Young spenders: Blatant consumerism becomes new religion for adolescents

first_imgBhumika WattsSell them their dreams. People, especially kids, don’t buy things to have things. They buy hope. Sell them this hope and you won’t have to worry about your sales.” This celebratory song of a society high on materialism addressed to a conference of salesmen sums up the reality of,Bhumika WattsSell them their dreams. People, especially kids, don’t buy things to have things. They buy hope. Sell them this hope and you won’t have to worry about your sales.” This celebratory song of a society high on materialism addressed to a conference of salesmen sums up the reality of contemporary urban life.It turns adolescents into a significant consumer segment, not parent-dependant but individuals with an increasing urge to flaunt everything from mobile phones to designer clothes.Brand-consciousness, a fast growing trend among children, has its roots in this urge to belong, or in behavioural scientist Erich Fromm’s words “to stay close to the herd”. Arnish Uberoi, a 13-year-old student of Chennai’s Padma Seshadri Bal Bhawan, has no doubts about the importance of branded goods in his life.”I will remain popular and accepted if I wear popular brands,” he says. NEW DELHI Bhumika Watts (9)HANKERS AFTER: jeans and T-shirts, perfumes and shoes with flat heels. “My friend got her Walkman in a day, get me one this evening.”In an interview to a city tabloid, Vani Aggarwal, 13, remarked that she liked wearing only Guess and Versace clothes.She is not an isolated example; it is a recurrent message that strobes through Indian urban society. Children are defining themselves by what they possess. “I buy, therefore I am” has become the mantra for today’s teens.”Possessions” to them mean branded products that spell status and popularity. Gone are the days of cheap canvas shoes and frilly frocks sewn by mothers at home. Girls now want Mango T-shirts and designer-label jeans.advertisementBoys who were earlier brought up to take pride in ink-stained shirts and scuffed shoes now worry about what gel works best with their hair and what model of cell phones they sport.Their list of “must-haves” reads like a catalogue of a sophisticated mall: trendy clothes, watches, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, mobile phones, CDs, music systems, smart PCs, sports gear, hair dryers and umpteen other gizmos- all the fancy paraphernalia of the “with-it” lifestyle. The latest “necessity” is add-on credit cards over and above the fat weekly allowance for trips to hangout joints or to beauty salons.Arnish UberoiThe burgeoning purchasing power of these brand brats has given the market its little kings and queens. Even in times of economic gloom, the last thing parents compromise on is spending on their children. Estimates put the market for children’s products at Rs 5,000 crore.The confectionery market alone is estimated at Rs 1,400 crore and the apparel market at Rs 500 crore. While children’s footwear is a Rs 1,000 crore market, personal-care products are pegged at Rs 300 crore.”Children mostly come looking for nail polish, shine-control lotions and sunscreen,” says Saurabh Amte, beauty adviser at the Lakme counter at Delhi’s Shopper’s Stop. “They are so well-informed that even their parents seek their help,” he adds.Shweta Chhabria fits the bill. The 15-year-old student of Mumbai’s St Joseph’s Convent Girls School, recently asked her parents for EverYouth almond and apricot cream. She uses perfume every day and says trendy western clothes and junk jewellery make her happy.CHENNAI Arnish Uberoi (13) HANKERS AFTER: Play Station II, branded clothes, T-shirts and a mobile phone “Buy me PlayStation II, and I will perform better in studies and sports.” Even small children are big on cosmetics. Bhumika Watts, 9, a Delhi girl who still plays with dolls, says she is fond of perfumes. And cosmetics are not just a girlie craze. “I wanted the Aamir Khan cut, so I use Brylcreem and L’Oreal hair gel to keep them spiky,” says Nikhil, a 13-year-old student of Delhi Public School.Footing the bill are over-indulgent parents. There are, of course, some precocious youngsters who use emotional blackmail to get what they want. Arnish and his brother Adish, 15, often make “deals” with their parents for expensive video games, apparel and shoes in return for better performance at school. Arnish’s current demand is PlayStation II, a computer game that costs Rs 18,000.Children, in turn, are driven by peer pressure. Most adolescents fear peer rejection. “I borrow my friends’ designer clothes for the disco, otherwise I feel inferior,” confesses Sushmita Garg, 13, as she slips into borrowed embroidered trousers and a Benetton top at the ladies room at Delhi’s Le Meridien before heading for CJ’s, a discotheque that offers post-noon dance parties.Shweta ChhabriaThe conspicuous consumption race creates a rift between children, some kept in check by parents, others unabashedly materialistic.”There are separate groups in our class based on their spending habits,” says Vaishnavi Tannir, 12, of Delhi’s Vasant Valley School. “There is a nerdy group which doesn’t bother about fashionable brands and there is a popular group which judges others by the brands they wear,” she explains.advertisementWhat confounds adults is the amount of information children have on market trends. Samsika Marketing Consultants MD Jagdeep Kapoor conducted a study covering 1,344 children in the 9-14 age group in nine metros from 1999 to 2002 and identified nine prominent traits. MUMBAIShweta Chhabria (15)HANKERS AFTER: Capri pants, T-shirts, body and hair glitter, skin-care products, junk jewellery, funky shoes. “I will feel deprived if I don’t get the things I want.”In 2002, information, inquisitive- ness and income were added to the previous trait list of informal, intelligent, identity conscious, influential to accommodate the emerging trends.While market wizards are changing their coordinates, parents are a confused lot. Some admit they have encouraged expensive habits, while others say they don’t know where to draw the line.Some women live out their own aspirations through their children. “My mother did not allow cosmetics when I was a child so I am particular that my daughter does not look like a Plain Jane,” says Mumbai-based Pooja Chhabria, Shweta’s mother.She is a homemaker and stresses that the lavishness is not to make up for any lack of attention. But some part of it is just old-fashioned pampering. Says Anil Chhabria, Shweta’s father: “I love the twinkle in her eyes when she receives clothes and cosmetics.”Young Priorities: How many spend on whatClick here to EnlargeGuilt drives busy parents who have little time for their children to fill parenting gap by buying expensive gifts and doling out substantial pocket money. But more critical is the fear of “depriving” the child.”I don’t want my kids to suffer from low self-esteem,” argues Anuradha Uberoi, Chennai-based behavioural consultant and mother of Adish and Arnish. “Knowing how much poor self-esteem can damage a child has changed my outlook,” she explains.Family relationships are a casualty in this wave of consumerism. Cold wars erupt when parents oppose children’s demands. “Children use parental guilt to get their fancies fulfilled,” says psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh, who runs a counselling centre in Delhi. “Drifting away from family is a feature of adolescence, and teenagers seek role models among peers instead of parents,” he explains. TRENDS AND FADS An NFO-Coke teen survey identified broad types among adolescents:Vibrant Vanguards: The trendsetters- comfortable with their self-image and the most privileged with lots of pocket money and influence at home.Conspicuous Confidents: Early adapters need visible symbols of status and success to be ahead of others.Eager Beavers: The followers do their best to keep up with the trends set by leaders.Individualistic Idealists: The brand loyalists stay with the established choice and don’t care what’s in fashion.Plain Passives: Out of the mainstream, the underconfident Passives are yet to become serious consumers.Many parents are worried that consumerism may trap their children into a self-centred way of life. However, Susan Visvanathan, sociologist at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University, argues that consumerism is part of the grammar of a globalised capitalist society.advertisement”Children who coerce parents into buying more goodies are only victims of a system,” she says. “The system does not believe in martyrs, only in survivors. Survival seems to mean an ability to enjoy without looking at the condition of the majority,” she ruminates. Role models have also changed. Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa are no longer personalities children idolise. In TV programmes, films and advertisements, the icons are glitzy pop artists and movie stars. Youngsters tend to take the materialism expounded in ads as gospel. Advertisers target children as surrogates to advertise “adult” goods like cars and even credit cards. LG Electronics, for example, uses children in its ads for TVs and refrigerators. Companies know they can win the approval of parents for their brands by promotions in schools. In an interview to KidsCyclopaedia, a Net magazine, Reebok’s Executive Director (Sales and Marketing) Subhinder Singh Prem says their “Net Practice with Rahul Dravid” last year-on buying Reebok goods worth Rs 1,500 or more, there was a chance of joining a cricket camp with cricketer Dravid- was a hit.”Wooing the kid means wooing the entire family, since children drive the spending decisions,” says Amit Burman, director, Dabur India. A study by market research agency NFO-MBL confirms this. About 17 per cent of children in 7-14 age group decide on family purchases. Restaurant chains like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s have been quick to catch up. They offer birthday-party packages complete with return gifts, and decorations to make sure that the restaurants register in children’s mind as pleasure zones.Dangers of consumerism range from compulsive spending habits to the “disposable” culture. Products that were considered durables-like wristwatches and cameras for chil-dren-now find their way into the trash bin. Right now it is the buoyancy of consumerism that is most obvious. But when the tide ebbs, fulfilling the impossible dreams it has sold to children may not be child’s play.last_img read more

