10 set playback volume gains 2 billion What is the sansei fire up

It is reported that

, the "big three" backed by the III Chupin, Huace Hatton respectively, Jiaxing play cool communication media, three kinds of fire culture. And this drama is also of great significance for the production of these three parties.

this year, the New Year Movie stalls, several large screen to keep the box office hit a new high. At the same time, the TV market has also ushered in the year of intense war drama "III ten peach" (hereinafter referred to as the "sansei III"), "not", "solitary Fang zishang legend of the Condor Heroes", "Datang glory" and many other big costume drama together with the spring Festival staged, Fengeng file viewing with flow.

Yang Mi, starring Mark IP three super popular big drama "III" early before the launch of the highly anticipated, the episode aired is heady, just 4 days after the broadcast, to play the tenth set amount to more than 2 billion, higher than 420 million of the amount on a daily webcast in growth, micro-blog currently has more than the degree of topic discussion twenty million, obviously in the costume ratings in the fight for power power to continue gaining ratings queen Title


from the end of big data: micro-blog reading volume 3 billion 90 million


" into "the III topic manufacturing machine

"IP" III as one of the most fire this year, have a higher visibility with fans attention, but the actress Yang Mi also comes with high popularity and appeal to flow, before the show began broadcasting has been laid under the market foundation.


this drama about the green hill and Diji white light nine days three night China prince love hate married the beautiful fairy love story. As the immortal love drama first aired, but also deliver the goods, the amount of network broadcast 48 hours quickly broke the record of 1 billion, 4 days to play the amount of success exceeded 2 billion, playing the amount of daily growth above 420 million, while the drama ratings are constantly rising, leading the successful Lunar New year stalls screen.

in addition, "Sansheng III" the topic is also rising, each episode aired, the topic will basically occupy the 20 position directly before micro-blog hot search.

For example,

series, launched at the beginning, the drama "Yang Mi’s hairline" successfully attracted the attention of many users, and quickly occupied the hot search list of the top position, Yang Mi is also quite self Black said to go to the hair.


actor Mark also began to become self ridicule from the "Golden Lotus" Terrier "blacksnakes stem", and many users have been eagerly waiting to see uncle and aunt meet reality.



then # from the mirror, # # slag men night Hua pengci # hot topic is constantly sparked heated debate, the drama starring and starring frequency hot search, micro-blog is currently the topic to discuss.

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