Alipay began managing the cash toll free end of the era of the third party payment


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today, Alipay will now charge a fee of 0.1%, each only a total of 20 thousand yuan of free cash amount. This means that the free cash withdrawal service will officially end, but also to pay WeChat to pay cash, third party payment began to enter the era of charges.

, by contrast, in September 30th, the central bank issued a "notice" on the strengthening of the people’s Bank of China payment and settlement matters related to telecommunication network management to prevent new illegal crime, the "notice" requirements of the major banks to the bank in the remote access, transfers and other services, collection of different fees and shall be free to achieve within three months of the date of promulgation of the circular.


notice the following two provisions of the greater impact on the third party payment:

since December 1st, non bank payment institutions to open a personal payment account, the same person in the same payment institutions can only open a full-featured payment account. That is to say, everyone can only have a full-featured Alipay account, account surplus will be cleared before November 30th.

since December 1st, the payment institutions to open payment accounts for units and individuals, shall sign an agreement with the units and individuals, agreed to pay the account and payment account, payment account and bank account transfer limits and daily cumulative number, and the number exceeded the limit, not to apply for transfer business. This transaction on the number of days to pay a lot of third party payment.

"if the bank does not change, we change the bank." Ma Yun (micro-blog) this sentence 8 years ago, is so extremely elegant and valuable. Alipay in competition with the banks, it has gained the upper hand, and win the support of hundreds of millions of users, and the change of forcing banks to a certain extent, but ultimately to Alipay as the representative of the third party payment, due to the high fees charged to bear on the third party payment account recharge bank, have to make concessions. On the banks of the charging policy, starting at the user side from free to charge.

In fact,

, Alipay and WeChat have been paid to commercial banks for free rights, so that ordinary users will own bank account balance recharge to third party payment account can be free, but ultimately failed to make substantial progress, commercial banks can not easily lose charge of this cake.

with Alipay and WeChat to pay cash from free to charge, and remote access and transfer from bank charges into free, bank and third party payment polarization is being broken, at least in the transfer and cash etc., the third party payment advantage is no longer.


from barbaric growth to grab

at the end of 2013, Alipay shopping and the birth of network security transaction. Commercial banks due to low efficiency, arbitrary charges serious

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