Villarreal 4-4 Barcelona: Messi and Suarez late comeback rescues Barca

first_imgBarcelona’s Lionel Messi came off the bench in his side’s hour of need to inspire the Liga leaders to battle back from 4-2 down in stoppage time to snatch a remarkable 4-4 draw at struggling Villarreal on Tuesday.The Catalans avoided a first league loss since November with a thumping left-foot strike from Luis Suarez deep into added time after captain and top scorer Messi gave them hope with a deadly free kick in the 90th minute.The draw saw Barca’s lead over Atletico Madrid, who earlier won 2-0 at home to Girona, trimmed to eight points ahead of Saturday’s top-of-the-table clash at the Nou Camp. Barcelona have 70 points to Atletico’s 62 with eight games left.Even without Messi, Gerard Pique and Ivan Rakitic in their starting lineup, the visitors still strolled into the lead through a Philippe Coutinho goal in the 12th minute, which Brazilian forward Malcom soon doubled with a header.But Villarreal, who began the game one point above the relegation zone, hauled themselves into contention with a strike from 19-year-old Samuel Chukwueze midway through the first half.Cameroon striker Karl Toko Ekambi took advantage of slack positioning from Barca goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen to equalise soon after the interval and Vicente Iborra completed the home side’s remarkable revival just after the hour mark.Barca’s Argentine talisman Messi was called from the bench to rescue the champions but instead Villarreal increased their lead with a strike from their substitute Carlos Bacca.Villarreal’s Alvaro Gonzalez was then dismissed for a second booking with four minutes remaining, paving the way for South Americans Messi and Suarez to strike for Barcelona and produce a remarkable finish to an enthralling contest.advertisement”It was a crazy game, one which it seemed either side could have won comfortably, and it speaks volumes about the strength of this league, where you can never assume you’re going to win a game easily,” said Barca coach Ernesto Valverde.”It was very important not to lose, even though we wanted the three points. The sensation we felt with the late comeback makes us feel very good, it shows we are never ready to give in. If we’d lost we’d be feeling different about the Atletico game.”Early advantageBarca seized an early advantage when Brazilian Malcom tore down the right wing and rolled the ball across the goal for Coutinho to tap into an empty net.Malcom then scored his first goal in La Liga by heading home a cross from Arturo Vidal, while Coutinho should have made it 3-0 but his attempted chip bounced off the far post.Villarreal got back into the game with the help of veteran midfielder Santi Cazorla, who picked out Chukwueze with an incisive pass, and although the Nigerian shot against the post, he calmly tucked the rebound into the net.The hosts were galvanised and produced a bold and exciting display of counter-attacking football that made it easy to forget they have been struggling at the foot of the table for most of the season.But, spurred on by Messi, Barca roared back to life, showing why they enjoy such a generous lead at the top of the league.Despite the euphoria of the game’s finale, Valverde urged his players to improve for the rest of the season as they look to win a treble of La Liga, Champions League and Copa del Rey.”This game should help us a lot with the games we have left and make us realise that there’s still a lot left to do,” he said with Atletico up next and Manchester United waiting in next week’s Champions league quarter-final, first leg.”We can’t allow our opponents to outnumber us in attack like they did today, if we are to attack well we need to defend well.”Also Read | Zinedine Zidane wants Rafael Varane to stay but is ambiguous about Gareth Bale futureAlso Read | Lionel Messi great to watch, but he’s not God: Pope Francislast_img read more

