Canadian film TV leaders to meet about industrys prevalent sexual harassment

first_imgTORONTO – Canadian film and TV leaders are acknowledging that sexual harassment has also been a “prevalent” part of the entertainment industry north of the border and have planned a meeting to discuss how to tackle it.In the wake of the flood of allegations against fallen Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, writer-director James Toback and others, the union representing Canadian actors, ACTRA, has had preliminary meetings with industry groups and is preparing for a broader meeting of stakeholders on Nov. 23 in Toronto.On the agenda: how they can work together to implement practical, concrete measures to tackle sexual misconduct in a way that also leads to cultural change.“Yes, it’s prevalent in our industry for both men and women, but it’s cultural as well,” said Theresa Tova, ACTRA national treasurer and ACTRA Toronto president, in a recent interview.“This is something that’s been going on forever and we need to change the culture. And I’m 150 per cent in support of making sure that the responsibility, the pressure, the weight of this abuse doesn’t land on the victims, (that) there are some processes industry-wide where we can all work together.”Tova said ACTRA doesn’t have numbers on how many cases of sexual harassment and assault have been reported in the Canadian film and TV industry. But in a statement on its website, the Directors Guild of Canada says: “the rot of harassment in film and television runs far deeper than one man and extends every bit as much into our country as any other.”ACTRA says the industry as a whole needs to figure out how to prevent, report and track cases of sexual misconduct, from pre-production to post-production. It also needs to create a safe space for victims to speak out without fear of retribution or harassment.Other groups that will be a part of the meeting include the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, which has “a zero-tolerance policy against abuse and sexual harassment” — but currently that’s only for its employees and board members.“We don’t have a code of conduct or similar for our membership and that is something that could be a part of how we respond to this,” said Beth Janson, the academy’s CEO, who will be at the meeting.Since the Weinstein scandal broke in early October, several stories of sexual harassment or assault have emerged from Canada’s entertainment scene, including allegations against Just For Laughs founder Gilbert Rozon and Quebec media personality Eric Salvail.Meanwhile, Canadian actresses including Erika Rosenbaum, Mia Kirshner and Sarah Polley have publicly shared stories about alleged encounters with Weinstein, while Rachel McAdams and Chantal Cousineau spoke out with allegations about Toback.Montreal-based TV and film writer/producer Leila Basen says she has experienced sexual harassment on the job since the very start of her career in the late 1970s.“When I began my career, it was just a pervasive, daily part of your work life,” said Basen, a co-writer of “Bon Cop Bad Cop,” a creative producer and writer for “Heartland,” and co-executive producer and writer for “Strange Empire.”“Nobody called it sexual harassment. Nobody had a framework to put it in. If you were young, ambitious with big dreams, you wiggled out of difficult situations. Tried not to repeat them. Compartmentalized the bad stuff, put your head down and kept going.”It was during her first job out of film school, as a production assistant in a newsroom, that “daily harassment had crossed the line into assault.”“I was standing on a table fixing a monitor and a sportscaster sticks his hand under my skirt. I was so shocked, I fell off the table and hurt myself,” Basen recalled.“I told my boss what happened. The sportscaster got a slap on the wrist. But for me, in the misogynistic culture of the newsroom, things got worse.”Then there was the startling first day she had working for a film company in the ’80s. She was sitting in a room with the executive producers when the secretary walked in.“She’s wearing a dress with the big zipper down the front and one of the producers takes his finger and pulled the zipper right down and the whole dress falls open,” said Basen.“She quit right then and there. What could she have done? Reported her boss? Her boss was the dude with his finger in the zipper, the one who thought it was all just a big joke. “Basen is encouraged by the #metoo movement, in which women are sharing stories of sexual harassment and assault on social media.But Canadian actress Lucy DeCoutere feels the conversations that are happening now are the same ones that took place around the 2016 sexual assault trial of former CBC star Jian Ghomeshi.“This isn’t new. It’s incredibly frustrating,” said DeCoutere, who was among the women who accused Ghomeshi of sexual assault. A judge acquitted him on all four charges of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.“The whole thing just is a reminder that women are assaulted by men and that men have nothing really tangible to say about how to fix it.“They keep saying this is a watershed moment but they said that about the Ghomeshi situation, which unfolded in the exact same way.”Polley, who detailed her experiences with sexual harassment in a widely read New York Times op-ed, is similarly fearful that the current wave of momentum may not lead to change.She spoke last week at an event for her TV series “Alias Grace” at the University of Toronto’s Innis College and said it’s “an astonishing moment as a woman in this industry to realize that we’re going to take women seriously about this.”But she added: “Moving forward as we enter into different police forces looking at charges, that’s when I start to wonder — are we all powerful enough to rally around these people, these people who have come forward, when we’re faced with a judicial system that hasn’t changed at all?”last_img read more

