Alipay WeChat WeChat electric shielding in the danger and opportunity


Jian Qing wall field, refers to the original reinforcement fortifications, the surrounding residents and supplies all the call transfer, the enemy can not come in, do not grab something, and therefore untenable. This is a way to deal with the advantages of the enemy, this is the strategy used by the current Ali WeChat."

with Alipay in February 13th, "no new sign, not to renew, cooperation policy is introduced, its application has a payment interface for WeChat businesses closed permanently, although before applying for successful businesses is not affected, but soon they will not be able to continue to use the Alipay payment, but this also means that Ali has been on the WeChat channel all closed.

station in Ali’s point of view, the Alipay screen WeChat is very reasonable, and before Taobao service platform, Taobao WeChat shield shield WeChat link, has its strategic significance on the inside, which can allow users to develop shopping habits in the WeChat platform, can not let the public, businesses in the WeChat shop sellers, but can not let WeChat become mobile channel and platform providers, which will threaten the entire Ali’s future, coupled with the recent Tencent shares public comment news, and ogle Jingdong and Tencent, making Ali must take action.

but as an outsider, Ali, which is contrary to the spirit of the Internet closed approach can not be accepted. From the third party service providers to develop the WeChat business department learned that the more than 60 thousand public service number about 10% WeChat is doing business, the average monthly water in early 100 thousand, are directly linked to the Taobao sellers, Taobao link is blocked after the switch to the products they have developed through Alipay to sell even now, Alipay has closed, the equivalent of the entire shopping process to the original all reinvent the wheel, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the users of WeChat, is the last of these small businesses suffer.

it may be said that without Alipay, also can pick TenPay, quick money, UnionPay these third party payment ah, I would like to ask, pro, you have caifutong account? Do you remember caifutong payment password? If we want to buy something for users to register accounts No., bind the bank card, this basic sale would not be able to do so, even if WeChat red then regressed, payment habits is not one day be able to turn the mobile payment war is just beginning.

from the strategic point of view, which is called the wall clear, all the resources are hidden to leave a piece of wasteland to yourself to take care of, it is hard enough. It seems that WeChat although it is open in Ali, but once the business platform up to protect not just find a reason to shield the Taobao and Alipay, so while WeChat users can only chat, while WeChat business foundation instability, while WeChat pay have not been able to fully open, pre emptive first broke the channel. Hot hot potato all over to their Tencent.

just Ali seems to forget that this is not the era of PC, in the center of the flat, fragmented, mobile social era, but also want to rely on closed ecology to consolidate their position may lose more

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