Members of OSU’s 2016 Class Who Could Contribute As Freshmen

first_imgIf Mike Gundy had his way, it would likely be his preference to have every freshman redshirt and sit on the sidelines to soak up the system and get to a playing weight that will make them competitive as sophomores. But Mike Gundy doesn’t always get what he wants. In 2015, he gave true freshmen Jalen McCleskey, Kenneth McGruder, Jeff Carr and Sugar Loaf Daniels ample playing time. Partly because of their phenomenal talents, and partly due to depth issues at their respective positions.The 2016 season returns more experience and more depth at some of those positions, but there is still a chance that some true freshmen could break onto the scene for a team that could be loaded up for a Big 12 title run. Here’s a look at some of the members of the 2016 recruiting class who could break onto the scene as freshmen.Tramonda Moore – Offensive TackleMoore was a last second welcome addition to the class, who could be a big-time contributor early on in Stillwater. There have been reports questioning his eligibility status and suggesting he may go the junior college route, but Mike Gundy says he’s on track to be on campus later in the summer. 6-6, 350-pounds to add to the offensive line? Freshman or not, that’s a big body who could play early.Tyrell Alexander – Wide ReceiverOklahoma State’s persistence with Alexander paid big dividends for the Pokes. After losing his commitment once in 2015, they nearly lost him to Arkansas just days before signing day. Now that he’s official, they can relish in the fact they will be bringing in one of the more underrated prospects in Texas. His 6-3 frame and freaky athleticism will earn rave reviews, despite his lack of experience at the position in high school. Even with the experience coming in next year, he’ll figure to mold some sort of role in the offense next year.Calvin Bundage – LinebackerLike Moore, Bundage was another last second addition who chose the Pokes over Oregon, Arizona, and others. The linebacker position may be a difficult position for a true freshman to play in, but with mainstay’s Ryan Simmons and Seth Jacobs moving on, he has a chance to join Jordan Burton and Devante Averette in the dynamic star position. He’s that good.Madre Harper – CornerbackHarper is almost a sure-fire bet to see the field the most out of the bunch. An early enrollee from Lamar High School, he has the tools and the size to potentially lock down a backup spot at cornerback. With the lack of depth returning next year, it may be a committee approach at cornerback at Harper figures into being a vital figure.Tyler Brown – Offensive guardBrown was one of several big in-state gets for the Cowboys this cycle from Lexington, OK, who they stole from TCU’s clutches last year. He is a 6-5, 330-pound guard who says the coaches expect him to compete for playing time right away. He’s a mean offensive guard – and one of the biggest needs is some big nasties in the middle. I like his chances. If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

West Ham fan fined for racially abusing Tottenham’s Son Heung-min

first_imgReuse this content Tottenham Hotspur Share on Twitter From parks to Premier League: the shocking scale of racism in English football Topics 1:02 Play Video Share on WhatsApp Share on LinkedIn Tottenham’s Son Heung-min on racist abuse: ‘As players we should not react’ – video Racism has blighted English football this season. In December a Chelsea fan was accused of aiming racial abuse at Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling at Stamford Bridge, which he denied, and a Tottenham fan was banned after throwing a banana skin at Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.West Ham handed evidence to the Metropolitan police after investigating apparent Islamophobic abuse of Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah by one of their fans at the London Stadium in February.West Ham also vowed to ban a group of supporters filmed engaging in antisemitic chants on their way to the club’s Premier League match at Manchester United last month. The group were filmed singing an abusive song about Tottenham on a tram before the game at Old Trafford.Reports of discriminatory abuse increased by 11% in the 2017-18 season, according to figures released by Kick It Out in November, and are expected to rise again this year.center_img news A West Ham United fan has been fined after pleading guilty to a racially aggravated offence at a Carabao Cup game against Tottenham Hotspur at the London Stadium in October.The CPS brought the charge after the Metropolitan police received a complaint from another West Ham fan about the supporter aiming racial abuse at Tottenham’s Son Heung-min, a South Korea forward. The supporter was fined £184 and ordered to pay £110 in costs by Thames magistrates court after admitting to referring to Son, who scored twice in a 3-1 win for Tottenham, as “DVD”. Share on Pinterest Share on Facebook Read more West Ham United The supporter was not given a football banning order after the court accepted that the abuse was out of character. It concluded such action would not “help to prevent violence or disorder” and would be “disproportionate and excessive”.West Ham have banned the fan indefinitely from the London Stadium but have also offered him the chance to attend an education course. If he completes this and signs an acceptable-behaviour agreement the ban will be reviewed.The reference to selling DVDs is known to be a racist term when aimed at Asian footballers and is not the first time the slur has been aimed at Son by someone claiming to be a West Ham supporter.Son was racially abused in November 2017, after he wound down his car window to pose for a picture with another fan. In a video uploaded to social media, the man – who is off camera – asks Son if he can get him a copy of the new Planet of the Apes film. “DVDs. You do DVDs. Good copies,” the man adds, before identifying himself as a West Ham supporter.Two months later Son made a shushing gesture after scoring against West Ham in a 1-1 draw at Wembley. The Tottenham forward, whose goal went in at the end where the West Ham fans were seated, put a finger to his lips as he celebrated. “It was nothing special, I don’t want to talk about it,” Son said after the game. “I think they knew why I did it and that’s it.” Share on Messenger Share via Emaillast_img read more