A Roof Overhead Long waiting list and many needs for housing in

first_imgCharlotte Morrit-JacobsAPTN National NewsIn communities across the Northwest Territories, the lack of affordable and accessible housing has left many residents looking for help.The problem is there are a lot of families in need of support, but not many homes available.On top of that, people in the Territory face some of the highest costs of living in the country.cmorrittjacobs@aptn.calast_img

Barrick Gold takes writedown on Peruvian mine beats expected adjusted earnings

first_imgTORONTO – Barrick Gold Corp. has reported a net loss of US$412 million for the third quarter, well below the US$99 million in net income expected by analysts, after taking a US$405 million impairment charge at a Peruvian mine.The Toronto-based company took the writedown at Lagunas Norte after results from a study on a type of ore treatment led it to shelving the treatment option.Adjusted net earnings for the quarter ending Sept. 30, however, amounted to US$89 million or eight cents per share, above the US$62.7 million or five cents per share expected by analysts, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.The company reported a net loss of US$11 million for the third quarter last year, and an adjusted net income of US$200 million.Third quarter revenue totalled US$1.84 billion, in line with analyst expectations, but down from the US$2 billion it pulled in for the same quarter last year.In September, the company announced a proposed C$7.9-billion takeover of Randgold Resources that would firmly return its status as the world’s largest gold mining company.Companies in this story: (TSX:ABX)last_img read more

FSJ for LNG hosting a Truck Rally ahead of next weekends event

first_imgThe rally will start with a vehicle convoy in cooperation with the Peace Region Truck Enthusiasts. Vehicles will cue behind the LNG or BUST bus at 9:45 a.m. The convoy will flag off at the frontage road near the UFA card lock at 10:00 and convoy along the Alaska Highway. The convoy will break up on the return to Fort St. John and proceed to the main rally area at around 10:45.More information about the rally can be found on the Vehicle Rally Facebook event page. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Officials with local grassroots organization Fort St. John for LNG will be hosting a truck rally ahead of next weekend’s rally in the Energetic City supporting the development of a liquified natural gas export industry in B.C.FSJ for LNG founder Alan Yu says that the rally is planned for April 21st, a day over two years since its last rally which saw then-Premier Christy Clark make an appearance. The rally will take place at the corner of 100th St. and 96th Ave., in the parking lot of the old Visitor Information Centre. Vivian Krause is set to deliver a keynote address at this year’s rally. Krause is a controversial Vancouver-based blogger and researcher who has received both praise and condemnation for her research into environmental charities in Canada, particularly their source of funding. In addition to hosting her Fair Questions blog, Krause also writes for The Financial Post.last_img read more

More talk than action on increasing caribou protection federal report

first_img“Additional efforts, including those noted in this report, are needed to reverse the loss of critical habitat and declines in boreal caribou populations.”The department is required under the Species At Risk Act to assess provincial and territorial efforts to assist the recovery of caribou populations.In April, Environment Canada found significant problems. In every province, agencies that issue permits for forestry or energy development aren’t required to conform to the federal Species At Risk Act.That earlier report also noted that little conservation is taking place on the ground. Measures in almost every case are still being planned or drafted.That situation continues. The new report lists dozens of ongoing negotiations, draft plans and provincial promises to restore caribou populations to sustainable levels, but there are few fully implemented protected areas.Planning is good, said Florence Daviet of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Action would be better. OTTAWA, O.N. – An Environment Canada report says that despite much talk on preserving caribou habitat, little progress has been made to close gaps in the protection of the threatened species.The agency says not much has changed since a coast-to-coast survey in April.“Despite the progress being made, the gaps in protection, as described in the first progress report, remain,” says the report issued Friday. “They were supposed to be doing this planning and talking since 2012,” she said. “They’ve had a lot of time to talk.”Barry Robinson, a lawyer with the group Ecojustice, pointed out that Friday’s report was itself almost two months overdue. So are many of the protection measures that should be in place by now, he said.“We still don’t have any range plans in Alberta, which were to have been done by October 2017.”Many governments, including Alberta, have announced ambitious plans for new protected areas. But almost all remain in draft form or remain unimplemented, he said.center_img “The big gaps are still there.”Caroline Theriault, an Environment Canada spokeswoman, said the report shows many steps have been taken across the country to support caribou recovery.“Since the last report was published in April, provinces and territories have made some progress on protection plans and on the ground recovery efforts,” she said in an emailed statement. “We recognize that more needs to be done, and we are already taking action.”The latest assessment of woodland caribou suggest that 81 percent of Canada’s herds are in decline. Loss of another one-third of the population is expected “in the near term.”The main threat to their numbers is alteration of habitat, which reduces a herd’s productivity and allows access by predators.Caribou conservation is often seen to be in direct conflict with forestry and energy and the jobs they generate. In late March, Alberta delayed its own caribou range plans over economic concerns.Robinson said that sooner or later, legislation will oblige federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to step in and override provincial regulations with an emergency protection order.“The minister has not done the one thing she is legally required to do, which is to recommend a protection order when the province hasn’t protected the required habitat.”(THE CANADIAN PRESS)last_img read more

