There will be traffic to make money SP

SP for advertising to make money, I have not contact for a long time. Now the SP market rebound, there are a lot of new friends want to do, but I do not know from what hand! The younger brother say about to do some of the self understanding SP! Well you pat the palm, say the wrong place everyone clap brick! Note: please pass master


traffic is a valuable thing, we all know that, but we take the flow to buy food, people do not give us money to buy food.

what is traffic?

traffic is to a number of stations, is the flow.

a, according to the purpose of traffic, divided into:

1, free flow.

arbitrary flow is forced or be tempted to a stand up, and the contents of the station is not what they want or their own initiative to see.

For example the window flow


didn’t want to see it, but he did.

, for example, hang QQ traffic.

thought it was a beauty, the result is the entrepreneurial class of the station, this is not what they want to see.

the quality of such traffic is generally not very high, are only called traffic only, the general quality.

2, directional flow.

is not a random flow, then the flow is definitely directional.

what is the directional flow? This is the person who saw the ad, ready to go to your station.

Fixed traffic on the

site, is directed traffic, they open the site every day to see the content of your site, so this is a fixed flow.

two, according to traffic sources are divided into:

1, the flow of publicity.

this kind of flow is the flow capacity of the individual, is to be able to do not have any traffic on the site traffic publicity, such as hanging QQ, all people earn, Trojans, plug-ins… That is, by the outside world to get the free flow of power, this is the flow of publicity.

2 purchased traffic.

if I don’t have any traffic skills, but I am rich, so I can buy flow, I can buy a directional flow, also can buy not directional flow, can buy high quality flow, also can buy low quality traffic.

3, natural flow

this flow is a fixed flow every day, for example, we go to Sina, because we know the address of sina, we are the natural flow of sina.

Three types of

traffic, basically represents the development of the network of three realms:

the first phase of people tend to like their own propaganda.

second stage

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