Leganes make history with Bernabeu win

first_imgReal Madrid v Leganés Leganes make history by dumping Real Madrid from the Copa del Rey Allen Ramsey 06:50 1/25/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(31) Leganes, Real Madrid Javier Soriano Real Madrid v Leganés Real Madrid Leganés Copa del Rey For the first time in their history Los Blancos have been dumped out of the Copa del Rey after winning the first leg on the road Leganes made a bit of history Wednesday, becoming the first side in history to dump Real Madrid out of the Copa del Rey with a win at the Santiago Bernabeu after losing the first leg at home. The season for Los Blancos continues to fall apart, with Zinedine Zidane’s men effectively out of the running in La Liga where rivals Barcelona are 19 points clear of Madrid. Before Wednesday, the Copa del Rey and Champions League were the best hopes of silverware left for the team and, after finding a late winner at the Estadio Municipal de Butarque through Marco Asensio, Madrid would have been confident in advancing to the semi-finals against a team that struggled against relegation last season.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player After all, Los Blancos had never once in their history failed to defend a first-leg Copa lead at their home ground and Leganes, though much improved this campaign, are still a bottom-half team in La Liga.Javier Eraso’s goal just after the half-hour mark put the home side on notice, as Madrid failed to register a shot on target in the first half for just the second time this season. But Karim Benzema’s equalizer just after the break had Madrid looking like favourites once more. Then came the stunner, with Gabriel putting the visiting side back in front just seven minutes later, and Madrid would never recover. The loss is a brutal blow for Madrid, who face the daunting task of Neymar, Edinson Cavani and Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League round of 16, with Europe’s top prize the only realistic chance for silverware remaining in what has become an unfathomably disappointing season. 1 – Leganes are the first team in Copa del Rey history to knock out Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu after losing at home in the first leg. Correction.— OptaJose (@OptaJose) January 24, 2018Madrid will face three league matches against Valencia, Levante and Real Sociedad, before they get their first crack at PSG on Feb. 14, but Zidane’s side will have to find some way to get the ship righted to have any real hope of moving past the French giants. For Leganes, the win over Madrid is one for the history books for another reason as well, with the club securing a first trip to the Copa del Rey semi-finals. They will be joined in the final four by Sevilla, Valencia and either Barcelona or Espanyol.last_img read more

Presenting Tagore in a new age format

first_imgTheatreworms Productions is all set to bring its latest play ‘Poem of an ending’, a stage adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Shesher Kobita’ in English for the first time, on July 20, at 7 pm at Shri Ram Centre, New Delhi.The play, which is directed by Kaushik Bose, is going to be presented in a unique format where each lead character will be represented by an actor and a dancer/movement expert. The unique combination will represent love as genderless and universal. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainThe format will bring in the contemporary element to the play, and make the production engaging for a younger audience as well. The core idea behind the production is to present Tagore in a new age format. With this presentation, the production house attempts to bring the world-renowned poet closer to the millennials, and introduce them to the global genius in a new format. It is not just the first stage adaptation of the classic, but also an attempt to take Tagore to a wider audience that the Nobel laureate deserves. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardThe play recounts the iconic love story of Amit Ray, a barrister educated at Oxford, whose virulent intellectualism reveals itself in its opposition to all forms of tradition. He meets Labonyo in a car accident and the romance builds up in the misty hills of Shillong. Amit’s iconoclasm meets Labonyo’s sincere simplicity through a series of dialogues and poems. But will these two worlds finally meet? The novel explores the realities of love as romance and marriage through a meeting of two mature minds. The story is also supported by Ketaki, Shovon, and Yogomaya – who have critical roles in this story of love and conflict.last_img read more

Exploration firms can help assess Indias mineral wealth FIMI

first_imgNew Delhi: Producing 95 major and minor minerals, including four fuel and three atomic minerals, the mining sector is an important segment of India’s economy but needs more government focus to increase its contribution to the GDP, mining industry body FIMI said. India is yet to assess its true potential of its resources, leading to the country heavily importing major minerals, to the tune of seven times its domestic production, as per the Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI). Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal”We all know that India is rich in minerals, but have we really assessed by how much? The risk factor in exploration is very high. You don’t find minerals in every effort you make. Normally the success rate of exploration is 1:100. As such, no country spends tax payers money in this risky venture,” said FIMI Secretary General R.K. Sharma. He said that the international practice by resource-rich countries is to entrust the job to junior exploration companies, formed by a group of geologists with domain expertise in a particular mineral or group of minerals and operating with venture capital or hedge funds. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostOnce a junior exploration company becomes successful in locating a world-class discovery, it sells this to a major mining company at a price which would recover all the past losses, if any, and may cover possible future losses, Sharma added. A major mining company can also undertake exploration, he said, citing the case of Rio Tinto which discovered the world-class diamond deposit in Madhya Pradesh’s Bunder. Sharma termed it unfortunate that India’s mineral resources remain under-explored since “exploration activities are restricted to the government sector and there is virtually no involvement of private sector”. Many international companies like Rio Tinto, Anglo American, De Beers, BHP (formerly BHP Billiton) among others had shown interest in exploring India’s mineral wealth, but had to call off their ventures and leave due to “complicated licensing and approval processes”, he said. On the Bunder mines, he said: “When NMDC (National Mineral Development Corporation) produces about 45,000 carats of diamonds in a year, Rio Tinto, with its access to most modern global technology and expertise, would have produced about 3 million carats of diamonds in the very first year and this could have gone to 5 million in subsequent 2-3 years.” Lamenting the squandered opportunity for wealth and job creation, Sharma said: “Policies need to be simpler and conducive and only then mining companies can give you desired results.” Noting experts believe that India does not have that world-class technology for exploration, he said that this is why it is not able to assess its true mineral wealth potential and FIMI is trying to get the government to change its policies. “FIMI has approached the government and is advocating to engage with junior exploration companies from across the world who have domain expertise and latest global technologies. These companies would give you clearer picture of mineral wealth in a very short span of time. There would be many takers from within India and across the world who would be then willing to invest in India’s mining sector,” Sharma said. He also said the identification of potential mining sites would make things easier for the mining companies to produce within India, and the country will be able to reduce its import bill and also create massive employment opportunities. “India needs to produce that every mineral and metal that the country is importing. Why spend tax-payers money, when the country has the potential resources,” Sharma said. “As most of the mines are located in rural and tribal areas, rural employment will get a boost besides giving impetus to the local area development,” he added.last_img read more

Bains describes being asked to remove turban by US airport security

first_imgTORONTO – Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains says he was asked to remove his turban during an “awkward” incident at a checkpoint in the Detroit airport a year ago and was only allowed to proceed when the security staff realized who he was.Bains, who was attending a G7 women’s forum in Toronto, spoke out about a number of media reports detailing the incident — and used it as a teachable moment about the prevalence of discrimination and the importance of speaking out about it.He described how after one initial encounter with overzealous security officials who wanted him to remove his turban, he was allowed to pass — only to be summoned back from the gate because of a problem with a swab test, when he was asked again to remove it.“I was asked to remove my turban, they did another test and I was ultimately allowed to go through,” he said, adding that at no point did he remove his headwear.“For me this is really about an incident that occurred that should not have occurred, because I was asked to come back from the gate, back to the security checkpoint, to remove my turban.”Bains is a Sikh and wearing the turban is mandatory in his religion. And while he was eventually allowed to board once he presented a diplomatic passport and disclosed his position in the government, he said it should not have mattered that he was a cabinet minister.“It doesn’t matter what your status is, what your position is,” he said. “It’s really about making sure that people are not discriminated against, that people are treated fairly and with respect.”He recounted his experience to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, who was in Washington for NAFTA talks Thursday. She said her officials raised the issue with their American counterparts.The U.S. has since expressed regret and has apologized to Bains.“My hope is now that I’m talking about this, now this has come to public light, that we can avoid these type of instances going forward,” he said.last_img read more

