The first Western e commerce website forum will be opened in Chengdu

      this is a grand meeting of western people, China Internet webmaster, focus on the Internet industry and traditional venture capital exchange, IT industry event, the Internet Co of the event, the Chengdu real estate sector event. When Chengdu and the surrounding Internet Co, the majority of the webmaster, the real estate industry, real estate companies, economic well-known online media, traditional media, venture capital company and other friends will visit the site, a discussion of Alibaba listed, listed Jinshan, Dangdang listing Internet Co, one after another to create wealth myth brings us thinking, China West as software industry richly endowed by nature, and has a great potential in the context of electronic commerce, the necessity of the construction of the e-commerce website, the traditional enterprise understanding and idea of electronic commerce website. In Chengdu City People’s government vigorously promote the development of the software industry in Chengdu favorable environment, the network industry in Chengdu is booming. Chengdu, the western central city, will be one of the new IT centers in China with the joint efforts of all of you. In 2007, the most popular word in the Internet industry is e-commerce, in order to promote the further development of e-commerce websites in Western China, the paper discusses the development and management strategies of e-commerce software. Easy to start by the Chengdu software, a number of well-known local network companies in Chengdu response to the first Western e-commerce website construction forum was held in Jiulong Hotel in October 18, 2007.


      here you will be able to Western and some well-known webmaster share website construction experience, the project show time to show their internet project, with well-known companies such as Yahoo China Chengdu Alibaba, Chengdu branch, Chengdu branch of Baidu, civilink Chengdu branch, Chengdu branch, Beijing Western Digital, the focus of real estate Sohu Chengdu branch, Soufangwang Chengdu branch, Tianfu hotline, Sichuan online, Chengdu real estate sector, Chengdu real estate brokerage company, venture capital company, also can get some tens of thousands of gifts and the value of the mysterious spree.

      easy to introduce: easy to – China web site development industry first brand, professional e-commerce website system developers, owns the product easy to business network, easy to store, easy to store, easy to multi-user real estate network, B2B, B2C, C2C, real estate portal solution plan.

organizer: Chengdu changehope Network Technology Co. Ltd.

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