Second hand idle market conservative estimate of 400 billion this cake is the right way to eat

today, the electricity supplier "Festival" has become a trend, when the wave was filled with smoke "618", "double eleven" promotions "transit", chop hand family had been unable to bear in mind the impulse to buy buy buy, but when the "reason" to occupy high ground when perhaps, they will find the home hoarding shampoo can be used next life.

When the Japanese

debris management consultant Yamashita Eiko put forward the concept of "broken homes" when you realize that the impulse shopping goods may be used at the same time, the electricity supplier needs to be made festival with vigour and vitality continue to enlarge, and eventually evolved into a new market, second-hand idle transaction.

according to the first financial business data center announced the "2016 share economic development report", 2016 China idle market size has reached 400 billion and is expected to keep, as the representative of travel market share drops to only 150 billion.

each have deployed the front to carve a huge piece of cake. At present, there are many transactions on the secondary field of products already on the market, 58 city and WeChat to launch "around", used by Taobao evolved, the main free fish free people network music empty, in addition, there are a lot of the vertical category in the field of game player to join. Many people are using a variety of ways to try to explore the one hundred billion blue ocean business model, however, at present, the results are still unknown.

what is a second-hand idle trading platform

in the end what is the use of idle trading platform like Sina Technology Pro idle fish, turn around, two products.

Taobao’s "idle fish", as long as the user registered account even with Taobao account to log in, which is the core part of idle fish called "fish pond", this is the trading unit idle idle fish as the most basic, the page slogan, "let you idle to swim".

fish ponds in two forms of user series: one is the community, companies, schools and other places as the core, to delimit a certain geographic radius and the formation of trading community, Sina technology testing found that the range of 5 kilometers around there are 128 fish ponds of various sizes; another is the same interest in forming ponds based on that is like a small forum, after a user to join the group, to understand the various secondary trading information, let unused products trading closer to life.

not only that, different from the professional marketing channels, many sellers drying out their bags, clothing and other daily used goods, the price is just a meal just. Of course, sina science and technology has also found a lot of, for example, the sale of gourd baby’s grandfather, their own breeding dinosaur cubs and other fictional items, and this one turned out to have a turnover.

with free fish in contrast, around is more like a focus of idle stores, currently around WeChat and binding, the user can be a key to the WeChat landing, at the same time, also get around your friend WeChat, can.

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