Anaheim Ducks Captain Ryan Getzlaf Supports CureDuchenne In 7th Annual Getzlaf Golf

first_imgHitting a hole in one will feel twice as nice at the 7th Annual Getzlaf Golf Shootout, hosted by Anaheim Ducks Captain Ryan Getzlaf, because all funds raised will benefit CureDuchenne and their mission to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.This year’s event will be held Saturday, September 9, at Monarch Beach Golf Links in Dana Point, Calif., with registration starting at 9:00 a.m. An exclusive MVP Party will kick off the festivities on Friday, September 8, at Time Nightclub in Costa Mesa at 5:30 p.m. Emceed by Ducks Announcer Brian Hayward and hosted by Getzlaf and his wife, Paige, the Getzlaf Golf Shootout, presented by Active PDF, is a charity event that brings together athletes, celebrities and community leaders teaming up in support of CureDuchenne. Meet and mingle with Anaheim Ducks players and other celebrities during the MVP party while bidding on live and silent auction packages.“The annual shootout reminds me how important it is to fight for what you believe in beyond the ice,” said Ryan Getzlaf. “It overwhelms me the amount of support we receive each year. Every registration, donation and sponsorship makes a difference in saving the lives of children with Duchenne, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of it. Together we can all help find a cure.”Current and former Anaheim Ducks teammates, coaches and other celebrities will join in the fun as 5th players that will accompany each foursome to help raise additional funds to save the lives of children with Duchenne. Past celebrity participants include Corey Perry, Teemu Selanne, Ryan Kesler, Andrew Cogliano, Chuck Finley, Sami Vatanen, Garrett Anderson, Frederik Andersen, Shawn Horcoff, Kent Huskins, Bruce Boudreau, Scott Neidermayer, Clayton Stoner and TV’s Brian Van Holt.The Getzlaf Golf Shootout incorporates fun for everyone. Individuals can participate in a million-dollar hole-in-one, three additional hole-in-one opportunities with luxury automobiles provided by CNC Motors, massage therapists, Jumbo Jenga, Anaheim Ducks Power Players with t-shirt launchers, giveaways by Wavy Clothing and Violent Gentlemen. Food and beverages will be available throughout the course, including Tilted Kilt, Des Madres Tequila, Bloody Mary Bar, and TK Burger food truck.Sponsors for this year’s shootout include Active PDF, Ayres Hotels, Carlile Coatsworth Architects Incorporated, CNC Motors Inc., Fullmer Construction, FR Construction, G&M, Independent Capital Management, Inc., The Ryan Grant Team of Benchmark Mortgage, The Sports Corporation, Trust and Tradition Hockey Club, Violent Gentleman Hockey Club and WHGC. Lunch will be provided by TK Burger.CureDuchenne is a nonprofit that raises awareness and funds research to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.Duchenne is a fatal muscle disease that impacts one in every 3,500 boys. Duchenne patients are usually diagnosed at age 5, lose their ability to walk by 12 and most don’t survive their mid-20s. Currently there is no cure for Duchenne. Proceeds of the event will fund impactful research to find a cure for Duchenne.For more information and to reserve your sponsorship go to or call 949-872-2552.last_img read more

Make Teams Slack Other Collaboration Tools UltraSecure

Keeping Your Communications Systems Safe Takes Practice Gary Audin August 29, 2019 Don’t assume you’re ready for a security attack if you’ve never exercised what you have in place. Hotshot_SP_magnifier_globe_774.png Find out more about how Hotshot adds location and time as elements to a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) strategy in this whitepaper, “Protection 101: Why Your Business Needs an Ultra-Secure Collaboration Tool Now.” Download now to learn how to empower your enterprise to protect its data with a zero-trust architecture, thereby changing the threat surface dramatically.Tags:News & ViewsHotshotcollaboration toolSMS messagesMFAzero-trust architectureSecurityTeam Collaboration Tools & WorkspacesVendor Perspective Articles You Might Like As we’ve seen time and again — say, with Metro Bank in the UK earlier this year, where cyber-criminals stole the 2FA OTP (One Time Password) by hijacking SMS messages — communication tools are the main targets of cyber-criminals looking for an entry point to your proprietary data, customer information, competitive insight, and other valuable material. For any business that communicates via desktop or mobile devices, confidential data, and even your company’s competitive advantage, is at stake. The Not-So-Private Elevator Martha Buyer August 20, 2019 Though not a commonly known exploit, hackers can eavesdrop on elevator conversations – exposing individuals and potentially enterprises to security risks. Is there a better way to communicate internally and with third-party collaborators, while staying ahead of malicious actors? And, how can an identity system build a layered perspective of a user’s digital identity through multiple data points? To address this, it’s important to use more factors than the simple possession of a smartphone and entry of a PIN to serve as an MFA token. Using sensors built into smartphones, Hotshot designed an identity platform which uses location services, gyroscopes, accelerometers, and light sensors to help provide proof that a user is inherently who they say they are. As Hotshot advances the development of its identity system, the company continues to focus on gaining additional visibility into the history and assurance of a user’s digital identity. The first two components of Hotshot’s enhanced identity system are time and location. By building policies and monitoring tools to gather precise time and location data, the security of systems can be enhanced. When bad actors gain access to sensitive information an entire company is at-risk — not only considering privacy and security issues, but also considering the vast legal and compliance exposure that goes along with a modern cyber attack. IT Security Refresh: The Cyber Defense Matrix Terry Slattery October 02, 2019 With the Cyber Defense Matrix, enterprises can measure their security coverage and discover gaps in their IT strategy. With a growing mobile-first business culture, there are many associated risks and vulnerabilities. SMS messages especially are now increasingly prone to a plethora of sophisticated attacks. The Threat of Toll Fraud Persists Irwin Lazar September 16, 2019 With a toll fraud prevention and mitigation strategy, enterprises can identify and mitigate potential toll threats – sometimes before they even happen. Today more than ever, however, businesses rely on collaboration and gig-workers who can jump into challenges and quickly find and share solutions. In order to enable this, today’s businesses need a modern collaboration tool that offers more than the old-fashioned two-factor authentication (2FA). Phish-Prone Testing, Keep Your Enterprise Secure Scott Murphy August 21, 2019 Phishing testing teaches employees to detect and respond to malicious emails, helping to create a culture of security. See All in Security » Log in or register to post comments read more

