Wu Wenhui left the team starting point grand classic type problem


at the beginning of March, great rift in the literary world open iron country network. The starting point of Chinese network (hereinafter referred to as the "starting point") the collective resignation of the founding team, most of the core to follow and edit.

this storm looks and personal arena scores was not much relevance. This is a classic "grand problem": the top-down group will collide with the specific business development of the company.

Starting point network founder Wu Wenhui and his companions

is known for its strong character, eventually chose to leave. After experiencing a lot of Internet investors chase, they eventually face almost Tencent, Baidu two choose a program, the new site is expected to formally launched in May and June.

March 30th, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang took over after the start of the writers conference. Shanda chairman Chen Tianqiao attended as a starting point. Chen Tianqiao proposed the user is diversified, network literature has become increasingly mainstream, promising future. He said that the beginning of the acquisition is only a fancy mode, the starting point is a seed, a healthy development for a long time, no longer dependent on people, data mining will give writers a better future.

on the same day in the evening, Wu Wenhui told the reporter, next week he will have completed his resignation procedures. He is full of confidence in the home team’s capabilities and resources, decided the future of "three world" pattern, in addition, other competitors compete for the starting point, but also the team will have a space for one person.

in the entertainment at the same time, the original literary content of this jade, also has precious value of copyright resources and mobile Internet entrance in a body, the coveted. Now, this "in the starting point and a very valuable and rare thing" home team two.

who can win this is left to the network literature and the Internet industry’s biggest suspense.


is the meaning of brewing collective resignation bigong, but this leaked ahead of schedule.

March 1st, the starting point of the writers conference held in Hangzhou. Wu Wenhui, the founding team and other loose business starting point of management, and the core part of the editorial team and focus on the great God class of ventilation, be willing to ask whether from the starting point, to form a new station. At this time they have had to speed up the preparatory speed, to gradually become "open".

as early as February, the starting point of contact with the team Baidu news has spread in the industry. From the beginning of the team staff had complained to the reporter jokingly, Baidu internal information exposed too early.

March 1st, Hou Xiaoqiang has received multiple lines, starting team to go. He asked Wu Wenhui for an answer. Uneasy Hou immediately reported to the Group Chairman Chen Tianqiao and President Qiu Wenyou. Chen Tianqiao telephoned to ask Wu Wenhui, the answer is that.

at this time the starting point of the founding team, did not make the decision to leave. They don’t give up

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