Shop No 1 customer information stolen by hackers

hackers illegal access to a large number of user name and password, the use of the program one by one to try to log on to other sites. Because many users in different websites, forums, e-mail registration user name and password to use exactly the same, there is a certain probability of successful login.

the use of Internet users to steal information habits, called "hit the library". By the late reporter learned from the Shanghai municipal court in Pudong New Area the day before, the day before the hospital concluded the case, the defendant Ma Moumou is through the "hit" the way of illegal access to a 1 store user name and password information in 638 groups, after the court is illegal access to computer information system data and sentenced to six months.

hackers steal Shop No. 1 customer information was sentenced to

June 15, 2015, Shanghai City, Pudong New Area procuratorate illegal access to computer information system data on the crime of Moumou prosecution.

procuratorate accused, in 2014, Ma Moumou purchase a large number of e-mail user name and password information, but also to buy the 1 shop.Exe program.

the program can bulk import user name and password, and the use of the user name of the password to import 1 shop site query, testing.

November 2014, Ma Moumou Shanghai benefits more than 1 Agel Ecommerce Ltd shop site under the implementation of hit the library behavior, a total number of illegal access to the site of the customer name password information group 638 group.

January 29, 2015, Ma Moumou was arrested by public security organs, after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime.

Pudong New Area court held that, Ma Moumou violation of state regulations, the use of technical means to access data stored in computer information systems, if the circumstances are serious, his behavior constituted the crime of illegal access to computer information system data. In view of the fact that Ma Moumou after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, a lighter punishment according to law.

June 24, 2015, the Pudong New Area court to illegally obtain information on computer information systems sentenced to 6 months in prison, fined $2000, involving computer hard disk to be confiscated.

by hit the library crime has a certain probability of success

told the Legal Evening News "reporter in Beijing business Computer Security Company Mr. White, hit the library refers to hackers through collecting the Internet has leaked user and password information, generate the corresponding dictionary table, try the username and password for batch to collect, to log on to their website he, get a series of can login.

for example, the purchase of a hacker or consumers in username and password through illegal means, he used the username and password, try to log in the Amazon, Jingdong, Taobao mall…… Because a lot of online shopping consumers in different electricity supplier website set user name and password are the same, so there is a certain probability of successful login. Hit the library, as the name implies, have hit the jackpot component." >

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