UN refugee agency appoints Cate Blanchett as global Goodwill Ambassador

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Cate Blanchett visits refugees in Jordan. Credit: UNHCRShe has also supported World Refugee Day, UNHCR’s appeal for the Europe refugee crisis, and attended the Women in the World Conference in New Delhi to represent UNHCR and moderate a high-level panel discussion on the global refugee crisis. Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said he was “very pleased” that Blanchett had taken on this new role. “Goodwill Ambassadors play a pivotal role in creating better public understanding and support for refugees, and never has there been a greater need to build these bridges,” Mr. Grandi said. “She has already demonstrated great commitment to the cause and we look forward to seeing her inspire many more people in her new role,” he added. The announcement comes as Ms. Blanchett returns from a mission to Jordan to witness the ongoing humanitarian operation for people displaced by the conflict in Syria. “I am deeply proud to take on this role,” Ms. Blanchett said in a press release from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).“There has never been a more crucial time to stand with refugees and show solidarity. We are living through an unprecedented crisis, and there must be shared responsibility worldwide. It feels like we’re at a fork in the road, do we go down the compassionate path or do we go down the path of intolerance?” she asked During her trip, Ms. Blanchett met Syrian refugee families to hear first-hand about the perilous journeys they had undertaken and the daily challenges they face. She said that, as a mother, she wanted her children to go down the compassionate path. “There’s much more opportunity, there’s much more optimism and there is a solution down that path,” she stressed. Prior to her appointment, Ms. Blanchett worked with UNHCR for more than a year to raise awareness about the forcibly displaced. In 2015, she travelled to Lebanon to meet Syrian refugees and to hear about the experiences of stateless people as part of her support for UNHCR’s #IBelong campaign. read more

CV manufacturing declines by a third in November

UK commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturing fell -34.6% in November according to figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). 6,312 vans, trucks, buses and coaches left production lines last month, as declining business confidence and fluctuating buying cycles continued to affect production volumes.Domestic demand fell -16.8% in November, echoing recent declines in UK commercial vehicle registrations. Meanwhile, demand from overseas markets declined -40.7%, however, the proportion of CVs built for export remains high at 67.5%. Year-to-date production has also fallen, with output for UK and overseas markets down -24.4% and -9.2% respectively.Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said,November marks the ninth month of negative growth for UK CV production in 2017. Whilst fleet purchasing cycles have fluctuated, declining confidence among operators in the CV market is no doubt affecting production. To stimulate demand and safeguard the competitiveness of our industry, we need urgent clarity on transition arrangements and the nature of our long-term future relationship with Europe.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) November UK production of commercial vehicles declines -34.6% to 6,312 units.Declines in both home and overseas demand, falling -16.8% and -40.7% respectively.Year-to-date output also down, falling -15.7%, with 74,466 CVs built this year. read more

Sale of towers to Bobby Vieira Transparency body urges probe

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedDPP’s decision to disallow charges against Govt Ministers should be challenged – TIGIMay 28, 2018In “latest news”GuySuCo’s liabilities: The nation needs to know what’s unfolding, what’s at stake- JagdeoJune 11, 2018In “Business”Op-Ed: Govt’s flip-flop on GuySuCo continuesApril 6, 2018In “Opinion” In light of reports that the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) sold and may have undervalued two transmission towers belonging to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Transparency International Guyana Incorporated (TIGI) is calling for answers.TIGI President, Dr Troy Thomas noted that NICIL’s Special Purpose Unit (SPU) – which was created to oversee the divestment of GuySuCo’s assets after the industry was downsized to only three estates – must provide answers on the sale, which sources at GuySuCo allege netted a sub-par price of just G$2.1 million.“They must answer questions about how that (transaction) was done and whether the laws were followed. And if the laws were not followed, then that would come under SARA (State Assets Recovery Agency) at this point, although there can be other agencies. But we definitely need to make sure that things were done properly and if they were not done properly, then those responsible must be held accountable,” he posited.Persons have opined that the towers should have fetched no less than G$10 million. In fact, Dr Thomas reminded that when Government assets are being disposed of, there should be open tendering to ensure the State receives the best price for its property. He noted that assets could easily be undervalued and the State would lose money when procurement laws were not followed.Dr Thomas went on to add, “If State assets (were disposed of) in a manner that does not return the maximum value, then it’s something that SARA should take up and see whether something was done inappropriately and whether there are grounds for applying legal sanctions.”Officials from GuySuCo were recently quoted in sections of the media questioning the sale by NICIL of two of its transmission towers to Bobby Vieira’s Multicultural Communications Inc for a mere G$2.1 million. One of the towers, reports suggest, has since been leased to another company. Another concern was that the assets were not even vested to NICIL.It is understood that the officials had written a letter about the matter to Agriculture Minister Noel Holder, in which they had noted that “we recently saw a draft Agreement of sale whereby Mr (Colvin) Heath-London, through NICIL is in the process of, or perhaps have sold GuySuCo’s Transmission Tower located at Drill, Mahaicony to a company named Multicultural Communications Inc…. Again, that property was not vested to NICIL and would be another unlawful act by NICIL.”Repeated attempts by this publication to make contact with SPU Head Heath-London, whose agency has responsibility for divesting GuySuCo of its assets, were futile.Since the story broke, Vieira, who has had ties to the coalition Government and served as the assistant events coordinator for President David Granger’s inauguration in 2015, has been directing questions to the relevant authorities.This sale is the latest cause of friction between NICIL and GuySuCo. While NICIL has claimed GuySuCo has not been forthcoming with information for the divestment, the Sugar Corporation has denied this and countered with records of submitted information. In fact, GuySuCo has expressed concerns that NICIL is less than transparent about the process.The company criticised NICIL for the current arrangement that sees the agency pocketing proceeds from the assets it does divest. GuySuCo claims that it should be the other way around, so that the Corporation could fund its own strategic plan. read more