Mina stampede: 10 Moroccan Pilgrims Dead, 8 Wounded, 29 Missing

Rabat – Ten Moroccan pilgrims died and eight others were wounded in the Mina stampede tragedy, said on Wednesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.In a statement, the ministry said that 29 pilgrims are missing, recalling that King Mohammed VI gave his orders to oversee the cases of Moroccan injured pilgrims in the Mina stampede, notably concerning the fate of those who have gone missing.The ministry noted that the competent Moroccan authorities are permanently in contact with the victims’ families in order to give them accurate information and update the list of the wounded Moroccan pilgrims on the website: Given the difficulties related to the missing people’s identification procedure by the competent Saudi authorities to shed light on the missing Moroccan pilgrims, King Mohammed VI gave his instructions to dispatch to KSA a delegation comprising representatives from the ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Interior, Endowments and Islamic Affairs and Health, said the same source.This delegation is tasked with continuing the search, in cooperation with the Saudi authorities, to discover the fate of the missing Moroccan pilgrims and supervise their situation, it added. read more

Syria UNmediated talks get under way relief agencies amplify calls for access

Speaking to reporters in Geneva after the first set of intra-Syrian talks, which today featured only a Government delegation headed by the Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari, UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura said that as was standard practice, a “preparatory meeting” had been held to get an idea about what the next steps will be. “Now the issue is obviously that any type of ceasefire discussions, which is obviously something that we are aiming at, apart from substantive discussions on the future of Syria, need two interlocutors […] that is why for us it is very important to have an indication of where we are on the presence of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC)” he said, referring to the ongoing discussions among the opposition about attending the Geneva talks. One of their key concerns he said, included the desire “to see a gesture from the government authorities regarding some type of improvement for the people in Syria during the talks, for instance release of prisoners, or for instance some lifting of sieges.” While noting that this particular issue is part of a UN Security Council resolution on the situation in Syria, Mr. de Mistura said that “we have been strongly suggesting to them that the best way to actually discuss the implementation of such type of discussion and there after improvement is to be done here and to do it with us, as proxy talks or directly; whatever the format.” At the same time, he said that he expected his talks with the delegation of the Syrian opposition could begin on Sunday. “I have good reasons to believe that they are actually considering that very seriously. And therefore to be in a position to probably Sunday to actually start the discussions with them in order to be able to proceed with intra-Syrian talks,” he said, adding, that while there has been no official confirmation of the opposition attending the talks, “as you can imagine I’ve been hearing a lot of rumours and information already […] I have reasons to believe, but I will only react when I have a formal indication of that, but that is a good signal.” Responding to questions, Mr. de Mistura said that tomorrow, “depending on if and when we have the arrival of an additional delegation, and based on that, I will decide whether we have, like we had with the Government, a specific introduction meeting […] or whether there would be something on Sunday.” Meanwhile, on the humanitarian front, speaking to reporters at the regular bi-weekly press briefing in Geneva earlier today, Bettina Luescher, for the UN World Food Programme (WFP), said there are an estimated 4.6 million people were besieged in 18 areas. “WFP is appealing that all humanitarian actors be given access to those areas so that they can deliver life-saving aid,” she said, referring to the town of Madaya and the similarly besieged areas of Zabadani, Foah and Kefraya, flagged by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) as being in dire need of food, medical supplies and other aid. As for the situation in Madaya – the most widely known of Syria’s besieged towns, coming to the world’s attention after reports of people dying of starvation or being killed trying to flee – she said there was nothing new to report as far as humanitarian access to the more than 40,000 people remaining there. “It is a very complicated and bureaucratic process, and only a very small number of permissions have been given access to besieged areas, where tens of thousands of families are still waiting for aid,” said Ms. Luescher, adding: “This is why putting an end to the fighting is paramount. WFP is talking to all sides, but an agreement has to be made on the ground.” She went on to stress that it is also important to think of all the places which might not be in the headlines today, where men, women and children are desperate and in need of urgent help. Asked if WFP has considered air-dropping supplies, Ms. Luescher said this was a “very hard thing to pull off,” requiring a safe airspace as well as a secured area on the ground, where large packages could land safely. There also had to be people on the ground to distribute those goods. That is not possible under the current situation. Trucks are the safest way to deliver aid at the moment, she explained. read more

