Some way to talk about the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan

SEO now with the increasing the threshold is low, many young people who join the ranks of the owners, but the owners are able to earn money through the network? I think not all can make money. The following I will talk about some Wangzhuan experience, welcome to brick brick house.

remember just beginning to earn the first money from the network above is in college when, at that time the Internet right around the Forum irrigation, then accidentally found a website to do the task, is the site of the main task and help him to post a. Reported the attitude to try to play for a while, then earned a few dollars, which should be my first experience in the network to make money above.

because of the post type task is a pure physical activity, want to make a lot of money from it is impossible, and with more and more people to join the network to make money on the Internet, more like a liar, the way a lot of Wangzhuan are deceptive. Also because a person must always look forward to it, so we have to try to do other projects.

just contact to SEO is after my graduation in a network company work started, at that time every day to do technician SEO, then put his technology to steal over, and then do their own independent SEO, because I was doing the website construction, so as to do SEO experience do the site is also the case, and on the Internet there are too many to count, my blog, so I didn’t like, through the network found on my website or SEO is also more and more, so there is a way to make money through my network in his spare time.

In the process of

SEO I have made myself a website, visits the site so far also increased slowly with time, on top of the Baidu website, Google has a lot of advertising although not included, but should also be a way to Wangzhuan. I believe that with the increase in the amount of visits to my site, after this aspect of the collection will slowly become more bar.

also with the passage of time, my site visibility and access popularity continues to increase, a few days ago someone had found me help him hang advertising, but later because of the advertising content is not very suitable for me to the site so I refuse. I think this should be the direction of my website, as long as the good, then we should also be able to get a certain collection of this way.


above is through a number of ways to make money from the network above webmaster Wangzhuan, master more will change a lot, but also hope that more is Wangzhuan enthusiasts to exchange of experience QQ:740656458

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