Dalian Free Trade Zone business incubator platform to attract many customers

provinces and cities to establish a business incubator platform, really for the creation of a good business platform, driven by people’s entrepreneurial passion, while driving the development of the economy. Dalian Free Trade Zone Business Incubation Platform for six months to attract more than and 500".

was established from September last year, the bonded area of incubation base in order to achieve the development of enterprises in the monthly income of nearly 100 scale, becoming the city’s most rapid development, enterprise incubation platform is one of the most.

the resource integration and data platform construction is particularly important. Combined with the overall arrangement of the bonded area to accelerate the construction of the core functional areas of the trade center, bonded business incubation base were set up a commodity trading platform and a small commodity electricity supplier platform. Last year, the base to participate in the establishment of the establishment of Dalian metal materials Co., Ltd., this year is expected to exceed 2 billion yuan turnover is expected to work with the North Dalian Port timber market is actively promoting cooperation.

Based on the existing

to create a real sense of "zero cost" entrepreneurial environment, Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee issued "to relax the conditions for registration of enterprises to reduce the access threshold for the implementation of measures" promote public entrepreneurship, adhere to the "three in one", "parallel processing", "import and export" on the basis of the registration on the part of the enterprise relaxation enterprise shelter conditions, reduce the access threshold, the implementation of centralized residence registration, the abolition of the "limits of a site as a".


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