Mine action is at the nexus of peace security and development UN

Alexander Zouev, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions, said the number of casualties has surpassed 8,500; citing information from the latest annual report by the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.He said this “unfortunate trend” was the result of ongoing conflicts, as well as difficulty in accessing contaminated areas during active combat.“That figure represents over twice as many victims as four years ago. Over 2,000 of those victims were killed; nearly a quarter of them were children,” he said.“Considering the difficulty of gathering data during active conflicts, it is likely that the actual number of casualties is much higher.”The Council met to take stock of developments since the adoption last year of its first stand-alone resolution on mine action.Considering the difficulty of gathering data during active conflicts, it is likely that the actual number of casualties is much higher – Alexander Zouev, UN Assistant Secretary-GeneralResolution 2365, tabled by Bolivia, highlights the importance of including mine action in the early stage planning for peacekeeping operations and humanitarian response.Sacha Sergio Llorenty Soliz, the country’s UN ambassador, listed how it can improve the lives of people in communities emerging from conflict.“For example: the use of land for farming, the return of girls and boys to school, re-establishing water and electric supply, is only possible after an exhaustive clean-up,” he said.As Mr. Zouev explained, mine action is vital not only for saving lives but as a precursor for peacebuilding, stabilization and sustainable development.And with nearly 60 peacekeepers killed last year in incidents involving explosive devices, it is also critical to the safety of UN personnel on the ground.“Moreover, mine action helps prevent explosive material from being harvested for use by armed groups,” he said.“This makes mine action a vital element of the nexus between peace and security and development, and a cornerstone in preventing any relapse into future conflicts.” read more

APNU REO walks out of RDC meeting after criticisms by AFC

The Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) Regional Democratic Council (RDC) statutory meeting came to an abrupt end when Regional Executive Officer (REO) Dennis Jaikarran walked out of the meeting on Tuesday and instructed all regional staff to follow suit.At the time of the walkout, Government Councillor Nathram was addressing the RDC on the behaviour of the REO at the last sitting of the RDC. During Nathram’s presentation, the REO tried to dispute what the Councillor was stating, but was asked to take his seat and allow the Councillor to make his point.However, this angered Jaikarran, who then got up and instructed the administrative staff to leave the Anna Regina boardroom as he walked out of the meeting.Following the walkout, Nathram expressed much disappointment at the act, pointing out that the RDC has been unable to meet for the past two months.There has been tension between the REO and the Regional Vice Chairperson, Nandranie Coonjah, who has been acting in the capacity as chairperson since Chairman Devanand Ramdatt is on annual leave. However, according to Nathram, the REO has refused to recognise Coonjah as the acting chairperson.At Tuesday’s sitting, as Councillor Nathram tried to explain that in the absence of the Regional Chairman, the Vice Chairman is by law responsible for chairing the RDC, the REO attempted to rebut Nathram.Meanwhile, Coonjah said the RDC has decided to write the Communities Minister on the REO’s behaviour. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAPNU-appointed REO padlocks AFC Councillor in roomMay 23, 2019In “latest news””lethargic leadership,” absence of Region 2 REO prompts Councillors walk outSeptember 13, 2017In “latest news”Region 2 REO occupying State House, abusing power – living luxurious lifestyle with three maids, security at his convenienceJanuary 16, 2016In “Internet” read more

Cristina Neagu wants 30000 EUR salary

Cristina Neagu According to Romanian Gazeta Sportilur, the world’s best female handball player Cristina Neagu is in negotiations about contract extension with her current club CSM Bucharest.The 30-years old Romanian princess came back to win the EHF Champions League title after the one won with ZRK Buducnost Podgorica, but knee injury suffered at Women’s EHF EURO 2018 prevented her of helping team-mates on that way.However, the most iconic person of Romanian handball has a lot to offer more to these game. Romanian media writes about her demanding salary in the new contract. Neagu demands 30.000 EUR instead of 22.000 which she has already. Amazing sum of money even for men’s handball. ← Previous Story Gyori AUDI ETO KC conquer Bucharest – First place and Danes at TOP 8 Next Story → HE WANTS MORE: Michael Guigou to USAM Nimes read more

