Baidu Webmaster Help Webmaster Platform leveraging 1 billion mobile traffic

as early as the 2014 World Internet Conference, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li has said Baidu’s mobile search traffic will likely exceed PC permanently. The Internet industry uniform standing on the moving air "". But this tuyere is definitely not speculation, but really contains 1 billion traffic waiting for the owners to dig. Baidu Webmaster Platform, as the largest Chinese webmaster platform, one of the most important work of this year is to help owners leveraging 1 billion mobile traffic. Including the optimization and development of mobile tools, the establishment of mobile search feedback channel, mobile search online and offline activities and so on.

in the recently held "Baidu Webmaster Platform butterfly action special salon, mobile search expert Xiong Yongzhi said, at present, a lot of website traffic on the PC is not completely transformed into a mobile terminal, causing a certain degree of loss of flow, Baidu Webmaster Platform appealed to the site through" open adaptation "as soon as possible to complete mobile tools. Even more important is that Baidu webmaster platform tool only closed station protection and website revision two tools have not been specifically developed for the mobile station, all other tools can support the construction of mobile stations. In addition, Baidu Adsense platform is to strengthen the development of mobile proprietary tools to better guide the site to move.


line tool support, Baidu Webmaster Platform line will launch mobile search special training and special salon, a recent training will be held in Beijing in April, will welcome the majority of owners to enroll.

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