Chongqing Wulong ready to go back home for migrant workers

the end of a year of struggle, migrant workers have begun to set foot on the road home. Most of them probably haven’t thought about where to go next year. Chongqing City, Wulong people’s social sector has been ready for their entrepreneurial career opportunities in their hometown.

the end, it is the majority of migrant workers home peak, Chongqing city Wulong county human social security bureau early deployment, adhere to the heart, the real, to see the results, the majority of migrant workers in the local employment.

send information. Hang home employment banners 78, issued "service manual", the policy of migrant workers recruitment propaganda poker, and other promotional materials more than 5.6 copies of the calendar, telephone and on-site consulting more than 2 people.

send jobs. Collect and update more than 70 jobs information of more than 1600 enterprises, printing labor information leaflets more than 2 copies. In 2015, the county’s 13641 new jobs, to focus on producing a letter sent enterprise workers more than 5500 people, the County Park recruitment of more than 1843 people.

send platform. Carry out the "employment assistance month" "spring action" and other series of activities, held various types of on-site recruitment will be 10 games, providing more than 8000 jobs,  , more than 3200 people to achieve employment intentions.

send training. The collection of migrant workers training will organize enterprises to carry out the order of labor employment training, training a total of 1918 people, employment of more than 9500 people.

send funds. Payment business loans 77 million 340 thousand yuan, the implementation of loan discount 5 million 774 thousand and 100 yuan, 3 million 680 thousand yuan subsidy paid post steady, relying on rural poverty alleviation Cooperation Association, for 443 poor entrepreneurs to solve the shortage of funds business more than 1314 yuan.

for migrant workers in the home place to carry out entrepreneurship, employment, is the right choice for the convenience of the masses, promote social development. Not only can solve the problem of migrant workers can not take care of the family, but also to achieve personal career planning and regional economic development, a good choice in one fell swoop.

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