Focus on the user experience to bring the idea of goods and ideas

first said a world-renowned classic case – Starbucks’s my Starbucks idea community

Starbucks has mobilized most of the interests of consumers to provide ideas and ideas for his products, on the grounds that no one knows his needs earlier than the consumer.

they give the consumer design simple participation mechanism (reasonable participation mechanism is the core of the process), but the results give Starbucks created unimaginable value, as for how much cost saving only Starbucks knows.

Starbucks not only get the user feedback he needs, but also the most understanding of his users into his product designer,

Starbucks has established a "system", the user enthusiasm mobilized, because here, the user can submit ideas, not only have the same interest in understanding, can also look at their own ideas. This new consumer interaction allows enterprises to understand the market, understand the consumer, but also to solve the problem of product sales.

this allows users to participate in product design and promotion of the model, will gradually replace the dominant position for many years has been the manufacturer centric production and marketing.

currently we often see the three crowdsourcing and business combination situation, and there are very successful cases to follow

1 allows users to participate in the creative and manufacturing (of course, more is currently involved in the creative or design and then made by the enterprise):

4FOOD let people participate in the design of the expanded to every ordinary users, allowing users to participate in the brand products before the sale of some of the production process, allowing users to choose their own preferences, but also for the brand to solve some problems, don’t risk to guess what users really love, without time-consuming to do market survey.

2 allows users to act as product testers:

when Google employees will be a product of the initial prototype implementation, it will be placed in the Google Labs open to all users on the network. As a result, Google almost every product will be accepted immediately after the advent of the world’s hundreds of millions of users of the test, these users are distributed in users from around the world. If the product has a high click through rate or download rate, Google will think this product is "good"". For good products, Google will be further developed, the launch of the beta until the release of the official version. Google deeply understands that this "voting" from the end user with the mouse is the most equal and most likely to guide the development process of the preferred method". This is the most direct view from the market side, the reverse impact on the company’s product development, those who have a high popularity in the laboratory of the product, is destined to be the market’s expectations and welcome.

3 allows users to participate in subsequent communications and

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