Brush Corps most of the products into the major stores shop online trading platform

editor’s note: Recently, an article titled "Taobao 7 thousand" single brush Legion: 9 minutes can earn 5 yuan "the article caused the concern of the community, mentioned by scalping shop sales and attract customers get praise as a universal phenomenon, such as has been hit several times but, still can not stop for a single brush. So, there have been a lot of "brush" to improve the credibility of the shop shop, left the brush single circle, and how they survive?

in this era of information explosion, in the online shop business has become known to every family the way to make money, with all kinds of experience around the shop service have also been developed. Brush Corps is undoubtedly a special service for the shops and emerging industries.

recently, an article titled "Taobao 7 thousand" single brush Legion: 9 minutes can earn 5 yuan "the article caused the concern of the community, according to industry insiders revealed that this phenomenon exists not only in Taobao, other online shopping platform also has a lot of this phenomenon, this also is not only the lack of respect for the electricity supplier industry, but a kind of unspeakable pain.

the "brush" out of the store, once the stop "brush", the business will be so good? With this question, modern express reporter made several "brush" business owner Taobao for a lot of understanding.

doesn’t have to do it yourself!

The reporter found in the

of several Taobao owner, brush shop, Taobao has not been found and punished in the shop, they will continue to operate, but the explosion of counterfeit products, the rest of the baby sales is quite bleak; if the brush shop was found after Taobao and right down punishment, the owner will choose to shop through the online trading platform to sell.

in the interview, the reporter understands, many sellers are forced to sell a small brush, a snack shop owner told reporters: "we are forced to brush, brush out of business, the same product, some sellers in order to have sales, are playing a fire sale, dozens of things 9, direct shipping 9, more than 4 pieces of 9 bags of mail have no way to do


down the right, there is a violation record in time after the operation, often will be the second visit, check the strength stronger than ordinary shop, so many people choose to sell the Taobao owner LEFON said, they store a drop right after the transfer in the shop can sell on the platform good price.

brush shop into the shop transfer trading platform

in the end these brush shop selling situation in the end is what kind of


reporter visited a number of shop transfer trading platform found that small to 1 thousand to several million shops abound, the pricing of shops is how to evaluate it?

"these shops is based on the level of credit, store category, operating conditions to determine the price of the shop." Customer service on a shop transaction platform to report >

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