Xinhua News Agency Google incident can not explain the changes in China’s investment environment

, Beijing, March (Xinhua) 22 comments: Google can not represent foreign investment enterprises

Xinhua News Agency reporters Xu Xingtang and

Cao Xiaofan

recently, the western media called China foreign investment environment is deteriorating, and one of the evidence of this argument is the case, the so-called "Google event" — for stop censorship of content to meet the threat to quit Chinese.

alone in terms of Google events, the change is not China’s investment environment, and it is precisely Google itself. 4 years ago, when applying to enter China, Google is in accordance with China’s relevant laws and regulations to make the corresponding commitments, including the search content of bad information shielding. Now Google suddenly asked for breach of contract, do not meet the China have accused the deterioration of the investment environment, there is no reason.

prior to this, Google has wantonly hype their own government background by hackers, but so far there is no clear evidence of the world. Hackers are a global phenomenon in the Internet age, China is also one of the biggest victims of hacking. Not to put the behavior of hackers labeled Chinese government labels, what is the intention?

is not suitable for Google as a typical foreign investment enterprise. As of the end of 2009, the total foreign capital investment Chinese has reached nearly a trillion dollars, and Google investment in the China but a total of only tens of millions of dollars; the quantity of the foreign investment enterprise approval Chinese has more than 66 million, the world’s top 500 enterprises in 480 have entered Chinese.

Chinese leaders and government officials on different occasions have stressed that China will firmly follow the road of reform and opening up. All along, foreign investment in China is a win-win path. On the one hand, foreign capital, technology and advanced management and business philosophy to Chinese, makes a contribution to the development of China economy; on the other hand, foreign Chinese fully enjoy the fruits of economic growth, the world market is much higher than other investment income. The development of China’s foreign trade has been open to the door.

argument about the deterioration of China’s investment environment, and did not get the response of foreign investment enterprises in China, including U.S. companies, which is very clear. Foreign companies doing business in the real sense of Chinese know that they enjoyed what kind of treatment in Chinese. A simple example: in 2008 after the global financial crisis, many multinational companies in the United States and Europe and other markets suffered heavy losses, or losses, or on the verge of bankruptcy. In China, they still maintained a high profit, some companies are relying on the market to fill the shortfall China profit.

analysis from the professionals, once Google exit the Chinese market, a number of heavyweight competitors will quickly carve up the market share of Google in China has occupied. Microsoft, HP and other IT giants have expressed optimistic about the Chinese market in different occasions and will be aggressive in this market.

as foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a press conference, if Google is in China

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