XTOX intelligent site template contest assembly number

the first XTOX template design competition

XTOX intelligent station template contest – assembly number

Product Description:

XtoX intelligent system is easy to have lasted for many years, consumption heavily to build the most advanced enterprise intelligent system, through the XtoX intelligent system not only can build enterprise website, we can build large-scale e-commerce sites, companies do not need to invest a lot of manpower, please go to the special technical team to develop, need only easy dancing mouse will be able to build their own website, updating and maintenance, only need to talk about QQ will be the site at any time. XTOX service providers build all the network infrastructure and software, the information needed for the small and medium-sized enterprise hardware operation platform, implementation and post and is responsible for all pre maintenance and a series of services, enterprises need to buy hardware and software, computer room construction, IT staff recruitment, only need to pay a one-time fee of the pre project implementation and regular software rental service fee. Before the traditional site, there are many deficiencies, to find a network of technical staff to design the site. Expensive, increase, reduce the trouble of the function module can only build a simple corporate website, can not really achieve the needs of e-commerce sites. XtoX (www.xtox.cn) intelligent station system has a lot of advantages, high level designers selected thousands of styles according to the module monthly charges, you can increase or decrease modules at any time. Not only can build enterprise website, also built a variety of electronic commerce website, will run the business website, automatically bring traffic to SAAS mode, safe and stable, now using a universal station to station only hundreds of thousands of costs, but also includes many traditional no value-added service station.

features and advantages

features: the SaaS service model XtoX intelligent SaaS services using advanced mode, intelligent platform for all network infrastructure and software, website platform needed for the small and medium-sized enterprise hardware platform operation, technology development process, and is responsible for the overall implementation of the maintenance period, after a series of services, enterprises need to purchase the domain name space, hardware and software, computer room construction, technical personnel recruitment IT.

features two: intelligent fool station

intelligent station, just use the mouse to build a website, just need to have QQ can maintain the site, easy operation tools intelligent, intelligent, color pages, web page layout intelligent intelligent management, do not need to use any web tools.

features three: intelligent station building intelligent

Build simple enterprise website intelligent system only traditional

, XtoX intelligent system, realize the intelligent station, not only can build general display type website, also can build powerful marketing type enterprise website, also can create large online shopping mall, BtoB trading platform and other large sites, not the need for technical staff can build a >

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