Personal open shop next month the real name system violations maximum penalty 30 thousand

"on the Internet, no one knows you are a dog," the image of the network to cover the characteristics of the "famous" will soon be applied to the small shop owner. Yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that the "Interim Measures for the management of online commodity trading and related services" will be implemented as of July 1, 2010. Which clearly stipulates that through the network engaged in commodity trading and related services of natural persons, shall submit its name and address and other true identity information. The relevant proof "mark" will appear on its Web page.

industry and commerce administration, who is responsible for this, the virtual subject to restore the real subject. It is reported that, in violation of the relevant provisions of the new approach, will be sentenced to more than 10 thousand yuan, a fine of less than 30 thousand yuan.

previously, network transactions has been the legal regulation of the gap, especially the individual shop whether need to do has caused extensive hot. In April this year, SAIC also specifically for the approach of public solicitation.

do not express license status

new way, natural persons engaged in the trading of commodities and services through the network, should express the name and address of the real identity in the commodity trading or service activities on the web page.

"so that consumers can check the network identifying the true identity of the main commodities trading", the State Administration for Industry and Commerce official pointed out that the network transaction is completed in the process of both parties do not know in advance, which does not meet the prerequisite so protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers is to take measures to ensure that the "virtual subject" reduction the true subject. Otherwise, the true identity of the main network transactions can not be defined, responsibilities and rights of the parties to the transaction will not be able to define and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers will become an empty word.

reporter noted that the new approach does not require individuals to open an online shop must apply for business license.

according to the merchant Ying Liang according to operate

business license has been made for legal persons, other economic organizations or individual industrial and commercial households, the new regulations, engaged in commodities trading and related services through the network, should be electronic link logo on its homepage or engage in business activities of "open to the public license prominently posted or its business license information, so bright according to" business.

network platform shall not be condoned and selling

Business Administration pointed out that the network trading platform is to maintain the first responsibility of the transaction order, has an important responsibility checks and monitoring of commodity trading platform in the main network access, access to goods, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers etc.. At the same time to protect intellectual property rights, on the Internet allegedly infringing goods, measures should be taken, not condone selling.

transaction records shall be kept for at least two years

new approach provides that the operator of the network trading platform services should be reviewed, recorded, stored in the network platform for the sale of goods and services related information content

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