What to do at the beginning of catering business

what is the prospect of the food and beverage market, the small series can only say: it is really called unlimited scenery. Such as food and beverage industry is not wrong, otherwise it would not have so many investors to join in this big cake, but when in the end is the first selected items or select shops, today Xiaobian for a detailed analysis of all.

1, it’s definitely a project. Your projects are not well, how do you choose the store, because you even what they want to do the project didn’t know you could know whether you choose to store for your project? Even if you have a store, the project did not do what? At this time to find more passive


2, from the marketing point of view, the most scientific is the first choice of the project, because only the choice of a good, suitable for their own projects, in order to conduct market analysis of the project. Such as market segmentation, target consumer groups, so as to select the most appropriate store in accordance with the characteristics of the target market. For example, you choose the restaurant this project, to determine if you want to store in commercial street, snack street, schools, residential areas and other places. If you choose the place in the first place is not suitable for the project consumers to buy psychological activity place, then you will lose a lot of market.

above is a small series for everyone on the food and beverage to join the first selection of shops or the first selection of the project, I hope to bring some help to the franchisee.

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