What is drip irrigation marketing On the implementation steps

with the development of market economy, many areas in excessive competition, enterprises obtain customers increasingly high costs, many enterprises and even issued a "do not do market market die, die" sigh. How to make use of limited resources, leveraging the huge market, many enterprises have been studied. With the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping penetration rate increased year by year, this is a new topic. Drip irrigation marketing is produced in such a context.

drip irrigation marketing definition

broad sense of drip irrigation marketing, can mean all accurate, efficient marketing methods. Drip marketing in the narrow sense refers to the use of the Internet as the main means of marketing, through data analysis, draw the experience of some of the benefits of marketing and precision marketing, a new marketing method to obtain market share as the main target. Broad sense drip irrigation marketing concept, there is no practical significance, so this paper puts forward drip irrigation marketing, refers to the narrow drip irrigation marketing.

drip irrigation marketing origin

There are three kinds of common

artificial irrigation: irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation, the drip irrigation on water use efficiency is the highest, most water conservation, it is also known as water-saving irrigation. Drip irrigation was invented in the shortage of water resources in Israel, the specific way is through the pipeline irrigation and irrigation water dropper, directly transported to the plant root irrigation. If we take the enterprise to develop the market compared to a tree, the cost for the development of the market compared to the water used for watering this tree, then, we propose a method based on marketing precision and "saving", as is taken by the drip irrigation way, to irrigate the saplings, therefore named drip marketing.

drip irrigation marketing target

According to

, the main purpose of drip irrigation marketing is to obtain market share. In the process of achieving this goal, you may need to promote enterprises, products, brands, etc., but all of this must be done in order to obtain customers, the implementation of sales. To achieve this goal, we must establish or develop certain sales channels, and organize promotional activities must, on the one hand, according to Philip. Kotler’s "4P" theory, drip marketing research and practice, should be the main channel (Place) and promotion (Promotion) of these two aspects.

drip irrigation marketing steps

and the reality of the implementation of drip irrigation, drip irrigation, the key steps are as follows:

step 1, to find the potential to grow into a "tree" of the "saplings" – according to the company and product characteristics, to find a potential market;

step 2, find the "root" of the "tree" – find the key points to promote the growth of the market (target customers or potential consumer groups);

step 3, set up "drip irrigation pipe" – to establish product promotion, marketing

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