What are the business strategy to open the curtain fabric stores

curtain fabric market is huge, as long as we operate properly, in such a huge market to earn more wealth is not difficult. However, such a fierce market competition, therefore, only to master more business strategy, will make the shop business better. So, what are the business strategy to open the curtain fabric stores?

do open preferential activities


store opening, how to let the customer know you fast and produce a sense of trust, is the priority among priorities of the task. Curtain cloth shop is a "people" of the industry, so the store’s promotion strategy must be "people-oriented", so as to meet the consumer and enterprise win-win principle. The main purpose of the opening of the main purpose of the rapid spread of brand information to the consumer groups, in addition to stimulate their desire for consumption, and the brand after the first contact. It is necessary to do a good job opening activities.

brand promotion plan

In fact, the opening of

promotions are also part of the publicity campaign, and here is a publicity plan within a cycle. As a side of the business, the curtain fabric stores must seize the hearts of customers, to understand their interests and habits, to meet them in the end to achieve the desired results. Prior to the opening of the careful planning, the shop opened on the track; holidays fully prepared to create higher profits, etc..

to maintain old customers

In fact,

is also part of the maintenance of the old customers, what old customers? Traded and the relationship is very good, and the introduction of the customer to the business has become an old customer. Statistics, 40% of the potential customers are recommended by the old customers, so that the old customer is too important for us. Old customers based on good customer service service, the curtain cloth stores in addition to the customer service service to discover him potential customers, and to establish a transaction file, so that the old customers can "escape" businesses palm.

new efficiency and service item

new performance and service items, it seems necessary. Each industry has off-season season points, take the curtain fabric industry, when the off-season, for example, can provide door-to-door service programs, or based on the customer’s budget given a variety of programs. This can be done to make rational use of resources, but also to expand the curtain fabric stores customer groups.

of course, here Xiaobian introduce the strategy is just empty talk only, whether feasible, also need to be combined with the actual situation of the shop. In short, if you want to successfully operate a curtain fabric stores, in addition to the above mentioned method, the important thing is better in practice

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