Shanxi province entrepreneurs can declare government subsidized loans

government subsidies is a major financing channels for entrepreneurs to obtain financial support, but because of its cumbersome procedures, long time and other issues, most entrepreneurs are reluctant to apply. Recently, Shanxi Province issued for entrepreneurs to apply for government loans to the instructions, the reporting process at a glance.

11 17, the reporter was informed that in order to resolve the problem of entrepreneurs’ financing difficulties, financing expensive, Shanxi Province Bureau of employment services in Shanxi Province set up a venture financing service center, to provide 100 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan for the province’s government subsidized loans to college graduates as the main body of all kinds of entrepreneurs and Small and micro businesses.


with government to implement the spirit of decentralization, apply for venture loan procedures will be greatly simplified, entrepreneurs have to further reduce the financing threshold. For the early realization of the goal of becoming rich.

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