Network network invited 2016 China sugar business leaders conference booth will be the first appeara

-20 December 18, 2016, "the new new consumer business new future" as the theme of the China sugar China Business Leaders Conference will be held in Zhengzhou. It is understood that when the famous economist Xu Xiaonian, Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou and many other big coffee industry elite will be appearing live. As the holding’s ecological wine enterprises network network invited to the exhibition, CEO Li Rui will attend the 19 meeting of the "born to · not to follow the" 2016 Chinese wine innovation · creating assembly, pioneer, and numerous entrepreneurial industry leaders to explore new consumption, new business and new future rum industry under the new outlet.

It is reported that

, when the network network will bring the eco booth debut lineup: in addition to business leaders conference’s fire rose, Grint, pillars and other brand ecological wine, music as super TV music as mobile phone, bicycle, and other intelligent hardware ecosystem will appear together, bringing a "smart ecological wind for China sugar business leaders conference".

industry insiders believe that, with the whole industry slowdown, the economic downturn caused changes in the consumption environment, the development of the electricity supplier for the impact of the line channels and other reasons, in 2016 Chinese wine food industry is facing a hitherto unknown "reconstruction". From the category to the channel, from the price to the dissemination, from the brand to the consumer, the reconstruction is omnipresent.


is committed to build the Internet Ecosystem Network network as an example, from the beginning of the year and established the "wine life ecological world" strategy since the network network continue to promote industrial chain vertical integration and horizontal expansion, ecological reconstruction mode industry value chain.

in the upstream, achieved a major breakthrough in network network integration of global resources in the core region of the depth, the establishment of a competitive global supply chain quality. With the exposure group, Germany Aishibao winery global first tier manufacturers cooperation into the deep water area, the upstream layout began to appear solid advantage. Network network global direct sourcing, global strategic cooperation, its own high-quality brand products such as strategy of steady landing, from global high-quality products in the wine after being squeezed into the price bubble, Chinese consumer market in the original form of value close to the region. According to the understanding, the network network several star single product will be unveiled one by one ecological booth: the group launched a joint Chile dry fire rose Naynay Wine, from the United States urban fashion series (Little black dress) Wine version, from the bio dynamic method of organic Wine Botai music Bonterra, from the German ecological Grote beer Gloryt Bordeaux won the gold medal and a variety of wine will be unveiled.

in the downstream network network is committed to build a global partner sharing platform, in recent years, promote the dealer to attract its partner transformation, adding innovative eco camp has become an important strategic deployment of network network. In August this year, the global ecological Partner Conference, network network equity will be awarded 3 ecological partners, the official opening of the equity incentive plan.

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