Adsense network broadcast China nternet Conference held this year Ali Tencent credit rating

1 deep and eight from media circles of those things: a freeloader thousand  

they are a group of active media people in Foshan. By chance, since the media platform for them, sitting on one hundred thousand fans. This circle of people in the end where sacred, what is the senior chowhound, or network "trendsetter? They eat" and "Pianchipianhe," Why have delicacy shop owners obediently pay? Have felt very heart, want to become a member of them, our exclusive big bottom, look at them how to make money by selling advertising powder.

from the media Master mami……

gourmet people from the media as a part-time monthly benefit over 10000

has hung brother, think this person must be authentic "chowhound", because of his size compared with the second, please understand. 70 after David brother cheerful, love special delicacy. In Foshan, he operated a "Buddha Mountain delicacy delicacy tree" public number in the circle is very famous.

2 people’s network announced the removal of more than 2 billion of the proposed VIE October domestic listing  

July 21st afternoon, classified information website net today announced the completion of financing over 2 billion yuan, the founder and CEO Wang Jianshuo confirmation has completed the demolition plan VIE, the fastest in October three new board listed.

people network revealed that the investment side, including CITIC, Su Gao cast, deep venture capital, China Construction Investment and other domestic investment institutions and strategic investors. This round of financing is mainly used to dismantle the vie structure, talent reserves and investment layout in the vertical field.

people CEO Wang Jianshuo said: choose to return to the domestic market, in line with the long-term interests of the company. First, the people’s network is C2C based classification information website, all users and businesses in the territory of the service. Second, after the removal of the VIE, the people of the network are all shareholders of the territory of investors in the domestic market to the people of the network information and resources to support more direct, conducive to the development of brand and. Third, the people’s network is the largest category of listed companies to seek information from China, listed in the territory also in line with their own interests, to get a better valuation."

3 Yu Yongfu: the next ten years the Internet will spread to the business of the three hundred and sixty line  

July 21st news, at the annual meeting of the China Internet Conference 2015 China Mobile Internet, Alibaba mobile group president Yu Yongfu delivered a keynote speech. He pointed out that the next ten years, entrepreneurial wave will spread to the whole society, the three hundred and sixty line.

Yu Yongfu said that the development of information technology today, the Internet is the essence and core data, is more than the traditional enterprise transformation, in the economic information industry category, whether it is the Internet Finance and traditional marketing of industrial upgrading, the modern society, are so.

4 Tencent credit rating, from the first mobile phone QQ   start? "

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