Ziyan subway chicken which join conditions

Ziyan subway chicken cooked to join you know? You are not only to have a taste of the brand impression, and you do not have an exact knowledge of the system as a support, so the following small as we introduce the cooked chicken Ziyan subway franchise brand.

Ziyan food group is a collection of cooked food production and sales of large-scale food group, the company headquarters is located in Shanghai Minhang District Xhenzhuang Industrial Park, the main characteristic of Sichuan food products. They are welcome and love of local consumers. On behalf of the brand Ziyan subway chicken is Ziyan food.

Ziyan subway with chicken and good image in Chinese food industry leading position, has won the Ziyan subway chicken products: tenth Chinese food exposition, Jiangsu Province BrandName, Hubei province famous brand, Shanghai top ten agricultural products and so on, Ziyan subway chicken is to obtain the national six ministries jointly issued by the national food safety demonstration unit, livestock production base in Sichuan Province, the national Spark Program and other honors.

if you want to join the chicken Ziyan subway project, then please follow Xiaobian together to find out what are the conditions for joining the brand.

Ziyan subway chicken franchise:

1, with a strong sense of risk prevention, have a business background and management experience, the basic concept of the market.

2, the company’s culture, management, model, service, management philosophy has agreed that the food takeaway cognitive.

3, the management of cooked takeaway can keep going.

4, with a capital of 5-12 million, funds obtained legally.

5, where the street should have a certain scale and level of consumption, business premises must be in the more prosperous streets, convenient transportation.

6, actively cooperate with the company’s training and promotion activities, and ensure the consistency of service and quality.

7, do not engage in illegal or corrupt social morality activities.

Ziyan subway chicken market, one billion and three hundred million people three meals a day, choose store easily, is a small investment gold project. Perfect quality assurance, customer turnover rate is very high, the national unified brand, unified retail price, to provide you with the best quality service.

if you have any other aspects of the problem is not clear, please give us a message at the bottom of our website, we will see the message after the first contact with you.

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