Network audio visual programs face new regulations exam

The dawn of the new year in 2008 December 30th, the SARFT and the Ministry of information industry in People’s Republic of China approved and issued "provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program service". This is the first time the two ministerial units on the Internet to pick up the legal weapons to join forces to the Internet market, who do not declare war criminals and outlaws.The other thing that

can’t draw attention to is that the new regulations will come into effect on January 31st next year. From issued to the implementation of only 2 months, the urgency of the visible state of Internet audio-visual program supervision has many strong, the market is determined in any more!

nearly 2 years, the domestic Internet users demand for large amounts of audio and video programs, the program’s upload and download are extremely active, especially popular video programs. The relevant regulations promulgated by the state to ignore some bad sites, "seize the opportunity", special communication, operating a variety of pornographic audio-visual content on the Internet, big hair "yellow" property, ruining people’s spiritual home, but also increased the social crime. Some relatively law-abiding business sites with the video content for the flagship, in speculation, won the international venture capital investment, rapid rise in IT. But they are not healthy video content without exception, keen to spread with edge ball properties. Although some video content is not too outrageous, but the site in order to attract eyeballs will often deliberately do live hot heading. Therefore, to some extent, more people’s network video to strengthen the vulgar feeling and perception.

at present, the world is faced with the technical barriers to the supervision of network video and audio program content. Because they do not like text content can be controlled by the computer’s filtering system, the need for artificial frame by frame (video) or by second (audio) one by one audit. But the face of massive information on the Internet, this regulatory approach does not work.

market economy is based on the legal system of social and economic system. Therefore, in the management of the market behavior, in addition to moral persuasion, the government must hold high the sword of the law.

we see, the Internet audio-visual program service management regulations is a point to the Internet, the sword of the new law. The content of the network audio-visual programs for the regulatory focus of the regulations, the past is to refine and deepen the Internet management regulations, regulations. Can be expected, it is for the introduction of relevant laws in the speculative nature of the prepared.

from the provisions of the content, pre-approval, content control is the development of the new rules of the department.

pre-approval of the threshold is very high. The new regulation provides that if the website is engaged in the Internet audio-visual program services, the need to obtain the radio, film and television authorities issued the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" or perform the filing procedures. But only with legal personality, is owned or controlled by the state, and in the day of application before the legal person without illegal record "within three years are eligible to apply for a license (license). This means that in the future there will be only state-owned or state holding single

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