Taiwan Xia chicken fried rice to join support

as long as snacks have enough charm to the consumer will not less, choose Taiwan Xia characteristics delicacy join roasted rice chicken wings. This is a classic table food, so that you can not be able to eat the authentic local cuisine. Join more advantages waiting for you, entrepreneurial success is only in the twinkling of an eye.

Taiwan Xia chicken fried rice joined in support of

store location: Free Taiwan Xia chicken fried rice snack franchisee location assessment service;

store design: free store design to support the franchisee to enjoy regional protection;

: give us subsidies decoration sipping roasted rice snack wings franchisee renovation subsidies must support


The opening of

support: provide free opening promotional package;

training support: free regular professional trainers to provide professional training for franchisees;

promotion plan: Taiwan Xia chicken baked rice snack merchants offer free promotion scheme to the headquarters of various


member activities: free of charge for the franchisee to provide small gifts and part of the activities of the members of the expense reimbursement support;

product support: product R & D center, for the different tastes of the population, different seasons regularly launched new products;

stock awards: Taiwan Xia chicken baked rice snack franchisees enjoy a certain proportion of the purchase rebate support;

promotion support: headquarters for many years to promote the major advertising media to ensure that the franchisee brand awareness

Taiwan Xia chicken fried rice Hotline for Business Promotion is underway, so look forward to joining you!

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