The nternet second venture would hold high the banner of Technology

      Chinese Internet companies are "technology" as their two entrepreneurial banner. Reporters learned yesterday, more than a year of preparation for the Tencent Research Institute has been formally established, which is the first domestic Internet Co technical research and development as the goal of institutions. Coincidentally, Jinshan, Sohu have also increased technical inputs.

      "the first ten years, Chinese network companies relying on replication capacity and flexible response to the local market, made of multinational victory," Tencent chief technology officer and executive vice president of Xiong Minghua told reporters, "in the next ten years, most of who is the head. Who will win more excellent technology."

      large capital investment in R & D

      "Chinese network technology company is definitely behind, if you do not catch up, it is hard to imagine 5 – after 10 years can have a very good development," Xiong Minghua said, we are now in the hands of the understanding of the market is not short of money, enough, but foreign companies have gradually Chinese market."

      in the first ten years of the "false start" China Internet Corporation finally realized that their two pioneering technology has become the largest short board. Tencent chief architect Zheng Quanzhan said, from the beginning of last year, they plan to set up a Tencent Research Institute, and set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen three, its main objectives focus on developing the next 2 – 5 years of Internet based practical technology, including storage, data mining, multimedia processing, wireless, Chinese etc..

      in the next three years, will invest $100 million, Xiong Minghua said that this is only the first phase of funding, while the Institute’s research and development, and not linked to specific results.

      coincidentally, announced to increase R & D while Tencent successfully landed in Hongkong stock market Jinshan also made it clear that, to raise funds of about 768 million Hong Kong dollars, there will be about HK $170 million for the team to hire new graduates and senior researchers. Industry insiders believe that the Internet technology war has started.

      aiming network core technology

      the establishment of the Institute, hoping to promote the level of technology to promote China’s Internet, Xiong Minghua bluntly, it will help improve the core technology research and development capabilities of Tencent.

      the person in charge told reporters that, in fact, Tencent has become the largest patent application in the enterprise China Internet Corporation. It is reported that, as of now, the company has held more than 400 patents, including half of the core

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