SG Flensburg Handewitt beat Rhein Neckar Lowen in the first derby of

← Previous Story IHF Super Globe: Strong Kiel beat Vardar for the final against Barca Lassa Next Story → PSG Handball still with the biggest budget in world of handball – 17.500.000 EUR SG Flensburg Handewitt look powerful at the start of the season. The team led by Maik Machulla seems to be ready for the hat-trick in German Bundesliga if you look the first three matches of the season. After winning the Super Cup against THW Kiel, Flensburg won important away points against Melsungen, and last evening beat Rhein Neckar Lowen 30:27 to get another big scalp of German handball at the end of August…SG Flensburg-Handewitt – Rhein-Neckar Löwen 30:27 (18:14)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Buric (2 saves), Bergerud (7/1  saves) – Golla (5), Hald (1), Svan (3), Wanne (2/2), Jeppsson, Jøndal (4), Zachariassen (2), Johannessen (2), Gottfridsson (4), Jurecki (1), Rød (6)Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Appelgren (5/1 saves), Palicka (9/1 saves) – Schmid (4), Gensheimer (6/3), Kirkelokke (1), Lagarde (2), Tollbring (1), Abutovic, Mensah Larsen (1), Fäth, Groetzki (3), Guardiola, Petersson (1), Nielsen (3), Kohlbacher (5)Score 1:2 (3.), 3:2 (7.), 4:4 (8.), 5:5 (10.), 7:5 (12.), 8:7 (14.), 10:7 (18.), 11:8 (19.), 11:10 (20.), 13:11 (23.), 14:12 (25.), 15:14 (28.) – 18:15 (31.), 19:16 (34.), 20:17 (35.), 22:17 (37.), 24:18 (40.), 25:19 (42.), 25:22 (47.), 27:22 (49.), 27:25 (55.), 28:26 (56.), 30:26 (60.)HC Erlangen – TVB Stuttgart 29-24 (14-11)HC Erlangen:  Sime Ivic 6, Nico Büdel 5, Sebastian Firnhaber 4, Christopher Bissel 4, Nikolai Link 3, Floriar von Gruchalla 3, Jan Schäffer 2, Johannes Sellin 1, Antonio Matzner 1,TVB Stuttgart: Patrick Zieker 8, Zarko Peshevski 4, Tim Wieling 3, Max Häfner 3, Dominik WeiB 2, Samue Röthlisberger 1, Elvar Asgeirsson 1, Sascha Pfattheicher 1, Adam Lonn 1.Bergischer HC – MT Melsungen 24-24 (8-11)Bergischer HC: Sebastian Damm 6, Max Darj 5, Ragnar Johannsson 4,  Arnor Thor Gunnarsson 3, Lukas Stutzke 2, Linus Arnesson 2, Kristian Nippes 1, Tomas Babak 1.MT Melsungen: Julius Kühn 7, Lasse Mikkelsen 5, Dimitri Ignatow 3, Kai Häfner 3, Finn Lemke 2, Marino Maric 2, Stefan Salger 1, Michael Allendorf 1.TSV GWD Minden – SC DHfK Leipzig 21-25 (12-9)TSV GWD Minden: Kevin Gulliksen 7, Christoffer Rambo 4, Marian Michalczik 4, Christoph Reissky 2, Joscha Ritterbach 2, Savvas Savvas 1, Lucas Meister 1.SC DHfK Leipzig: Franz Semper 10, Lukas Binder 4, Philipp Weber 3, MArko Mamic 3, Luca Witzke 2, Lucas Krzikalla 1, Bastian Roscheck 1, Alen Milosevic 1.Ludwigshafen – HSG Wetzlar 25-31 (10-17)Ludwigshafen: Kai Dippe 5, Jerome Måuller 5, Jonathan Scholz 3, Pascal Durak 3, Dominik Mappes 3, Pascal Bührer 2, Frederic Stüber 1, Alexander Falk 1, Maximilian Haider 1, Gunnar Dietrich 1.HSG Wetzlar: Kristian Björnsen 7, Maximilian Holst 5, Lenny Rubin 4, Alexander Feld 3, Steffan Cavor 3, Olle Forsell 3, Nils Torbrügge 2, Anton Lindskog 2, Lars Weissgerber 1, Filip Mirkulovski 1.PHOTO: SG Flensburg Handewitt Facebook Page read more

VIDEO Your weekend movies The Rover critics’ rating: 90%. Audience rating: 88%We Gotta Get Out of This Place Source: Metrodomefilm/YouTubeFor fans of: Teens gone wrongAvoid if: You don’t like violenceA pair of teens rob their boss in order to have a summer blow out. But when they return from their trip, they have to deal with the frightening consequences of what they’ve done. critics’ rating: 65%. Audience rating: 67%Dinosaur 13 Source: Movie Trailers/YouTubeFor fans of: Dinosaurs, babyAvoid if: You’re a creationistWhen a group of paleontologists found the largest T-Rex skeleton ever, they thought they were onto something amazing. But it turned into a battle for their discovery – and their freedom, as this documentary shows. critics’ rating: 88%. Audience rating: 75% WHICH NEW MOVIE release is worth the price of a cinema ticket this weekend?We’re here to help you decide just that, with these trailers.The Rover Source: A24Films/YouTubeFor fans of: DystopiaAvoid if: You prefer TwilightWell, this looks fairly grim. The gritty follow-up to Animal Kingdom, it’s set in the Australian outback 10 years after society as we know it has collapsed. Eric (Guy Pearce) finds Rey (Robert Pattinson) after a gang of thieves rob a car. What follows is a dark road trip fraught with violence. critics’ rating: 65%. Audience rating: 66%The Expendables 3 Source: MOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTubeFor fans of: Big name heroesAvoid if: You hate clichésIt’s the lads (hi Sylvester, Jason, Jet, Dolph, Randy, Terry, Liam, Bruce) and woman (Yu) back doing their mercenary thing. Think big guns, big muscles, great lines and a lotta action. But not a lot of brains. Oh well!last_img read more

