Housewives invest in health and beauty stores an annual income of one million

may have talked about beauty, people first thought is nursing, body care, etc.. And now it is also inseparable from the beauty care, many people began to focus on the beauty care industry. He Wei is a typical housewife, she began to contact the health and beauty industry three years ago, and in the past two years, the successful opening of the three health care beauty shop.

beauty care is recognized as a wealth of gold, more and more people invest in beauty and health care industry, investment of 50 thousand yuan, a health and beauty shop, a month can profit 5000 yuan. At present, health care beauty shop has become a hot investment. However, experts remind that the investment of health care beauty shops need to carefully choose to join the business.

3 opened 2 stores in

He Wei is very clear: providing health beauty items for the healthy women with scraping, cupping, massage, body detox brush and other medical background of the body and facial care project. Beauty salons this year, a basic return and a slight profit, is now in Haidian District and Fengtai District Residential District opened two stores, the monthly profit of about 5500 yuan per store ~7300 yuan.

location is the key to

select the address is the most important for investment. Insiders suggested that the small health beauty salon can be chosen in the mature community, has a certain consumption of white-collar; can also choose the office buildings, because there are a large group of sub-health population. In the selection of the store to the area of personnel mobility, spending power, consumer psychology and other related investigation and analysis to determine the future of the business model, such as promotional tools, etc.. Choose a good address can carry personal identification cards and other information to the industrial and commercial departments to apply for a business license, because beauty salons licensing has been liberalized, so the cost of such applications is not high, the time is not long.

in the choice to join the brand, do not just look at the price of business and he had promised to join the key support, choice of products and technology, the best person after a period of time before making a decision; the second is to join the business credibility, can through the Internet and asked for by the media industry professionals understand. Exposed to the integrity of enterprise must not optional. Must be signed with the franchise contract, with particular attention to the details of receipt conditions.

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