The first Taobao Park Settled in Dongguan in the future will be copied in Beijing

              station network June 19th news first Taobao park today has just settled in Guangdong Dongguan Songshan Lake, Taobao will have to move to Beijing this pattern.It is reported that Taobao

, Songshan Lake Park business park will imitate the traditional practice, provide a series of preferential policies in the park, focus on a series of specific issues of trademark registration, business negotiation, inventory delivery, to help enterprise development. Unlike the traditional entrepreneurial park, the park will help these companies set up shop in Taobao, through e-commerce model to expand the marketing channels of enterprises. Taobao has also promised to provide a series of preferential policies for the business park shop.

this is the first Chinese to build regional industrial economy based on network retail channels based on the network construction of domestic sales channels, in order to achieve the "attempt to create brand, to export to the domestic industrial transformation and upgrading. It is reported that the early admission of iRiver electronics, toys, wool association are former export-oriented enterprises in the future, Taobao shop, will open up the domestic market by means of electronic commerce.

Taobao relevant person in charge told reporters that the future of Taobao entrepreneurial park model will also be replicated in Beijing. The source said, Taobao Venture Park will be combined with local industry characteristics to set up. Taobao Venture Park in Guangdong to support manufacturing enterprises to domestic sales, while in Beijing is likely to foster creative enterprises based."

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