Luis Suarez biting ban appeal rejected

first_imgUpdated at 14.56THE COURT OF Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has today upheld Luis Suarez’ four month ban for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.However, CAS have decided to allow the 27-year old train with Barcelona after joining from Liverpool in a £75million move earlier this summer.At last week’s hearing in Lausanne, Suarez’s legal team were said to have argued the player should be allowed train with his new club during the suspension and that any ban should be limited to international football.However CAS today rejected the latter part of that argument saying FIFA’s sanctions against Suarez are “generally proportionate to the offence committed.”The ruling means Suarez cannot play for Barcelona until October 26 – potentially against Real Madrid – and he remains banned for Uruguay’s next eight competitive matches.However, the court’s panel has also ruled that the ban on any soccer-related activity is “excessive.” Therefore he is is allowed train with his new club and be involved in any promotional activities.Additional reporting from Associated Press.Join’s Premier League Fantasy Football League using this code: 1137213-271081‘Arry’s Transfer Window: Liverpool target new Suarez replacementAngry manager gets owned by bag of footballs he tries to kicklast_img read more

Lets talk about sex 74 of women believe pornography is morally unacceptable

first_imgTHE LATEST BEHAVIOURS and Attitudes poll published in today’s Sunday Times newspaper finds that 74% of women believe that pornography is “morally unacceptable”.Morally wrongHowever, as a collective, 61% of all people surveyed regarded it as morally wrong, with 36% finding it acceptable.Other findings about Irish attitudes towards other sexual antics found that of the 954 people surveyed, 88% believed that sex outside marriage was acceptable, while 90% felt that having a baby outside of marriage is also acceptable.However, when it comes to teenagers, just over half – 57% – believe that sex between teenagers is tolerable.Read: Southside Dubliners watch more porn than anyone else in Ireland*>Read: It’s official: Porn may make you stupider*>last_img read more

PHOTOS 45th anniversary of Turkeys invasion of Cyprus commemorated in Sydney

first_imgThe 45th anniversary since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus was commemorated in Sydney on Sunday, 21 July.Hundreds gathered at events that took place in the city, beginning with a memorial service presided by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios at the Cathedral of the Annunciation of Our Lady. This was followed by a trisagion service at 1.20pm.READ MORE: Archbishop Makarios commemorates the 45th anniversary since the Turkish invasion of CyprusA rally was also held for Cyprus via Castlereagh Street and ended at Town Hall.There was also a wreath-laying ceremony at Martin Place.Buses dropped off droves of people from the Cyprus Community Club to the city centre.Below are photos of the events by George Mpliokas.READ MORE: Turkish President Erdogan threatens Cyprus, and warns he would “take the same steps as 45 years ago” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Brisbanes Hellenika at the Calile named Queenslands Restaurant of the Year

first_imgMeanwhile Gloftis was recognised for his genuine hospitality, a philotimo, which the Greeks are known for.“Gloftis works hard to create a happy team and it shows in the way the pink-jacketed staff treat each guest, boasting a casual but genuine warmth that radiates from the inside out.“With passion and panache they help diners through the lengthy menu and all are well-drilled in the confident and incomparable wine list, which mixes the best of Greek wines with labels from across the world, including some under Coravin at remarkably keen prices.“All of this is in a room that combines architectural elegance, space and comfort with a subtle nod to Greek heritage, while being undeniably Queensland.” Omg we just won the @couriermail Best restaurant in Queensland.We are so proud and so thankful😊We just love what we do…Posted by Hellenika on Monday, July 22, 2019 View this post on Instagram The Greek eatery first opened its doors in October 2018, and is a continuation of Hellenika’s signature authentic Greek food paired with wines from around the world, including Greece –  the wine list features some 500 bottles in total – enjoyed either in the restaurant, on the rooftop, or by the pool. View this post on Instagram Other finalists in Queensland included Arc Dining (Brisbane), Joy (Fortitude Valley), Restaurant Labart (Burleigh Heads), Donna Chang (Brisbane) and Signature (South Bank). A Greek restaurant in Brisbane has been named Queensland’s Restaurant of the Year in the Courier-Mail Food Awards 2019.Hellenika at the Calile owned by Simon Gloftis was awarded on Monday.The sister venue of Hellenika on the Gold Coast, it is situated at boutique hotel The Calile, and has been recognised as being “undeniably special”.“Maybe it’s the spring in the step of the upbeat waitstaff, the sunlight shimmering off the pool or the wafts of wholesome Greek cookery that fill the air,” read a comment by the reviewer, in The Courier Mail. HELLENIKA @thecalilehotel Breakfast, lunch & dinner♥️ 📸 @_renae.smithA post shared by HELLENIKA (@hellenika) on Mar 11, 2019 at 1:54pm PDT The kitchen is headed by chef Bryan Kelly, a finalist for Chef of the Year, who is committed to using the freshest ingredients.“…that means even the simplest of Greek salads is elevated to new heights, while seafood is flown in from across the country to guarantee the best,” reads the restaurant’s glowing review.“But it is the generous amuse bouche of velvety, lemony fish soup alone that is enough to warrant many a repeat visit.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The cabanas of @hellenika at @thecalilehotel ♥️A post shared by HELLENIKA (@hellenika) on Feb 17, 2019 at 9:27pm PST Greek food & Sunday lunch…♥️😊A post shared by HELLENIKA (@hellenika) on Oct 13, 2018 at 2:37pm PDT View this post on Instagramlast_img read more

