December domestic server brands Apple rose to eighth ASUS list

IDC ( on the net December 24th reports: according to data, as of December 23, 2013, the domestic server brand attention index for the top ten are: IBM, DELL, Lenovo, HP, HUAWEI, dawn, wave, apple, SUN and ASUS. Compared with last month, Apple Rose 1, while SUN fell by 1. And in particular, recently, CISCO and ASUS competition, this month ASUS ranked on the list, while CISCO had to withdraw from the list of the top ten. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the December domestic server brand attention Top10 information.


1, IBM

IBM is a leader in the IT industry, products include: Intel server architecture based on xSeries server, AMD server architecture based on BladeCenter blade servers, UNIX server pSeries, medium-sized enterprise server iSeries, zSeries mainframe.


DELL server is applied to emphasize the scalability and reliability of powerful, affordable network engine.

3, Lenovo

Lenovo T100 G10 server is a small network application oriented economic application server. According to the individual needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, Lenovo T100 G10 polymerization of a variety of advanced technology design, provides easy to use, safe and reliable, cost-effective data application platform for enterprises.

4, HP

HP server is a professional computer server developed by Hewlett-Packard Co. So far its type has HP ProLiant DL server, HP ProLiant ML server, HP ProLiant BL blade server (HP Blade System blade server system).

5, wave

wave server is located in the field of high-end business computing and services in China, and has always been customer oriented, committed to the application of advanced IT technology to the domestic information technology. From 1993 to create the first server in China, the tide has been China’s server field, professional and leading synonymous. At present, as Chinese brand-name products of the wave of server is listed as the only national inspection server products, has 16 consecutive years of domestic brands in the market share of the first, for 5 consecutive years the market share of the first industry government.

6, dawn

dawning server is a high performance computer system developed and developed by the National Institute of computing technology, the Chinese Academy of sciences.



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