Jingdong Tmall 51 Dankan price war Suning Gome with second tier play

Beijing daily news (reporter Wang Cuiyi) yesterday opened during the first round of the whole category of price war, suning.com continued "0 yuan purchase", the United States launched the strongest anniversary month". Yi Xun, jumei.com, vip.com, LAFONT and other electricity providers are also competing to participate in. But the industry leader Tmall, Jingdong two of the price war is not interested. For the price war, Tmall responded that Tmall has its own plans for their products, will not be affected by external interference and influence. Jingdong said, "the Jingdong have not given up on the cheap pursuit, instead we will continue to maintain the price advantage, and the implementation of fine management, pay attention to the cost and efficiency, to provide the best user experience for consumers".

According to iResearch

data show that last year, Jingdong mall in the self B2C market share of nearly 50%, ranking 2-10 more than the total electricity supplier sales. At present, suning.com, Gome online, easy fast network through low-cost means the impact of existing Jingdong status, and occupy the third position.

Beijing Daily reporter contrast, suning.com and other Jingdong, Gome online mall found that this round of price war although gunpowder is not strong, but they all adopt a differentiated pricing strategy. For example, the same is the Nikon 3000D, but there are subtle differences lens configuration. Jingdong yesterday and the United States, the first home appliance brand Jarden signed a three year strategic agreement to become its exclusive online retail channels.

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