiugig had high hopes for a RivGen run-of-the-river hydropower system. The Ocean Renewable Power Company worked for three summers on developing the floating device that they estimate could have offset half of their diesel consumption. The U.S. Department of Energy awarded them $392,500 in 2016 for testing and design improvements. The grant was competitive, and Igiugig applied for the next phase of funding this summer. However, they were not selected, so work on the hydroelectric project is stalled.“It’s a viable technology, and we think that it could still benefit our village,” Hill said. “The funding source did say that if further funding came down, they would definitely fund our project. The likelihood of that, to be realistic is fairly slim with the way budgets are these days.”Igiugig has not given up. Finding another source of funding for that project is a top priority in their continual effort to rely on alternative energyAn engineer was in the village last month to work on the electronics that undergird the wind energy projects. Robert Wills is the president of Intergrid, a power electronics consulting company. In addition to working on the wind energy systems, he has also been involved in the RivGen system. The way he sees it, running Igiugig on alternative energy is possible and cost effective in the long run.“To do what we really need to do for the village here, it has to involve battery storage,” Wills said. “It’ll involve the hydrokinetic turbine in the river and some wind turbines—maybe a vertical axis array and some maybe larger horizontal machines. If you add all that up, it’s probably more than a million [dollars]. But do you know how much they pay for fuel here a year? It’s about a quarter million.”That’s the primary driver for all these projects—fuel costs. Diesel has to be flown in. As the village continues to pay between $5.75 and $6.33 for every gallon of diesel, they are committed to finding another way to keep the lights on.last_img read more

JDI develops a 23 inch LCD display packed at 651ppi

first_img Citation: JDI develops a 2.3 inch LCD display packed at 651ppi (2012, June 6) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: … _view.html?id=227267 ( — Japan Display Inc. has created a small direct-view display that is packed with so many pixels that it features twice the resolution of the current iPhone 4 with its Retina display. And while the number of pixels is the same as what many believe the new MacBook Pro will have, the new display by JDI squeezes them into a much smaller screen, enabling the device to display lines without jagging, resulting in a display that is far sharper than anything else on the market. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The resolution format of the new screen is 1280 x 800 pixels, which means that each has to be incredibly tiny to fit on a 2.3 inch screen. While some may argue that the limit for what is discernible by the human eye has already been reached with the iPhone 4, JDI says that after conducting ergonomic visual tests with an unknown group of subjects, they have determined that people can see the difference and report that images appear clearer or are sharper to them than when viewing other high resolution displays and thus the company says the new technology should mark a new milestone in LCD electronic displays. They add that the image produced by the new display is comparable to film based photography equipment.To achieve this new level of clarity, the company used polysilicon TFTs as the driver elements when making the screens at low temperatures and in addition to smoothing out jagged edges, the company says that characters are sharper and that when people look at images on the screen, they experience sensations similar to when looking at objects directly in the real world with the naked eye.The announcement by JDI is likely to spur new sales of cell phones and likely tablet computers as well which some suggest might be the final nail in the coffin for the personal computer. Of course, the user community will have to wait for manufactures to get their hands on the new technology and incorporate it into new devices. JDI says it will be providing more information about their new screen as well as a demonstration of their new technology at the 2012 SID International Symposium, Seminar & Exhibition.center_img The worlds smallest 3D HD display Explore further © 2012 Phys.Orglast_img read more