Iconic Arsakeio arcade to house traditional Greek cuisine

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Arsakeio arcade, located in downtown Athens between Panepistimiou and Stadiou avenues, is one of the most iconic buildings of Athens.A major property lease agreement signed on Tuesday will transform the empty arcade into a mini shopping mall and multiplex food court with an emphasis on traditional Grecian cuisine and the Mediterranean diet.READ MORE: Walking off the beaten aisle: Kathi and Sam, a love story beyond ethnicity, religion and … foodThe arcade was once known as the Stoa tou Vivliou and housed various publishing houses, along with cafes and a few stationary shops and a hall for book launches.The signing of a 35-year-lease was signed by Legendary Food IKE and the arcade’s owner, the Educational Society of Athens (Philekpedeftiki). The property is owned by the same non-profit organisation that manages the private Arsakeio-Tositsa primary and secondary schools.READ MORE: Food is more expensive in Cyprus and Greece compared to the EU averagelast_img read more

VOD progression en France mais le prix reste un problème

first_imgVOD: progression en France mais le prix reste un problèmeLes derniers sondages relèvent une progression de la location ou de l’achats de contenus vidéos dématérialisés mais les Français estiment encore les prix trop élevés pour une adoption du système en masse.Selon Médiamétrie, les différents plateformes de VOD progressent durant l’année 2011. Après des années d’errance, passées à lutter sans relâche contre le téléchargement illégal, sans jamais proposer de réelles solutions attractives pour l’utilisateur…Mais depuis l’explosion des offres de télévision par Internet, ou des consoles de jeu de dernière génération, les catalogues de films ou séries à la demande sont de plus en plus remplis et accessibles par le plus grand nombre.À lire aussiDes géologues ont retrouvé la preuve d’un “pont” entre la Grande-Bretagne et la FranceMais le système, bien que parfaitement compris par les français (l’étude note que 9 personnes sur 10 savent ce qu’est la VOD), et même si les plateformes ont bien conçu leur ergonomie (2 personnes sur 3 savent accéder aux catalogues en ligne), la critique principale reste le prix des contenus, jugés bien trop chers pour un bien immatériel. Sur le même panel, seul 1 français sur 5 (21% précisément) a déjà consommé un contenu à la demande.”Les participants au débat soulignent le caractère particulièrement onéreux de l’offre VOD pour les achats à l’acte”, résume l’étude. “Le prix est souvent jugé peu attractif par rapport à l’offre physique (DVD, Blu-Ray), notamment pour les offres groupées (saison complète d’une série), proposées à des prix inférieurs sur support physique”Pour s’attarder sur les chiffres avancés par le CNC, le prix moyen de vente des œuvres de cinéma en VOD est de 4,25 euros. 22 % de cette somme sont des taxes et reversements aux sociétés de gestion collective, 24,2 % pour le distributeur, 49,1 % pour les ayants droit et 4 % pour l’éditeur. Un tarif trop élevé là encore pour un contenu éphémère, en tout cas plus élevé que celui pratiqué il y a quelques années dans les vidéos-clubs, d’où la réticence des utilisateurs.Le 12 janvier 2012 à 12:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Gastroentérite les remèdes pour aller mieux