Wanted bulletins issued for rape suspects

L-R: Dillon Batson, Carlos Hackett and Winston RodneyThe Guyana Police Force (GPF) has issued wanted bulletins for three men accused of rape.In the first instance, 27-year-old Dillon Fitzgerald Batson of Lot 2793 Central Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, Linden is wanted for rape committed on November 14, 2018.The second person, Carlos Hackett, is wanted for the rape of a child under 16-years-old, which occurred between June 1-30, 2017 at Wismar Housing Scheme in Linden.The third suspect, 35-year-old Winston Rodney of Pomeroon is wanted for the rape of a child under 16-years-old which occurred between July 1-31, 2019 at Lamp Island, Kwakwani.Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of the suspects are asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 226-6978, 225-8196, 226-2870, 226-7065, 227-1149, 226-7065, 911 or the nearest police station.All information will be treated with the strictest confidence. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedWanted bulletin issued for D’Urban Street manMarch 19, 2018In “Crime”Saleswoman wanted for fraudFebruary 12, 2019In “Crime”Wanted bulletin issued for murder suspectNovember 17, 2015In “Crime” read more

CTO activates relief fund for Bahamas

Uprooted trees, fallen power lines and debris scattered on road as Hurricane Dorian sweeps through Bahamas. (Photo: Reuters)(CMC) — The Barbados-based Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) today said it had activated its Hurricane Relief Fund which has been established to help countries rebuild after disasters as it expressed “deepest regret and sadness” over the loss of life and damage done to the Bahamas by Category 5 Hurricane Dorian.Bahamas relies heavily on tourism for its foreign exchange and revenue and the storm, which began lashing the country since Sunday, has so far been blamed for five deaths and destruction to a number of buildings mainly on Abacos and Grand Bahama Island.“In the wake of this monstrous storm, we have witnessed the pain of those who lost loved ones, the agony of so many who lost their homes and all their belongings, and the angst of an entire Caribbean concerned for the welfare of the people of these islands,” the CTO said in a statement.It said however, as has been demonstrated so many times in the past, “We have weathered many storms, we are a resilient people who refuse to surrender even in the most difficult of times, and we are confident that the people of the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama, with the full support of the Islands of the Bahamas and the Caribbean tourism family, will navigate the road to recovery together and emerge stronger.“With the Bahamas being an archipelago with more than 700 islands and cays spread over 100,000 square miles, the greatest impact of Hurricane Dorian is being felt in the northernmost islands of the Abacos and Grand Bahama, while most of the nation has been mostly unaffected,” CTO said, announcing the activation of its relief fund “which has been established to help our people and countries rebuild after disasters”. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGuyana preparing to help hurricane-hit BahamasSeptember 4, 2019In “Environment”Guyanese family from hurricane-ravaged Bahamas returns home todaySeptember 15, 2019In “latest news”GBTI commits $3M towards Bahamas Hurricane ReliefSeptember 4, 2019In “Environment” read more

Hexagon to fill the rockfall monitoring void with IDS GeoRadar RockSpot

first_imgHexagon AB has announced the launch of IDS GeoRadar RockSpot, a radar system that fills a gap in the monitoring of natural and engineered slopes.The system detects, tracks, and analyses the slightest movements from rockfalls, avalanches, and other fast-moving landslide debris flow, according to the company.“RockSpot creates real-time alerts that can be connected to on-site alarms (eg sirens, automatic road closures or other alert devices). Georeferenced, recorded event data provides advanced statistics and analytics for risk assessment and vulnerability zone mapping, the company said.Ola Rollén, Hexagon President and CEO, said Hexagon is committed to empowering customers to put data to work and, in the case of RockSpot, “they’re able to leverage data to protect workers and the general public in high-risk areas of potentially catastrophic events”.He added: “This intelligent safety solution, designed to withstand all weather conditions, continuously monitors day and night.”RockSpot can identify rockfalls up to 2 km from the slope, as well as avalanches and other fast-moving events, like mudflow and debris flow, up to 4 km from the slope.With a coverage field of 40° vertical and 80°horizontal, the system can consistently monitor an entire mine wall or natural slope at high resolution with a single radar unit, according to the company.Hexagon said: “RockSpot’s alerts can be customised sector by sector using advanced algorithms that distinguish rock movements from other moving objects, such as haul trucks, animals and people.”last_img read more

VfL Gummersbach in crisis sack coach Bahtijarevic

Denis Bahtijarevic is no longer VfL Gummersbach coach.Only one point in the last six matches was the reason for a change in one of the most successful teams in handball history, which is now at the edge of relegation at DKB Bundesliga.VfL Gummersbach are at 16th place with only 9 points after 22 matches, a point ahead of the team who is ni relegation zone, Bietegheim.His replacement will be Torge Greve. Denis BahtijarevicSchwalbe arenaVfL Gummersbach ← Previous Story Powerful PSG Handball, HBC Nantes were on -10 Next Story → ISRAEL 2018/2019: Dramatic handball Friday read more

