2010 report of the first list of exposure sites announced

reporter from the State Council Information Office network bureau, Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center through public reporting and verification, there is contrary to the social morality and harm the physical and mental health of adolescent vulgar content 4 websites. The reporting center for these 4 sites to be exposed, requiring these sites to take effective measures to seriously clean up, rectification.


4 sites are: "taobao.com" (Location: Zhejiang) "adult" section of the existence of a large number of pornographic content; "green network" (Location: Beijing) "sports channel" hot sports "column is part of Vulgar Picture;" banner network "(Location: Beijing city)" the flag map "channel" my show "column is part of Vulgar Picture;" 39 Health Net "(seat: Guangdong province) there is some vulgar picture forum" happy map "section.

State Council Information Office network is responsible for the comrades pointed out that further remediation of the Internet and mobile media pornographic and vulgar information special action has made positive progress, welcomed by the community. The official called for the Internet industry to actively respond to and cooperate with the nine special operations department, strengthen self-examination and self correction, to clean up the online pornographic and vulgar information. The official pointed out that the 4 sites have been exposed, there still exist problems that self-examination and self correction work is still not enough to learn the lesson, and take effective measures to seriously clean up. We hope that the public will continue to strengthen supervision and work together to build a civilized and healthy network environment.

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