first_imgGastro-entérite : les remèdes pour aller mieuxLes premiers frimas de l’automne n’ont toujours pas fait leur apparition que la gastro, elle, a déjà fait son retour. Plusieurs régions de France ont dépassé le seuil épidémique et cela ne ferait que commencer, d’après le rapport du réseau Sentinelle de l’Inserm. Mais comment la soigner efficacement ? Maxisciences vous donne des pistes.Extrêmement contagieuse, cette infection du système digestif vient de faire sa rentrée. Elle se transmet de personne à personne ou par l’intermédiaire d’objets contaminés. Difficile donc de lui échapper sauf si l’on a respecté quelques précautions. Le mal est fait ? On vous confie quelques remèdes pour soulager cette infection qui touche 700 millions d’individus chaque année à travers le monde. Repos et isolement  Nausées, vomissements, ballonnements, diarrhées, crampes abdominales, fièvre ou encore fatigue, tels sont les symptômes très caractéristiques d’une gastro-entérite. Selon chacun, on pourra expérimenter la totalité d’entre eux ou une combinaison de certains. Quoi qu’il en soit, avoir une grippe intestinale n’est jamais plaisant et ses manifestations sont même handicapantes. C’est pourquoi il est conseillé de rester chez soi pour être dans un environnement plus confortable, pour se reposer et récupérer mais aussi pour éviter de propager davantage la maladie. Doit-on prendre des médicaments ? Dans la majorité des cas, les désagréments (diarrhées et vomissements) disparaissent en quelques jours sans avoir eu besoin de consulter un médecin ni suivi un traitement médical. Mais pour éviter de subir trop longtemps les désagréments d’une gastro-entérite et pour limiter l’intensité des symptômes, il est possible  de prendre certains médicaments, avec ou sans prescription. – un ralentisseur de transit : rapidement efficace, il freine les mouvements de l’intestin et calme ainsi la fréquence des selles. Une action qui permet de limiter la perte d’eau et de sels. – un antisécrétoire intestinal : comme son nom l’indique, il va empêcher l’hypersécrétion intestinale d’eau mais ne va ni bloquer ni ralentir le transit. Les molécules vont rendre les selles moins fréquentes et moins liquides. – un pansement intestinal : il va permet de réduire les gaz et les ballonnements,  d’absorber l’eau et les toxines. Il va aussi calmer la diarrhée et améliorer la consistance des selles. – des probiotiques : on s’offre une petite cure de ces micro-organismes après la disparition des symptômes pour restaurer sa flore intestinale qui a été mise à mal pendant quelques jours. Il est évidemment indispensable de se renseigner auprès de son médecin ou d’un pharmacien avant de les utiliser.  Un régime alimentaire à adapter On va devoir changer son menu pendant quelques jours le temps que l’organisme récupère. On va aussi éviter de s’alimenter les six premières heures qui suivent l’apparition des symptômes (diarrhée, vomissements).  Ainsi, les premiers jours on supprime de son assiette : – les produits laitiers – les jus de fruits – les sucreries – les plats trop riches – les plats épicés – les fruits – les protéines animales – les légumes crus – les aliments riches en fibres – les boissons gazeuses – les boissons alcooliques – les boissons à base de caféine A faire : À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Le premier jour, on prendra soin de se réhydrater en consommant essentiellement des liquides :   – de l’eau – du thé – des légumes cuits – du bouillon de poulet Le lendemain, on peut adopter pour une journée le régime BRAT (acronyme en anglais de Banana Rice Apple Sauce et Toast). On consommera donc des bananes, du riz, de la compote de pommes et du pain blanc (pas complet) grillé. Un régime efficace mais à ne pas suivre trop longtemps car il n’est pas complet au niveau nutritionnel.Le jour suivant et si on commence normalement à aller mieux, on pourra commencer à réintroduire certains aliments comme de la viande blanche grillée.Si au-delà de trois jours, les symptômes persistent ou empirent, on va consulter.  Le 12 septembre 2018 à 15:50 • Marina Marcoutlast_img read more

1Up Your Friends With This Super Mario Gift Guide

first_img ‘Astral Chain’ and Other Dumb Nintendo SongsHands-On: ‘Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020’ Seems Fine Stay on target Mario is one of the most popular game characters in the world, so it’s no surprise that you see all kinds of merchandise dedicated to everyone’s famous plumber. You’re probably a fan yourself. But what do you get the Mario fan who you think has everything? You pick out one of these cool gifts, of course, and gift wrap it in question block wrapping paper. Just hope the giftee doesn’t punch the package open. Try out these powered-up gifts on for size.Mario & Luigi Pipe Pocket T-ShirtLook as hip as you possibly can with this rad pocket Mario & Luigi shirt, which oozes with a chic and cute design for anyone who cares to look closer. This is one of the many many Nintendo shirts Uniqlo put out this year. ( We covered all the designs here.)  Grab it now for $14.90 because they will sell out.Super Mario Bros. Union SuitYou could literally wear a red shirt and overalls to look like Mario, but it wouldn’t be nearly as comfy as this getup. Jump into the getup for $32.94 now!Mario Jump Pajama PantsLounge around with one of the coolest plumbers in town! Just make sure you don’t have any plumber’s crack you’re not hiding when rocking these bad boys. Get comfy today for just $19.90.Super Mario Day 2017 1000pc PuzzleThis gorgeous puzzle is part of the celebration for Super Mario Day 2017, and it’s got plenty of pieces for a challenge. Bring this great piece home for $19.99.Super Mario AdventuresRelive the magic of the days of classic Nintendo Power magazines with this colorful comic, featuring Mario and Luigi and all your favorite Mario pals. This is a steal at $8.24.Mario PlushCuddle up with adorable little Mario, or just set him somewhere for decoration. Just make sure Luigi gets some of the spotlight too. Snuggled up to him now for $12.75.Mario Baseball CapMario’s iconic hat is up for grabs if you want to complete your ensemble. It’s not Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey, but it is only $14.95.Mario Mini RC RacerZip around everywhere you go with this super-fast Mario RC kart! This adorable and detailed Mario Kart can be yours for $30.99.UNO Super Mario GameSit down with the classic game as it gets a new facelift with familiar Mario characters! Have hours of fun now with your friends and family for just $9.35.Monopoly GamerThis brand new way to play Monopoly features an all-Mario cast with the main man at the forefront. Do pass for $24.99 and grab it now.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more