Baidu Post Bar literature bar open the opening of the exposure table and other reporting channels

DoNews June 7th news (reporter to close) according to DoNew was informed that Baidu Post Bar literature from June 7th onwards it batch reopened, the first open bar, including the dragon master it, it included more than 100 tomb literature.


Post Bar said, because the longer time required to identify and remove pirated content of the original, so the literature Post Bar batches will be open, and at the same time, the original content will be temporarily blocked by pirated content clean, not open Post Bar will be determined in case of pirated content and opening up after cleaning.

May 23rd, there are user feedback, 22 midnight to early this morning, Baidu novel paste a lot of post ban. Including "ghost chuideng", "Tomb notes", many well-known network novel Post Bar were banned, not only is the normal exchange of content resources posts, also completely inaccessible. At the same time, along with the novel type of Post Bar banned and grass, and many other beautiful campus Belle, large Post Bar.

May 23rd, Baidu official comment on the matter, said to increase efforts to protect and maintain the legitimate rights of authorship, create a more formal platform for the majority of literary friends, Baidu Post Bar today, will be in full swing check piracy action, continued efforts of investigation and rectification of infringing content.

It is reported in the literature during the period of

, it temporarily closed, Baidu Post Bar introduced a series of measures, including: improving the Post Bar existing management system, strengthen penalties for infringement; close the serious piracy problem Post Bar; open "Post Bar exposure", "national report" two green channel report; preparation for piracy feature library; the new literature, Baidu Post Bar will focus on supervision.

it is understood that the official has been modified Post Bar protocol, host system, bar bar instructions, the new team for pirated content monitoring of self-examination fiction terms, provisions should take the initiative to remove it Post Bar pirated content it responsibility, it will prohibit the pirated content, add to the top, does not meet the requirements of the team. Treatment will be revoked. In the fiction of the main Post Bar complaints, "piracy" into the scope of complaints, after receiving complaints will be examined, evaluated, if violations of the Lord to undo the next treatment.

in addition, Baidu will establish a platform to protect the rights and interests of the author Post Bar Post Bar, author after authentication will become the work bar bar owners, to delete pirated content, and with the help of Post Bar this platform to promote their work.

Lu Fubin, vice president of Baidu

, general manager of the post bar division, said, the issue of copyright infringement on the network platform has long been a problem faced by copyright owners, platform side and even the whole society together. The Baidu post bar has a total of 19 million themes, more than 1 billion registered users, monthly active users exceeded by 300 million. The huge amount of users, the amount of data will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of regulation. But Baidu post bar to combat piracy attitude and action are

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