According to law to a certain game nets net stop DNS after feeling

received a message today, so and so well-known game station due to vulgar picture was the domain name to resolve the punishment, always feel that something is not right, slightly sort of thoughts, as follows:


domain name should belong to private property, in my pocket five cents, or my basketball, if I buy five cents a yellow cartoon, or my basketball is our actress nude posing, have the Yellow cartoon and AV photos, I can not buy customers to buy sugar also, either replace naked photos of Altman, and I have a relationship with me but 50 Fen of my basketball Never mind.

so, my first point: five cents is not equal to the Yellow cartoon, basketball is not equal to the AV picture, the domain name is not equal to the site, if the site is illegal, please ordered me to close the site, but where are you the right to take my 50 Fen? I earn 50 Fen anti site cement bought you white I also do not have the right to confiscate 50 fen. The crime weapon is the site of the data in the database.

my second point of view, the legal process, you tell me the picture on the triangular underpants is illegal – on the Internet, I said I didn’t break the law, by lawyers and judges told us there is no illegal processing, finally according to law.

"reasonable" process: you tell me the photos on the Internet on the triangle underpants is illegal, I said that I admit not noble but not dew point did not violate the relevant laws and regulations of the state, you say is illegal   I said I was wrong, I know what to do, and know that it is illegal to delete the future must abide by the law.

now the process: you told me that the triangle underwear photos is illegal so it has been resolved, I…… so I have no language.

above is my point of view, to communicate with you, I hope to point out my mistakes help me progress!

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