Heres how many Irish people get the minimum wage

first_imgTHE IRISH CONGRESS of Trade Unions (ICTU) has hit out at ‘underemployment’ in Ireland and supported findings that a social welfare system does not act as a disincentive from working.In a new study, ICTU identified a reduction in the number of hours for those in employment as an issue. Since 1992, the average number of hours for a hotel or restaurant worker has fallen by 11.2 hours, from 42.3 to 31.4 hour per week. The report notes that: “There has been a decline in working hours for the generally low paid workers, while the hours of other occupation groups have been largely stable”.The paper by ICTU looked at comparatives with other European countries. It was noted that previous evidence had shown that 5% of the Irish workforce was paid at or below the minimum wage. This puts the figure of people on minimum wage at around 108,000. The minimum wage in Ireland stands at €8.65 for adult workers.In Poland it was found that 1.3 million employees earned less than the minimum wage. This accounted for around 13% of all workers.In the report called ‘Labour Market Monitor’,  support is given for a recent paper produced by the ESRI on ‘Welfare Targeting and Work Incentives’. In the study it was found that the majority of workers are financially better off in employment than on welfare.This ESRI paper found that only 28% of those unemployed have a replacement ratio of 70% or more. The replacement ratio refers to the amount that welfare would cover of what that person is already earning. The vast majority of people (87%) receive more in work than they would on welfare.In the ICTU report it states: Though some people, particularly those with children, may receive more from social welfare, as the vast majority of unemployed have no children this does not have a great impact on the overall numbers better off working versus on social welfare.Another issue looked at in the study is the level of emigration. In figures taken from last year, Ireland was found to have had 1.9% emigration as a percentage of its total population. There was an increase of 43% on the numbers of people leaving the country between the years 2008 to 2011.The assessment also provides an analysis of the European situation, looking specifically at Germany and Poland. In Germany, a minimum wage was only introduced following elections in September last year. Prior to this there were reports of workers receiving as little as 26 cents an hour. A minimum wage of €8.50 has been in place since last month.Read: JobBridge is ‘absolutely not’ used by employers to get cheap labourAlso: Non-EU citizens register much higher unemployment rate across the EU than localslast_img read more

Neos Kosmos finds AFP raids disturbing disconcerting and dangerous

first_imgWe at Neos Kosmos find last week’s raids on the ABC, and on News Corp journalist Annika Smethhust by the Australian Federal Police, (AFP), as disturbing and dangerous.We know that governments often need to keep some things secret but not forever and not without good cause. We do not believe in irresponsible leaks of mass information to the public without context.When reporting, we try to ensure the safety of whistle blowers, and truth seekers who wish to expose unjust or criminal behaviour in governments and powerful institutions. However, the catchall nature and extension of section 70 of the Commonwealth Crimes Act can result in Government whistle-blowers and the journalists who report on leaked information facing up to 20 years’ jail terms. Labor supported the Coalition’s bill extending the powers to police and intelligence authorities.As Hellenes, as the ancient custodians of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and association, believe in the intrinsic virtue of justice and liberty as a package. We believe that the actions of the AFP will harvest a lack of trust in an otherwise good institution.Since 1957 Neos Kosmos has been at the forefront of campaigns for social justice, human rights and political freedoms in Greece, Cyprus, in Australia and elsewhere. We are enmeshed in constant dialogue as Greeks and journalists over the role of freedom of speech and justice.Freedom of speech and freedom of the press – warts and all – is better than the limitation of natural liberty and suppression of speech. Nothing has convinced us over 2500 years that a diminution of liberty, censorious governments and intrusive police actions against media, teachers and political advocates make society safer.READ MORE: Press Freedom in Greece plummetsAs journalists we understand the need for responsible reporting. We fully support the Racial Vilification Act and do not view racial hate speech as freedom of speech. As Greeks we know as that some ideas may cause offence to some however that is part of free and open dialogue. Like the Greeks of Ancient Athens, and like Pericles, we see the importance of free yet responsible speech. Ancient Greeks considered fearless speech, parrhesia, παρρησία, to be a presentation of the truth once permission is given to speak in the Ἀγορά, Agora, or assembly. We distinguished various forms of parrhesia, the most negative being when one is allowed to say anything, even the most stupid and dangerous things for the state.Neos Kosmos takes care to not jeopardise the role of judicial courts, or endanger our security apparatus, nor to defame people. At the same time, we know that the state, institutions, and individuals will not always act in accordance with our virtues – virtues enshrined in all democracies – unless they are kept in check by a healthy and fearless fourth estate.Hellenes have suffered and shed much blood in wars of liberation from Ottoman colonisers, Nazi and Axis occupiers in World War II and in later bringing down Military Junta of 1967-74. State authority under the guise of ‘protecting’ morality, society, or nation often bears tyranny. We have endured and defeated many tyrannies due to our unyielding belief in freedom of speech and freedom of the press.READ MORE: In crisis-stricken Greece, one thing is in prosperity: poetryNeos Kosmos believes that the only way to maintain trust in government, the police and our intelligence institutions and to ensure freedom of speech and media freedom is through a Bill of Rights. A bill of rights would list the fundamental rights of citizens of a country. It ensures that the rights of individuals are safe from violation by the state, or by other individuals.Australia is the only liberal democracy not to have either a constitutionally entrenched bill of rights or a national human rights act. Given the authority Prime Minister Morrison enjoys for now, we call upon him to harvest that authority and ensure his place in Australia’s history as the PM that ushered a Bill of Rights for Australia. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Greek Australian artist Stella ZicopoulosGrieg explores her cultural identity in solo exhibition

first_imgAs a child of Greek migrants, memories of the long voyage from Greece to Australia have had a profound influence on Stella Zicopoulos-Grieg’s artistic practice.Her love of the sea was further reinforced by the summer holidays she would spend each year with family at beaches in the City of Kingston.These personal and symbolic memories continue to inform the narratives and technical compositions of Stella’s highly abstracted and gestural oil paintings, seen in her solo exhibition.Aptly titled ‘Thalassa’ (the Greek word for ‘sea’), the exhibition, set to open this Friday, 12 July at G3 Artspace, explores her special connection with the sea, as well as her cultural identity.Stella makes a connection between her work and Homer’s epic ‘The Odyssey’, which in effect represents the sea of life – a journey full of both victories and heartbreaks. This is something all humans have in common, and is a connection that has had a profound influence on the artist’s work.More recently, she has been exploring the compositional motif of ‘two-thirds of sky’ within the surface of her paintings, presenting the horizon line as a force which connects, disrupts, and creates discord within the picture plane. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Stella currently works from her private studio at Le Studio Artspace in Mordialloc.She completed a Fine Arts Degree majoring in Ceramics and Painting at RMIT University. She later went on to complete a Graduate Diploma of Education at the University of Melbourne, and has been working as a visual arts educator for 30 years. Throughout the years, she has exhibited in group exhibitions across Victoria, as well as interstate, with her works held in private collections both locally and across Australia.When: 13 July-10 August, 2019Where: G3 Artspace (64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale VIC)Admission: FreeREAD MORE: WHAT’S ON Guide: Greek-inspired events across Australia, 5 July onwardlast_img read more